All In A Circle Episode 1


Kelvin a 28 year old young man came down the stairs into the living room to see his elder brother, Clement talking to their father, Chief Obi Patrick. Clement who got married last month had to cut his honeymoon short by coming back to Nigeria when the crime rate increased.

“Morning bro.” Kelvin greeted his elder brother.

“Hey kelv.” Clement greeted smiling.

“Morning dad.” Kelvin greeted their father.

Chief Obi smiled happily at the relationship between his two sons. Even though they both had different characters. Clement is an easy going person who will only talk when spoken to. He is an advocate of peace and is ready to die fighting against corruption, crime and other social vices which was why he studied criminology in the university while he was in the United states.

Kelvin on the other hand is an advocate of terror, a hot tempered human, he studies Biochemistry in the university of Lagos. He was made to study here in Nigeria where his father, a total disciplinarian will be able to monitor him. But despite his bad boy attitude, he still remain the apple of their father’s eye.

“Dad, I need to go. My attention is needed at the station.” Clement announced.

“Is it about the killing along Allen avenue?” Kelvin asked.

“Yeah. I’ve gotten the lead on it and we’ll do the briefing today then we proceed to nabbing the man. I shouldn’t be telling you all this.” Clement said picking up his car key. He proceeded to give his younger brother a hug and off he left the house. Kelvin left the living room deep in thoughts.

“This guy is good at what he does. I pray my track is covered. I killed Kingsley with no trace left.” He entered his room where he knelt down to say his prayer. He brought out his gun and held it close to his nose.

“You’ve been keeping me and you continue to keep me. On my life I pray.” He said the short prayer and kissed the weapon before going into the bathroom.

Chief Obi on the other hand was left in thought with Clement’s revelation. He picked his phone and dialled a number.

“Hello Maleek. You are doing the wrong job.”

“How sir?” Maleek a notorious terrorist reported to have come from Sudan asked.

“You know my son is a policeman and he is in charge of Kingsley’s murder. He is almost through, all that is left for him is to nab the suspect.”

“Keep your calm sir, my boy who did the job is the perfect man for the job.” Maleek replied assuringly.

“What’s his name?”

“Danger-kelv is the name.” Maleek replied.

“I’ve heard so much about the boy but am yet to meet him.” Chief Patrick said.

“He is faceless.” Maleek replied.

“I got it.”

Chief Patrick heaved a sigh of relief as he picked up the television remote control and tuned in to a news channel. Coincidentally, Kingsley murder was being said. Chief Patrick gave a short laugh.

“We got it covered. You got a wrong lead.” He mocked.

Inspector Clement drove into Area F-command police station premises at exactly 9:55am in company of two other policemen, Sergeant Mike and Detective Okoro. A policewoman approached the three men.

“Inspector Clement?” She asked.

“Yes. You must be?” Raymond tried to recollect as he looked at her not too large and not too small chest but there was no name tag on it. She was dressed in a police vest which has the word POLICE inscribed on it.

“Ngozi.” She helped him out of his misery,

“Oh! don’t mind me, I forget things easily these days.” Clement replied.

“And these are your men I guess.” She said ignoring his proposed humour reply.

“Yeah! This is Detective Okoro, bronze clearance and this is Sergeant Mike, level four clearance.” Clement replied.

In the police force, clearance level is very important and it is measured from level one to five and Bronze to Diamond. A newly employed police college graduate gets level one clearance on his first day at work and after his first year he gets the level two provided he/she was involved in some memorable field work but if he/she is not a field operative he’ll get level two clearance after his second year or at worst third year if his work rate progression is low. On promotion to the post of a constable, he gets level three and coporal gets level four, a detective gets level five something he shares with a segeant even though few sergeants have bronze level while the Inspectors and the DPO(divisional police officer) as well as the Public Relation Officers are entitled to the Bronze clearance.

The SP(supritendent of police) and his assistant are entitled to the silver level, the state commisioner of police gets the Gold clearance and the Inspector general at the federal level gets the Diamond clearance.

Detective Okoro is a thirty year old policeman filled with intelligence and several years of experience close to a decade. He has this distinctive ability to scrutinize with his eyes and suspect an individual and if interrogated, he is either the wanted criminal or he has a skeleton inside his cupboard. One thing about him is his pride, as a result of his wonderful track downs he has done over the years and the commendation he has recieved, he felt he was the best policeman in the state.

Sergeant Mike on the other hand is a young policeman, humble and a perfect gentleman that he is. He has been commended for his wonderful service since he joined the force five years ago and has been tipped for a post in the federal police office.

“You are welcome sirs. This way.” Ngozi said and led them into the police station building. Clement loved working with these tow men because they make his work easy. Instead of handling a case and going one at a time they go three at once each of them playing different roles and arriving at the same juncture.

“Lets go in guys.” Clement said to his men and they followed Ngozi.

As the four police officers walked along the corridor young police officers were throwing salutes at Clement who once served in this particular police station as a young police sergeant before he was transferred to the headquaters shortly before he became an inspector. Ngozi turned left and opened a door and the three visiting policemen filed into the room.

“Weldone Ngozi.” The man commended.

“Thak you sir.” Ngozi saluted and the man eased her with a wave of hand.

“Who am I seeing?” Clement?” The man dressed in his complete police uniform exclaimed.

“Burahimo?” Longest time pal.” Clement said as the two men embraced eachother in excitement. Burahimo and Clement joined the force at the same time and their progression over time was uniform. At the time they both got their sergeant badges, the then DPO of the Area F- command recommended Clement for a transfer to the headquaters and the transfer was effected two months before he got his inspector badge. The headquaters has since been enjoying Clement’s expertice as one of the finest police officers in the state.

“We are all working together on this case and I strongly believe we’ll get to the root.” Burahimo began shortly after exchanging pleasantries.

“Most definitely.” Clement replied assuringly.

“Ngozi, you’ll work with Okoro here on the detective aspect of this case while Clement will work with his man Mike, and you all report to me directly on progress made. Understood?” Burahimo explained.

“Yes sir.” They all replied with the exception of Clement who is on the same level with Burahimo but working under him because Area F is spearheading the case.

“Ngozi, fill these men in on how far we’ve gone on Mr Kingsley’s murder.” Inspector Burahimo said.

“Yes sir. According to our preliminary investigation that was carried out immediately we got to the crime scene we saw a finger print on the passenger side window and that has been sent to the laboratory at the headquaters for test. We are made to understand that the result will be sent back to us latest by 11 o’clock this morning.

Also we found out that Mr Kingsley was making a phone call at the time he was shot. The phone is in our custody here and investigation has kicked off fully as we try to know who he was speaking with, once we get the phone back to its proper condition.

A message has been sent to the network provider to get us his last conversation and if possible voice recording of the murder operation.” Ngozi explained to the three visiting police officers as Sergeant Mike jot down somethings in his police inscribed notepad.

“Working on the fingerprint leaves us as clueless as ever. As well as the fact that it leads us to no one in particular. And listening to the recordings for the next twenty years and we are still counting. I think a more professional approach should be deviced.” Okoro faulted Ngozi’s well laid plan.

“Will you at least let me finish talking?” Ngozi asked angrily.

“What is there for you to finish? Fingerprints and recordings? Building castles in the air.” Okoro replied laughing.

“Answer me. Am sure you’ll advise us to get the bullet shot, know the kind of gun that uses it and go the arms and amunition licensing commission to know who has the gun.” Okoro spite further.

“You don’t criticize my opinions destthe right to say something, you can only correct me or say yours.” Ngozi warned.

“Opinions indeed…” Okoro was saying when Clement cut in angrily.

“Will you two keep quiet and think of how these recent insurgence can be stopped. You are here making noise.”

“Sorry sir.” Ngozi apologised while Okoro only mumbled some incoherent words to himself. This was why Ngozi hated him with passion, his pride and ego.

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Sandra Oselu a twenty six year old model came out of the bathroom with a towel tied around her chest. She walked towards the dressing mirror and let the towel fall to the ground, she admired her wonderful figure. She stood at 4ft 5inches from the ground level with her medium sized bossom and not too big behind. She walked towards her closet where she picked her clothes and began to get dressed for the day’s activities.

“Am sorry for keeping you waiting.” She said to a man seated in the living room. The man was dressed in a white shirt and a black touser with his suit hung over his right shoulder.

“Shall we?” The man who was later introduced as Barrister Benson(Ben for short) asked.

“Yes sir.” Sandra replied the 5ft 6inches tall man, dark in complexion, chubby with an oval face. Sandra was clad in a pink knee length gown and a white short jacket with pink pokal dots all over it. Her cleavage was visible from behind and Barrister Ben was having a hard time taking his eyes off it. But come on he is married for Christ sake. He called himself to order. The two of them walked out of the house.

“Are we going in my car?” Sandra asked.

“Yes.” Ben replied seeing this as an opportunity to come back and pick his car and then have a cup of coffee with her hopefully. She drove out her white Lincoln navigator. They are headed for Levis & Paige and shoe, cloth and bag production company for a contract extension.


A masked man was addressing dozens of men in a big hall. The man had his name inscribed on the black vest that he was putting on and tattooed on his arms. His name is Abdul Maleek, a notorious Sudanese terrorist. Everyone seemed to be listening to him and everytime that he stopped talking the silence that engraved the room was frightening.

“There is only one way to save Danger-Kelv’s as5. We snatch the fingerprint result.” The man said in his not so fluent englsh.

“And how impossible is that?” A man who stood beside him asked.

“It is very possible. Our in built personnel from the headquaters has promised to help us and I need five able bodied men to get ready and storm the place.” Maleek explained. Unlike Kelvin Patrick, every other member of the Khal Abdul rebel corp lived inside the big corporation building located on the outskirt of the town.

Kelvin is the only one living outside the corporation and that explained why he is the main hitman.

“Give Habeeb a call once you are close by. He’ll tell you what to do.” Maleek explained further to Kelvin who already picked out the five man who’ll accompany him.

to be continued–