Baby And Me Episode 29


I quickly changed into appropriate work clothes and caught a taxi to the hospital, there had been an accident where two cars collided somewhere, the people were not badly injured but the chief wanted all hands on deck especially after the bus incident where we lost a lot of patients.

We worked through the lunch hour and by the time I was out of the OR, I was hungry AF. I walked to the cafeteria and bumped into Young Do sunbae on my way there

Sunbae “on your way to recharge” I smiled

Me “yeah, I was just about to eat when they called me and you know me, i hate missing out on a meal” he laughed

Sunbae “then lets eat together”

Me “I have no objections to that” he bought some food for me then we went to sit down

Sunbae “its been your days off but I keep seeing you here”

Me “I hope that by calling me in, when they do finally decided to adhere to my rights and give me days off, it will be an entire week”

Sunbae ” a week huh? And what will you do with a week?”

Me “uh..probably sleep”

Sunbae “aaahhh thats always the best hey?”

Me “of course, I think I owe some sleep to the sleep gods…I do not want to be in debt” he laughed

Sunbae “oohh debt is bad, we dont want that” then we both laughed. I was enjoying the food and the company immensely but then Jude Howard showed up

Me “Blair Taylor, what are you doing here?” I was shocked at how he knew I was at the hospital yet it was my day off, well it technically was

Jude “can we talk?” Because I didnt want to cause any commotion in front of Young Do sunbae or anyone for that matter, I agreed

Me “sunbae, may you excuse me”

Sunbae “of course” I gave him a respectful bow then walked up to Jude

Me “how did you know I was here?” I asked him as we walked out of the cafeteria

Jude “who is that guy?”

Me “what guy?”

Jude “the one you were giggling with back there” once we were outside I stopped walking

Me “mwo?”

Jude “him! That…guy you were with in there, who is he?”

Me “Choi Young Do? He is my sunbae”

Jude “you seem very cosy with him” I folded my arms feeling irritated

Me “did you come here to make notes about the relationships I have with my colleagues”

Jude “no”

Me “then. What do you want?”

Jude “to talk…about us. I cant believe you really left”

Me “I said I would”

Jude “Yoona, please dont do this, why would you leave?”

Me “are you really asking because you dont know?”

Jude “okay fine I know…I have ****ed up with the whole Leila thing, please give me a chance to fix it, to fix us” I looked into his eyes and I could feel them calling out for me and damn did I want to answer that call, I f****** missed him and we didnt even get a chance to have a proper relationship, his friends had come in and ruined everything

Me “how did you know I was here?”

Jude “is that whats important right now to you?”

Me “yes”

Jude “I took a chance, you always get called into the hospital so I took a chance…happy?”

Me “you shouldnt have come here”

Jude “then you shouldnt have left!”

Me “I left because you need to sort your s*** out and figure out what it is you want”

Jude “I know what I want…I want you!”

Me “you know you cant have it all Jude, you cant have me then have your ex girlfriend make plays for you at the same time!”

Jude “I will kick her out! I’ll kick all of them out”

Me “so she’s still at your house? Whaaa! You really wont let go of this girl hey?”

Jude “what? Yoona come on…you know I love you and only you! Leila is just….”

Me “your first love, mother of your child and the girl who broke your heart. I dont want to compete with that, I wont”

Jude “this is no competition, I dont want her!”

Me “then why is she still in your house?”

Jude “because they guys…..”

Me “aaahhh another problem we seem to have you and I…the friends you listen to and do everything they tell you to. Your being too nice is becoming a problem for me Jude”

Jude “you didnt seem to object to it before”

Me “there is a limit to everything, clearly you dont have yours…see this is why I dont like nice people, because if you’re too nice with no limits people will take advantage of that then you become weak and pathetic, and I hate those kind of people Jude. See, if you dont let people know that there is a limit, a line that cant be crossed, you end up losing the things that are important to you…like whats happening right now” his eyes became shiny with tears

Jude “so I’m losing you?”

Me “sweetheart, you lost me the day you were unable to take control of your life and the situation you created”

Jude “Yoona….you dont mean that” I looked at him with a straight, fighting the urge to hold him in my arms and tell him that I’d forgive him and love him forever

Jude “okay then baby, tell me what I can do…tell me what to do so I can fix this, so I can make things right” I was about to answer him when I saw someone approaching us, we were standing outside and as the person came closer, I saw who it was and my heart was already thumping violently against my throat

Her “Seo Yoona!” I felt sick to my stomach as she greeted me with a smile, what a vile human being!! It was my father’s wife, Han Seo Hee well madame Han as she was so famously known . Jude turned to look at her then back at me

Jude “are you okay?”

Me “I’m fine, just go”

Jude “you really dont want to see me”

Me “what was your first clue?” I found myself getting angry but not at him but at the woman who dared to show her face in front of me after all these years!

Jude “I wont give up on you” he grabbed my head and kissed me on the forehead then walked off to his car.

I turned to walk back inside but the woman called out my name again

Her “are you really going to ignore your own mother?” I carried on walking “SEO YOONA! ARE YOU REALLY GOING TO IGNORE YOUR OWN MOTHER!!” She shouted and the entire hospital turned to look at as, I was so angry I felt like punching her in the face! I stopped and clenched my fists hard until I felt my nails digging into my hand, I turned to face her

Me “what the hell do you want!” I asked angrily, clenching my teeth, Sunbae was already telling the others to carry on with their business, I was so thankful to him

Her “to talk of course, do you have any place private we can go?”

Me “here is the best you can get”

Her “oh come now Yoona, we havent seen each other in years…lets talk”

Me “what do you want Han Seo Hee? I dont have all day!”

Her “fine, I heard that you met your father”

Me “and?”

Her “he told me you wont come home”

Me “and?”

Her “Yoona, do you have to be so volatile?”

Me “volatile?! Hahaha wow! you know what makes me sick the most about your family? The fact that none of you even want to acknowledge what happened back then, the fact that you all want to pretend like nothing happened, like I left home because I was some prodigal child and its all my fault!”

Her “Yoona, can you not forgive your father now? Why is it so hard for you to just come back home so we can talk this out as a family? Your father is not doing so well these days, I think its because he misses you”

Me “you want me to be under the same roof as your rapist of a son! Arent you worried that I might just finish what I started back then? Arent you scared for his life anymore?” She grabbed my arm and pulled me towards her

Her “is that what you’re telling people?! Are those the lies you’re spreading about my son! You know he didnt rape you, you probably wanted it you little slut!” I pulled back my arm and slapped her so hard she held her cheek

Me “you’re forgetting one thing here Madame Han, I am not that teenager you mistreated and let your son rape! I have absolutely nothing to lose at the moment so…dont push me anymore…because I will push back! Harder than ever before…then it wont be helped when you and your precious family fall off the edge! I want nothing to do with you or your family! You tell that husband of yours to stay the hell away from me and so should you! Dont any of you, ever dare to appear in front of me again!! Or I might just get really pissed and retaliate…you dont want that” I gave her my most dashing evil smile then walked off, she was still holding her cheek in shock.




♡♡♡Jude Howard♡♡♡

I wasnt going to give up, even though Yoona clearly didnt want to come back home but I knew she still loved me. I still couldnt believe how she looked straight in my eye and told me to go, how could she be so cold hearted!

I drove back to the house, in the lounge Chase was watching tv and there was no sight of Jason and Leila

Me “hey man, where’s Leila?”

Chase “probably upstairs” I started to walk towards the stairs “hey man, I wanted to talk to you about this morning. Look I realise that is being here has caused you a lot of frustration and inconvenience, you’re like a little brother to me Jude and I care about you in that way, I have never said this to you but for a man like me, who’s never had a family…you and Reign became my family and I really love you guys, this might sound gay and cringe worthy but your happiness is important to me, thats why I brought Jason here because I thought the two of you being reunited after everything would make you happy. I didnt know he’d become this kind of ****, who’s totally become Leila’s lacky. I dont know whats his deal but my deal is yours and Riri’s happiness” I smiled and walked over to hug him

Me “thanks man and for what its cringey worthy worth…I love you too and we’re blessed to have you in our lives. At least I know you will always have my back, I dont know whats going on with Jason”

Chase “I think you should kick that b**** Leila out too, she and her lacky can figure it out together since he’s so loyal to her” I laughed

Me “I really want her gone, Yoona says she wont even set foot here again…I need her out of my house so I can at least fix things with my girl plus I really miss my other girl”

Chase “what do you say, we just go see our other girl and spend the day with her, its time she came home too”

Me “yeah you’re right but now I have to get Leila out of my house”

Chase “okay!” He sat back down and watched the tv while I headed to the stairs

Jason came rushing down as I was going up

Jay “Jude! You wont believe this!!” He exclaimed

Me “what? Whats going on?”

Jay “okay…so I juat recieved a connect call from Mrs Santos” Mrs Santos was our landlord back in Brooklyn

Me “yeah?”

Jay “she says that Brooks Gheller came asking about you a few days ago”

Me “Brooks Gheller?”

Chase “ya, why would the owner and CEO of the biggest production company in the States be looking for Jude?”

Jay “he says he’s your biological father……”

To be continued…