All In A Circle Episode 33


A male newscaster was saying the news on a local news channel. Clement was seated on the bed watching the broadcast on the television that hung on the wall. The door into the ward opened and Ngozi walked in with Kelvin all smiles.

“What happened?” Ngozi asked.

“An attack on the vice president failed today at the stadium.” Clement replied.

“You don’t mean it. How did it happen?” Ngozi asked.

“The vice president’s SUV was the main target. That’s it over there, burnt beyond recognition.” Clement said pointing to a wreckage of the car.

“How did he escape?” Ngozi asked.

“He decided at the end of the programme to ride in a colleague’s car.” Clement replied. Ngozi turned to face Kelvin who paid little or no attention to them.

“Kelv, you are not talking?” She asked.

“What do you expect me to say? When two police officers are conversing, civillians like us are meant to keep mute.” Kelvin replied. Ngozi gave a shot laugh.

“Earlier today, a former millitant by the name Mr Ayo Okorie’s mansion was attacked today by a police team led by visiting FBI agent, Sylvester and Brigadier Sunday. The police team led by Sylvester and the millitary team led by Brigadier Sunday stormed the residence at Dolphin estate and a total of ten casualties were recorded.

Two policemen were killed and eight illegal armed men were killed. Reports reaching us claimed that Mr Ayo is still at large even though he was hit. Search is still on going for any possible lead.” The newscaster said.

“Sylvester again?” Clement asked bewildered.

“Is he acting on impulse or what?” Ngozi asked no one in particular.

“Maybe he acted on the police chief’s lead. You know, the millitary is involved.” The arms and ammunition recovered from Mr Ayo’s residence was displayed on the television screen.

Out of nowhere, Kelvin blurted out even though it was too late to take his words back.

“That’s BARETTA CHEETAH; 32ACP, my favourite.” He said.

“Your favourite? How do you mean?” Ngozi asked in amazement. Luckily for him, he recovered from his shock and quickly defended himself.

“Actually, I see them in movies a lot and I loved it especially the way it is being described.”

“Okay. You know, I was surprised when I heard it was your favourite because I thought you actually have a gun.” Ngozi said.

“I only see them in movies.” Clement who was unmoved by his defence decided to speak.

“When did you develop that sudden interest in watching movies?” He asked. Every member of the family knew Kelvin doesn’t watch films; he prefers to play video games. Especially simulations and football games. So saying he watch movies came as a surprise to Clement.

The door opened and Ngozi’s banker boyfriend walked in.

“Welcome sweety.” Ngozi said as she threw herself on him.

“Welcome Mr Tobi.” Clement said shaking hands with him.

“Mr Clement, how are you feeling now?” Tobiloba asked.

“Much better.” Tobi smiled just when he noticed Kelvin’s presence in the room.

“Oh! There you are, Mr…..” He tried to remember his name.

“Driver.” Kelvin replied. Tobiloba who got the joke bursted into laughter, same with Ngozi.

“And thanks for giving my wife a ride yesterday.” Tobiloba said taking Kelvin’s hand in his.

“My name is Kelvin.” Kelvin added.

The four adult chatted for a some time before Tobiloba announced his departure. Even though Kelvin was not actively involved, his thought was preoccupied and centred on his brother’s question.

“I decided to come here during the lunch break. The break is almost over and I still don’t know the way to the judicial panel.” He said kissing Ngozi on the lips.

“I think I should leave now too.” Kelvin announced.

“Let me walk the two of you then.” Ngozi said happily as she held Tobiloba’s hand and Kelvin followed closely behind.

He alighted from his car and walked towards the front door.

“So, this guys is here already and he didn’t call me.” Don thought as he moved towards the door. He pushed the door open and walked into the living room. “But where could he be?” He asked himself as he sat down on the sofa. His mind played back to when he left home an hour ago, he left someone at home.

“Where is this girl?” He asked himself as he unbuttoned his shirt. His ears caught a sound from a distance but he was sure it was within the apartment. Soft moans could be heard from afar and just when he wanted to stand up, his eyes caught a pink pant and bra.

“What’s the meaning of this?” He marched towards his room and he opened the door to see his younger cousin, Adeoye fvcking his guest with great abandon. The lady on the other hand was lying Unclad with her two eyes closed and her lips pouted as she savoured the pleasure.

“Am cuuuummmmmming.” Deoye announce. Don stood arms akimbo watching a live p–n movie but the most surprising thing was that he felt no movement in his pelvic region. He didn’t like the sight before him neither was he angry.

Deoye slumped on her body and he was panting like a marathon racer. The lady refused to open her eyes as she was breathing slowly.

“Weldone boy.” Don said applauding him. Deoye scrambled out of bed as he quickly pulled up his trouser which stood hanging on his knees.

“Bro, its not what you think. She seduced me.” Deoye pleaded. The lady opened her eyes and on seeing Don she covered her unclothedness with the bedsheet.

“Why will you cover yourself? I paid you for the week and we are yet to start, you already slept with another man. Don’t forget the fact that I am not your boyfriend. You are a filthy LovePeddler. Remove that bed cover now.” Don said without moving an inch. She slowly removed the white bed sheet and sat down unclad on the bed.

“How much did I pay you for the week?” Don asked her.

“Fifty thousand naira.” she replied. Don smiled as he brought out his phone and dialled a number. Few seconds later. Four able bodied guys walked into the room.

“Guys, here she is. She is a LovePeddler and please don’t try to get down with her. She could be a carrier. Use the equipments and treat her a lesson of her life.” Don explained. One of the four guys brought out a bag and emptied its content.

“Fill every hole on her body with them. She should bleed, she should cry.” Don went further. Various objects were laid on the table, soldering iron, a bottle of wine, a knife to mention a few.

“And as for you my cousin. I have a seperate punishment for you. But first we have to settle the problem you just put yourself into with your school authorities. Come with me.” Don walked out of the room and Deoye followed. Shortly afterwards, screams could be heard from the room as the poor lady cried and screamed her lungs out. Fifteen minutes later, the screams stopped.

“Oga boss, this babe don kpai o.” One of the four guys said.

“Find a way to dump her corpse.” Don replied.

It was then Deoye realised the kind of person Don was. He used to see him as a gentleman who couldn’t hurt an insect but with the recent happening, he knew he is a learner compared to Don. His fear for Don increased tremendiously as he started sweating.

“You’ll have to kill all five girls.” Don announced bringing him back to life.

“You said?”

“You have to complete the number. You vowed to kill all five of them and you successfully killed three already, you are not successful unless you killed the other two.” He explained.

“It is very risky.”

“You are a man. Man up and do your thing. My boys will provide cover for you.” Don assured.

Deoye knew running to Don at this moment is like running to the devil.

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Kelvin’s mind and thoughts was preoccupied by his latest mouth slip. His inability to keep mute where it mattered most. Now he is sure his elder brother will be keeping tabs on him. But as he is, he is ready to outsmart any opposition even if it is at the expense of the person’s life. His ringing phone brought him back to life. He decided against picking the call while driving because he was on a very busy road where traffic signs are functioning and road safety officials controlling the movement. He swerved off the main road and pulled up in front of a restaurant.

“Hello darling.” A sweet feminine voice sounded from the other end. He knew at once that the caller was no other person than his girlfriend, Sandra.

“Hello.” He replied in his deep baritone voice.

“Where are you? Its been a while and am missing you. Lets meet.” Sandra said. It was then he realised that he still hasn’t achieved one of his aims. He is yet to take her to bed and dive in between her legs.

“Am kinda busy now. How about doing dinner at your place?” He asked.

“No problems. I’ll start preparing right away.” She replied. He hung up after making some few jokes which made him forget his sorrows. A question immediately popped in his mind. Are you sure this lady is the one for you? When you met her, you claimed to have seen that woman whom you will spend the rest of your life with. What’s up with Ngozi?” The righteous part of his heart asked.

“Shut up abeg and don’t question me.” The dangerous part of him which occupies about eighty percent of his heart replied.

He backed out of the parking space and continued his journey home. Once again on the road, his mind was preoccupied with the problems at hand. First, he was asked to get a replacement for himself at his workplace, meaning his services are no longer needed as well as death. Now he just triggered the detective part of his brother on himself and he was quite sure Clement won’t stop until he gets to the root. But first he needed to take necessary precautions.

He pulled up at the next bus-stop where foriegn and local movies are being sold. He picked five foriegn films which clearly showed that they are detective and terrorist films. He smiled happily and this time he sped like the mad driver he was.


Dolapo was ironing her clothes and Tolanis was still on her laptop watching a movie.

“Do you have a party around the corner?” Tola asked.

“Why asking?” Dolapo replied with a question typical of an average Nigerian; replying a question with another question.

“Am just surprised to see you ironing your clothes.” Tola replied.

“Oh! That. I decided to do that now because only God knows when next electricity will be restored like it has been today.” Dolapo replied.

Even though they lived in a school’s hostel, they still lacked so many things like electricity. Some of them have to go downstairs to get water from the major tap as the water channel into each room is either leaking or broken completely. A ringing phone startled them both.

“Is that your phone?” Dolapo asked.

“It should be yours. Mine is here beside me.” Tolani replied.

Dolapo picked the phone which was inside their kitchen. She dropped the call a minute later.

“Exam is starting on Monday.” She announced. Beads of sweat began to form on Tolani’s forehead.

“Exam? What are you talking about? Who told you?” Tola asked stammering like a schoolkid found cheating during an exam.

“A friend from my department did.” Dolapo replied.

“These people are mad o. This is too close na. They should have released the time-table two weeks before the exam.” Tola protested.

“Ehn ehn! Remember the exam was postponed from its initial time. So, they are right to release the time table a day before the first paper.” Even though examination is not the true test of life, yet, the fear of exam is the beginning of wisdom.

Serious students and bookworms might not be scared when it comes to exams but there will always be the fear factor when it comes to final exams. Tola is neither a bookworm neither is she the unserious type. But who would be serious with books when death is lurking at every corner. Even books can’t stop death from taking lives. –

to be continued–