All In A Circle Episode 32


Tolani was lying on her mattress watching a movie on her laptop when a knock sounded on the door:

“Yes who is it?” She asked as she quickly adjusted her almost fallen skirt and made for the door. She unfastened the door lock and yanked it open.

“Welcome.” She greeted and walked away leaving the way for her friend and only surviving roomate to walk in.

“How have you been?” Dolapo asked as she walked in and slumped onto the bed.

“Am good. How was your outing?” Tola asked.

“Not bad. Dara sent her greeting.” She replied. Silence enveloped the room as Dolapo busied herself with undressing while Tolani returned to her laptop and put on her headset.

A few minutes later, Dolapo was clad in only her towel as she made for the bathroom. She had vowed not to talk to Tola throughout the evening and she is really doing well by keeping the promise.

“There is rice in the warmer. You can warm it if you are interested.” Tola said and immediately she returned to her laptop screen. If there is one thing she loved about Tolani, it was her hospitality, her mother-do-good attitude but the major turn off was her snobbish attitude and ability to keep malice for years. Even though she(Dolapo) herself was snobbish, she hates to see someone else being snobbish.

She decided to pay her in her coin as she ignored her and walked into the bathroom. Now she was forced to talk to her roomate.

“You didn’t tell me we are out of water.” Dolapo said re-emerging from the bathroom.

“Sorry. You didn’t tell me you wanted to use the bathroom.” Dolapo stood rooted to the spot, contemplating on what to do. Maybe put on something and quickly go downstairs to fetch water from the tap since the water tap in their bathroom is no longer working and the hostel’s porter chosed to leave them to the stress of climbing the stairs with bucket full of water. Tolani seeing her friend in a serious dilema decided to help her out.

“Let me help you get water from the tap.” Tola said. Dolapo smiled on hearing this. Tola picked up a bucket and hurriedly walked out of the room.

“Only God knows what I could have done without this girl.” Dolapo thought:


Deoye brought his car to a halt in front of a two bedroom flat apartment in the highbrow area of Lagos. He alighted and locked the door and proceeded to his cousin’s apartment.

“Yea who is it?” A female voice asked from within. She recognised the girl at once as his cousin’s girlfriend. The door was yanked open to reveal a dark skinned beauty who stood a few inches taller than he was.

“Good afternoon.” She greeted.

“Afternoon. Please is Don in?” Deoye asked.

“Nope. He left for the stores a few minutes ago. You must be….”

“Deoye.” He completed.

“His cousin?” She asked.

“Yeah! Will you at least let me come in?”

“oh! Sorry. My bad.” She said opening the door wider for him to walk in. He could feel his member rise up as a result of the blood pumped into his pelvic region. The last time he felt like this was when he was in love with his late girlfriend, Hadiza. He knew what he was feeling, he was sex starved and he knew it. He needed the opposite sex to quench his thirst and hunger.

One stood before him but he possibly can’t bed his cousin’s girlfriend even though he was unsure of the lady’s status. He knew she was certainly not the girl his cousin introduced to him on the social media. Maybe one of his side chicks.

“What can I offer you?” She asked bringing him out of his reverie. It was now he noticed her dressing. She was dressed in a transparent nightie which showed her undies. It seems like she wore it on purpose, maybe to seduce Don when he returns from wherever he went to but she has succeeded in seducing him as much as he tried to take his mind off it.

“Hello.” She called as she smiled on realising the effect her presence was having on him.

“You said what?” He asked.

“I did not say what. I said what can I offer you?” She asked.

“You. I want nothing but you.” He had spilled it out before he realised what he just said.

“Then come get me.” She replied smiling. That was easy but he is not ready to blow up his chances as this might be his only chance to quench his thirst. He is not a fan of brothel and so he decided to take his chances.

The doctor walked into the ward to see an active Clement and his friends chatting happily.

“I can see you are good now.” The doctor said.

“Doctor Kolade, I am more than okay now. I no longer feel pains in my underarm save for some occassional pull on the veins.” Clement replied.

“That’s how it should be. You know, we should be thankful to God that you were not hit on the vein, it could have been worse. You’ll be feeling the occassional pains on your veins for a few weeks of which you’ll be taking pain relieving tablets. I tell you, it will only take a few days before you stop feeling the pains.” Doctor Kolade explained.

“Meaning he can go home now?” Kelvin asked.

“Mr Kelvin, its only in a couple of hours that he’ll be discharged. Let all neccessities be concluded and all paper work observed.” Doctor Kolade cautioned.

“Don’t mind him doctor. I don’t know his problem. You are not the patient and you are eager to go home.” Clement said.

“You are the reason why am here.” Kelvin replied.

“What about me?” Ngozi asked smiling sheepishly. “I came here majorly because of you too.”

The doctor ran a few examination on Clement before he walked out of the ward. Clement has been thrown into deep thought since he noticed something going on between his brother and his colleague. As far as he knows, Ngozi is engaged to a young banker name Tobiloba and its only in a matter of months when they’ll be tieing the knot. He knew his brother to be a playboy and someone who doesn’t know what it means to be in love. And seeing them hitting it up in just twenty four hours is a cause for concern for him.

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Rachel woke up with a start. She’s been having sleepless night since she discovered her father-in-law’s secrets and she needed someone to talk to so as to ease the burden created by keeping the secret to herself alone. She knew talking to her husband will only take thing out of proportion and cause family breakdown, enemity between father and son. Her own life would be in danger and as far as she is concerned, death is not an option.

She has one person in mind, her kid sister, her only confidant and friend. She picked up her phone and punched in some digits.

“Hello Chidinma.” She said immediately the person at the other end picked up the call.

“Hello big sis. Whatsup?” Chidinma asked.

“Am good, you?”

“What do you expect? How is my baby doing?” Chidinma asked. The two sister talked for a few minutes before Rachel made known, her reason for calling.

“Chidi.” She called.

“Yes Rachy.”

“When are you coming to Lagos?” Rachel asked.

“Maybe next month. You know there is a public holiday next month. I should be in Lagos by then.”

“Haba! Next month is too far now. I know if you want to visit your boyfriend, you won’t wait till next month o. All you’ll do is take a few days off. You have to be in Lagos this weekend. No excuses.” Rachel said.

“As your lordship pleases ma’am. But I would be disappointed if your reason for calling me is not worth it.” Chidinma warned.

“Trust your big sis na.” Rachel ended the call after chatting for a few more minutes.

Chidinma was a university graduate currently doing her youth service corps in Oyo state. Even though she was a graduate of the University of Benin, Edo state. Onome walked in as soon as she dropped the call.

“You are awake already?” She asked.

“Yes.” Rachel replied. Onome took a seat beside her on the bed.

“We both know you are not taking to the doctor’s advice. He said you need rest and you’ve only slept for forty-five minutes.” Onome began.

“Onome please. Am not interested in all that. The most important thing is I slept regardless of how long.” Rachel said rudely.

“Am sorry.” Onome apologised. She stood up at once and made to walked out of the room. “You can call me when you are ready to eat so I can come and serve you.” Onome said sadly. More like a maid that she was than the friend she had become.

“Onome.” She was forced to call her. Onome turned to face her. “Am sorry.” Rachel said. Onome nodded her head slowly as a smile appeared on her face. She walked out of the room.


Sandra pulled up in front of a Chineese restaurant in the town. She picked up her phone and dialled a number.

“Hello babes, where are you?” she asked.

“Come into the restaurant. Table fifteen.” The female voice at the other end replied.

“Okay. Am on my way.” Sandra said some prayer before she alighted. Just like they had been waiting for her all day or they knew she’ll be coming. Camera flashes could be seen all over her. Some angry youths mobbed her trying to get something off her but with the quick intervention of the security men, she was led into the restaurant.

“Madam. You should have parked your car in the executive car park to avoid things like this.” The security man walking her inside said.

“Its normal. They are like my shadows and I can’t run way from it. These are the sacrifices you pay for being a celebrity.” She replied.

Another security at the door pushed the door open for her and she walked in.

“Enjoy your stay ma’am.” The first security who led her to the doorway said.

“Thanks.” She replied. She turned to the security at the door.

“Please where is table fifteen?”

“The room adjacent to this. Third table from the door.” Sandra walked away thinking how the restaurant authorities did the numbering of the tables. The first hall has over thirty tables and she was made to understand that table fifteen is in the next hall. Chineese and their way of numbering. She thought as she walked towards her friend Nkechi who was seated with a guy.

“Welcome dear.” Nkechi said opening her arms for a hug.

“Thank you.” Sandra said sitting down beside her friend in a table for four.

“Straight to business. This is Don, he’ll be helping us on this particular issue.” Nkechi began.

Sandra nodded slowly. As much as she hated getting involved with things like this, she realised it is the only way she could stop paying exhorbitant amount to some blackmailers.

“Don will be getting us one of his most competent girls who will handle this case for us. You guys talk to yourselves.” Nkechi continued.

“Good afternoon sir.” Sandra said curtly.

“Good afternoon.” Don replied. Don was a well built light complexioned guy who looked handsome but mean. He smiled once in every one minute, he stood 6ft 7inches from the ground.

“My girl Vicky will be here in no time.” Don assured them as the waiter brought Sandra’s orders.


Vicky was unsure of how best to handle the situation but she has no option.

“Where are you off to?” Her motherr asked.

“Mum, I need to get to the departmental store downtown. I just realised I have exhausted my sanitary pad.” She gave one of the most flimsy excuses ever even though every human being would buy her lie.

“You can take my car and please return as fast a possible.” Her mother said.

“Thank you mummy.” Victoria said picking the car keys from the table and walking out of the house. Her mum seemed understanding most times but at times, she could be one of the most annoying human alive.

“God bless you mummy.” She muttered as she sped out of the compound; with one place in mind, the chineese restaurant downtown. As much as she wanted to put an end to this criminal live of hers on her mother’s insistence, she still find herself committing more crimes. Its just evident that she is connected to the act from birth. Maybe its in her gene.

to be continued–