All In A Circle Episode 2


“Will you two at least keep quiet and think of how these recent insurgence can be stopped. You are here making noise.” Clement said angrily.

“Sorry sir.” Ngozi apologised while Okoro mumbled some incoherent words to himself. This was why She hated him with passion, his pride and ego are always getting better of him. Just then Clement’s phone rang.

“Excuse me please.” He said cutting Burahimo who was about saying something short. The other four police officers couldn’t make out what was being discussed on the phone but they knew as soon as he ends the call, they’ll catch up with the gist.

“Take it.” Clement threw his car key to Okoro who caught it mid-air even though he was caught unawares. He gave his colleague an askance look.

“Your attention is urgently needed at the headquaters. Get the car and go there at once with Ngozi. Its likely you get the finger print results too.” Clement explained.

Clement explained to Okoro who stood up and made to exit the room much to Clement’s suprise. Okoro was known for his inquisitiveness and questioning ability. He won’t go on an errand unless he ask certain questions that has been answered to his satisfaction. He unlocked the car and hopped into the driver seat while Ngozi sat beside him. He drove out of the Area F premises.

Five minutes into their journey, Ngozi has busied herself by burying her head into her phone doing only God knows what. While Okoro was shaking his head to an imaginary music. The silence that ensued inside the car is killing and Ngozi was forced to break the silence when she couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Am sorry about what happened the other time.” She said apologetically. He smiled to himself, he just achieved his goal. All his life he has never said sorry to anyone. Not even his disciplinarian of a father. He’ll rather die being punished than say sorry.

Fifty yards away from the headquater’s main building Okoro matched the car brakes and it came to a halt.

“What’s this about?” Ngozi asked angrily as she picked her up phone.

“You don’t see what am seeing.” Okoro replied.

“Fill me in please.” Ngozi pleaded. Okoro picked his binocular and looked towards the police station building, Six armed men walked into the building with guns hung on their shoulders.

“There is fire on the mountain.” Ngozi said as she opened the door.

“Where to?” He asked.

“Those people inside are in danger. They need our help, you know they would be caught unawares.” Ngozi replied. Okoro shut the car door forcefully from her grip and pressed the central lock which got all the doors locked firmly.

“What’s this all about?” Ngozi asked.

“You still have a pretty bright future. Don’t get yourself killed.” Okoro warned.

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“You guys stay here while I go in to get this business transacted.” One of the men who was dressed coporately in a white t-shirt and a pair of black jean trouser. The man walked into the police station and got the the counter post.

“Good morning. Please am here to see Sergeant Habeed.” He said to the constable he met on duty. The constable picked the intercom and punched in some numbers.

“You may go in.” The man walked into Habeeb’s office, an office he shared with other sergeants like himself. Few seconds later, the constable at the counter was hit on the head by a bullet and he fell down. Every other policemen in the premises at the time of the gunshot all trooped out to attack the unknown gunmen but while a few got shot and died, few other were injured and a considerable amount weren’t hit. The gentleman who asked after Habeeb took the emergency exit and landed behind the station fence where his colleagues were waiting for him. Together they all drove away rejoicing.


“They went this way.” Ngozi who saw the men drive out of the police station said to Okoro who ignited the car engine and drove towards where Ngozi pointed. Ngozi’s phone rang as they got to the main road from the utarred road that linked the police backyard to the main road.

“Hello sir.” Ngozi said to Burahimo.

“The headquater just got attacked. Report here immediately if you are safe.” Burahimo said.

“We are currently on the trail of those men as I speak with you.”

“You and who?” Burahimo asked.

“Okoro.” Ngozi replied.

“With no backup? Get yourselves here in the next ten minutes.” Burahimo ordered and the line clicked dead.

“What’s next?” She asked Okoro who was half listening to her conversation with her boss.

“We’ll get to the end of this one.” He said as he stepped on the accelerator and the terrorist’s van came into view from afar off.

Chief Obi Patrick descended the stairs into the living room where two of his business and politics friends were seated. The two men, Prince Ogunsakin, a former executive governor of one of the south-west states and Andrew Gulak, a three time presidential aspirant who has lost all three times at the general election.

“Good morning Chief.” The two men greeted.

“How you doing this bright morning?” Patrick asked.

“We are good sir.” The two men replied.

“Hope no problems? Why are you here?”

“Sir, we are here concerning the death of Kingsley.” Gulak said. Chief Obi Patrick motioned him to keep quiet.

“Lets go into my study where no one will hear us.” Chief Patrick said leading the way and his visitors followed him.


“kingsley remains our only opposition in the oil and gas sector. You know how stubborn and adamant he has been on the latest request we submitted to him.”

“What request is that?” Gulak asked.

“So you don’t know? We only requested for ten percent of the oil revenue budget to finance the party but he refused. Now he wants a senatorial ticket and he is almost getting it.” Chief Patrick explained. Gulak knew only few of the party’s activities and policies because he just decamped from the opposition party when he discovered he’ll never win the presidency while in the party. But joining the ruling party, he knew he won’t get the presidential ticket but he has been assured of the vice presidency. Chief Patrick has promised to axe the current vice president few months to the election.

“With Kingsley dead now, who is taking his place?” Ogunsakin asked.

“According to the news I heard yesterday, his deputy, one woman from the east will assume the office temporarily before the president nominate a new candidate.” Patrick replied.

“And women from the east are difficult to control.” Gulak said. The three men continued to make plans over the upcoming election.

to be continued–