Baby And Me Episode 30


Jude Howard♡♡♡
Me “my father?”
Jay “yeah man! Isnt this great?! You have been looking for your parents for years and now he found you!” I had no interest in my parents at all, finding my parents stopped being a priority a long time ago and it definitely was not a priority in that moment
Me “he hasnt found me, Jude Howard is dead”
Jay “what? Dude are you being f****** serious right now?! What do you mean Jude Howard is dead!”
Me “if Brooks Gheller came looking for me then Maria Santos would have told him that I died”
Jay “yes but….”
Me “then its done” I started walking up the stairs again but he grabbed my arm
Jay “are you serious right now Jude! Your father is a rich multi millionare and you’re acting like this! You can go back, you can go tell him you’re alive…you can go back home and live your life and be the person you always wanted to be! Your father is freakin Brooks Gheller!! Are you really going to give up your dreams for this?! The things you always wanted, are they going to go to s*** for this!!!” I turned to face him, anger rising up deep in my gut
Me “dont act like you know me okay? The Jude Howard you knew back then is not the one standing in front of you right now! What do you think this is Jason? Some kind of joke? You think my life here is some kid’s play? Well newsflash man, this is it! This is who I am now, this is the life I had built for myself here and I have realised that its not a temporary life that I’m just living because one Day I’ll go back to the States to resume my old life, this right here, is permanent…its what I have right now and its all I want! So dont come here and act like you know me or what I want or what my dreams are….”
Jay “15 years man, we have known each other for 15 years, so you’re saying my best friend…the guy I have known half my life is no longer there?”
Me “things have changed Jason, I changed, I grew up and s*** happened that changed me! Those things that I wanted back then just dont fit into the things I want now and the things I have now. I have changed and it really sucks that my own best friend, the guy I have known for 15 years wont accept that. The fact that you want me to go back and live a life that I dont even want anymore is just bulls*** basically. What did you think I was doing here Jason? That I was just sitting, twiddling my thumbs and waiting for an opportunity to avail itself so I can pack my stuff and my daughter then run back to the States? No man…I lived and I love it here, everything I want is here”
Jay “so what you’re saying is that you’re never going back? That your life there is over?”
Me “my life in the States was over the day I died and was reborn as Blair Taylor here in Korea man”
Jay “I understand, then if thats how it is…then that means we Americans dont fit into your life either” I wasnt in the mood to beg or make him understand, I was exhausted and I just needed my life back, the life Yoona and I had started, I wanted it back so I had no energy to waste on trying to make Jason see how things were so he could get his head out of his ass
Me “if thats how you want to see it then fine” I turned and walked up the stairs to Leila’s room, it was time she really got the **** out of my house, no one was going to talk me out of it this time
I flung the door open and she was lying in bed listening to music, she opened her eyes as soon as I opened the door then sat up, she took out the headsets and smiled
Leila “Jude ”
Me “start packing Leila, I want you gone” she sighed
Leila “not this again Jude, come on now” she stood up
Me “I’m serious Leila, leave my house right now”
Leila “you know you’re not really going to kick me out. The fact that I’m still here means you still care about me, if you really hated me then you wouldnt have even let me stay one night here and you definitely wouldnt have listened to Jay after our special night ”
Me “you know what Leila, I’m done with leeches like you in my life who know nothing else but to take take take…well no more you hear me? You all think I’m the ultimate nice guy right? Well thats because I really really didnt want to show people the real unpleasant side of me but you keep forcing me, pushing me beyond my limits and now its time I pushed back, dont you think?” I grabbed her wrist and pulled her to me then grabbed her throat “is this what you want to see Leila? Is that why you keep taking advantage of the courtesy I try to show to you? Is this why you take me and my words for granted? Is this why you think you can keep f****** with my life? Is it because you want to see me turn into something I’m not? You want to see just how I can be when I’m pushed beyond my limits and Im at risk of losing the things I love?” Fear crept up in her eyes and she kept hitting my arm in desperate attempts for me to set her free, she was fighting for her life but I needed to teach her and everyone else a lesson, show them I was only nice because thats just how I was raised but I had a bad side too, the dark side that I kept hidden from everyone because once it came out, it scared me too
I let go of her and threw her to the floor, she coughed vigorously holding her throat
Me “get the **** out of my house Leila, dont make me say it again!” I kicked her to the side as I walked out of her room, Jason was standing at the door, I looked at him and he took a step back
Jay “you really have changed man and I’m not sure I like this change in you, living here and being with that Korean girl has changed you for the worst!”
Me “you too…get out of my house today! I dont want to be around people who dont respect me and the choices I have made. If you think its for the worst Jason then leave and dont look back, because I would rather lose a friend than become something I no longer am just to please you. Go back to your life in the States and let me live mine in peace”
Jay “if thats how you want it to be man then fine by me”
Me “then you better start packing, Chase will show you to a hotel preferably close to the airport” I walked to Yoona’s room where I just locked the door and threw myself on the bed. The bed covers still smelled of her, I felt an ache in my heart. I had really let her down and I hurt her too, I never should have let that snake Leila into my home and I dont know what I was thinking either

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♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡
I couldnt even function properly after seeing Madame Han that day, I was so angry I wanted to break things! So after work, I went to the gym just to blow off some steam. I went straight to the boxing area where I threw a few hard punches, damn that woman! Damn her entire family!! I was so f****** upset that I had the Seo blood running threw my veins! I hated my father with everything in me!

Tears fell down my cheeks during my workout, I was angry, shouting, screaming and kicking, punching the punching bag so hard I felt pain in my shoulders. I missed my mother so much, if she were still alive then my father probably wouldnt have remarried and brought in that devil into our home who then made my bedroom his own! My father wouldnt have failed at his fatherly duties and I wouldnt be as ****ed up as I was! I wouldnt have pushed Jude Howard away because I was scared he’d hurt me, I would have let him love me and loved him back but because I didnt know how to love a man, I ran at the first sign of trouble
I felt someone holding me down and I slowly fell to the floor, I think perhaps I was fainting because everything became blurry and I couldnt even see the face of the person holding me then everything became dark after I said Jude’s name….
I woke up later on in unfamiliar surroundings, the room I was in and everything else, the last thing I remember was me at the gym going hard at the punching bag then someone holding me down and thats it. As I was trying to figure out where I was, Choi Young Do walked through the door
Me *shocked* “sunbae?” He smiled
Sunbae “oh good! You’re awake, you had me worried”
Me “where am I?”
Sunbae “at my house”
Me “you’re h-house?”
Sunbae “yes, I brought you here after you fainted at the gym, you were really going hard at the punching bag, you almost hurt yourself” I looked down
Me “I had some issues I wanted to deal with” I fiddled with my hands
Sunbae “is it because of the visit from madame Han?” I looked up
Me “uh?”
Sunbae “its seems like you guys had a huge fight, everyone saw that slap you gave her”
Me “I know, everyone kept staring at me like some Alien”
Sunbae “whats wrong Yoona?”
Me “Its nothing sunbae, I’m okay”
Sunbae “it didnt seem like nothing back there”
Me “it really is, well its nothing I cant handle” he put his hand on my shoulder and looked right into my eyes
Sunbae “you know you can talk to me about anything right?” I nodded quickly, feeling a tad uncomfortable. My stomach roared loudly as though I couldnt have been more embarrassed, he chuckled “lets go eat, I made some fried mandoo” (mandoo- fried dumplings). I got out of bed and asked to be excused to the bathroom, he showed it to me. I went in and did my business then splashed some cold water on my face
I went to find sunbae in the kitchen, the food was already on the table and the smell was just divine, my stomach started grumbling all over again. I sat down and he handed me chopsticks
Sunbae “dig in” I smiled as I rubbed the sticks together and started eating
Me “mmmhhh this is so delicious!”
Sunbae “really? I made it myself”
Me “you’re a great cook then, or are you just good at making fried dumplings?” He laughed
Sunbae “guess you’ll have to wait and see for yourself, maybe I’ll cook an entire Korean meal for you one day” I choked on the food and coughed, startled by his comment, why would Choi Young Do cook for me?
Sunbae “here…drink this” he pushed a glass of water my way and I gulped it down “oh chum…here’s your phone” he handed it to me “someone saved as Blair Taylor called”
Me “he did?”
Sunbae “mm, he seemed very worried about you so I told him where you are and he said he’d come get you”
Me “oh” I took the phone and shoved it in my pocket
Sunbae “is everything okay? Should I have not answered the call? I’m sorry, he just sounded so worried”
Me “its okay sunbae, its just that I would have preferred you not tell him where I am”
Sunbae “aahh I’m sorry, I shouldnt have answered in the first place”
Me “kinchana, you didnt know” he only nodded and I suddenly couldnt eat anymore, my stomach was in knots and I felt nauseas so much that I ran to the bathroom again and threw up the little food I had eaten
Sunbae “are you okay?” He asked as I walked out of the bathroom
Me “yes, I just felt a little nauseas but I’m okay now”
Sunbae “is he your boyfriend?” I nodded slowly “he sounds American”
Me “thats because he is”
Sunbae “oh yeah…uh so did you guys fight?”
Me “mm” I sat down again and drank the water
Sunbae “do you love him?” I nodded “aahh I see…” his tone was disappointed, as though he didnt want me to have a boyfriend
Me “is there a problem?”
Sunbae “no! None at all…well what should we do then? I gave him the address already”
Me “nothing I guess, let him come…I have to go home anyway”
Sunbae “ofcourse, you live together?”
Me “used to, I recently moved out”
Sunbae “thats a relief”
Me “what is?”
Sunbae “aahh nothing, just this and that” I nodded, I wasnt feeling good at all, I kept having hotflashes “Yoona, maybe you should lie down, you’re starting to look pale
Me “maybe I should” I stood up and lost my balance, almost falling but sunbae was there to catch me. He lifted me up in his arms and carried me to his room where he placed me carefully on the bed
Sunbae “rest here until your boyfriend comes okay?”
Me “yes” he pulled the blanket over me and I turned to sleep on my side, Sunbae hovered over me for a few seconds then left the room
To be continued…next weekend

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