All In A Circle Episode 31


The girls girls chatted for the next thirty minutes even though, Tokunbo is not comfortable with the environment.

“So when are you going home today?” Dolapo asked.

“As soon as Sergeant Mike and his partner returns, I’ll be cleared to leave.” She replied.

“But how do you cope? Coming here everyday and staying up to five hours or more before being allowed to go home.” Tokunbo who failed to hide her disposition towards the environment asked.

“The first day was weird but after thorough thinking, I came with the conclusion that, if I fail to come here everyday, this case won’t be completed and I won’t be vindicated.” She replied. The girls made jest of one of the policemen who sat behind the counter, unknown to him. He thought he was being admired because it was then he started straightening his polo and adjusting his sleeves.

“I think we should leave now.” Stehpanie came to Tokunbo’s rescue. Alas, they’ll be getting out of this confinement. She heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thank you very much, I really appreciate your visit.” She said as she hugged them in turns.

“You can see them off.” The same policeman said to her. They all walked outside and stood on the pavement chatting. Its so hard to see them leave, but they have no case. Just then a police vehicle drove into the compound.

“Hey, come and carry your car.” One of the policemen loitering around said. Stephanie walked to her car, hopped in and drove a little distance towards the gate to allow the police vehicle park.

Sergeant Mike and his partner, Sergeant Habeeb came out of the vehicle and another young policeman was dragging a familiar person towards the main building.

“Welcome sirs.” Darasimi greeted Mike and Habeeb.

“Thank you.” Mike replied and walked in with Habeeb who didn’t bother to reply. The young police officer dragged the person past them.

“Scorpion!?” Darasimi exclaimed. She was very familiar with him because they live in the same lodge, offer the same course. Scorpion ignored them as he was dragged away.

“Babes, I need to go now. My attention will soon be needed inside.” Darasimi said.

“But don’t forget to brief us o.” The fourth girl, Charity said.

“Trust me na. We’ll chat in the evening.” She replied assuringly. The girls all walked towards the gate where Stephanie stood beside her car.

“Thanks for the visit.” Darasimi said.

“You deserve more.” Dolapo replied.

“My regards to Tolani.” She said before she walked into the building just when a policeman was coming outside to call her. She walked inside with the policeman and was suprised to see Scorpion in the lockup.

“Was he the one carrying out the killings?”She asked herself but got no reply. She thought as she walked towards the holding/questioning room.


Onome sat beside Rachel on the bed watching over her.

“I thought the doctor said you should sleep.” Onome said.

“Yes, but I am not feeling sleepy.” Rachel replied.

“You just have to sleep. So you can regain your lost strength.” Onome advised.

“I will. Please get me my phone.” Rachel said.

“Your phone? Where is it? What do you want to use it for?”

“Its in the drawer beside you. I want to call my heartrob.” She replied. Onome smiled as she hand the phone to her.

“Hello darling. When are you coming home?” She asked. She listened for a few seconds before speaking.

“I am missing you badly and you know how important it is for our baby if you are not far away from us.” She complained. She hung up a few minutes later.

“What did he say?” Onome asked.

“He said he’ll be home this evening.” Rachel replied. Onome sat with her for the next couple of minutes and left when she fell into a deep sleep. She opened the door gently and walked out of the room to finish up her chores.

“I pray this lady doesn’t do herself or her baby any harm. Rest she won’t rest. thank God she is at least sleeping now, even though she’ll be up in an hours time.” She thought as she entered the kitchen.

The entire stadium was thrown into pandemonium as a result of the recent bomblast which rocked the stadium which was hosting the ruling party’s first campaign rally and introduction of contesting candidates to the masses. The real culprits behind the bombing was unknown as security men tried to pinpiont the bomb spot but conclusion has it that, the bomb emanated from the VIP parking lot. Eye witness said the bomb went off from the vice president’s convoy while another eye witness claimed he saw someone jump into the parking lot and tossing grenades when the soldiers were not looking.

Another eye witness said, he saw the perpetrator of the evil act disappear into the stadium ground floor towards the west exit, but he couldn’t really make out the face. Even though the target, the vice president was not in the car, as at the time the bomb went off was seen thanking God as he was driven away in a two car convoy which also had Alhaji Gulak in it, guarded in front with an amour tank and same at the back.

The bomb went off exactly when the campaign rally came to an end and policians were walking towards their cars. The Vice president was lucky to be unhit because at the late hour, he opted to ride in the same car with a former presidential aspirant, Alhaji Ahmed Gulak who reconciled with the vice president during the course of the rally.

Questions on the lips of the citizen was the reason behind the president’s action to fly to Abuja in the presidential jet which was parked in a part of the stadium while, the vice president’s aircraft was parked at the airport.

The entirety of the airport has been locked up as millitary men were manning the whole street that led to the airport and emergency units were picking the remains of the convoy. Only two deaths were recorded, the driver of the vice president’s SUV and a millitary man who stood leaning against the SUV.

A part of the stadium’s fence collapsed as a result of the blast and firemen were quick to respond by quickly putting out the fire.


Chief Obi Patrick was riding in his car alongside his closest political friend, Prince Ogunsakin, a former governor in a state in the south-west.

“Chief, I guess we should put the blame on Gulak.” Prince said.

“What about Maleek who failed to survey the situation of things before he sent one of his inexperienced boys.” Chief Patrick replied.

“We shouldn’t blame Maleek, he did the right thing and the timing was perfect. Exactly when the vice president was expected to drive out of the stadium was when the bomb went off which is the most perfect timing. But the man behind this failed attempt is Gulak.”

“How is it Gulak?” Chief Patrick asked.

“I have a feeling Gulak knew about this attack and he decided to play a fast one on us by reconciling with the vp and asking him to ride in his car to the airport.” Prince explained.

“You may be right you know.” Patrick said.

“Look at it this way sir, the reconcilation seemed to be very fast and rushed, they told no one about it, they only excused themselves and came back five minutes to announce their return to good terms. Everyone knows Gulak lives in Katsina and he said he is returning to Katsina after the party primary in Ogun and Oyo state. How come he is headed for the airport in the first place?” Prince went on.

“I have never seen the whole thing from this angle Prince.” Chief Patrick replied. Just then Chief Patrick’s phone rang. It was the Party’s national chairman.

“Let me call you back when I get home.” Chief Patrick said immediately he picked up the call and hung up.

“Chief, I suggest that the party chieftain device another plan in outing the vice president then make sure Gulak fails in his mission.” Prince said.

“I’ll talk to the president before today runs out by God’s grace.” The car sped on towards Chief Patrick’s residence while Prince Ogunsakin’s car followed closely behind.

“When next are we having our campaign rally?” Prince asked.

“Next week, Taraba state.” Chief replied.

“Any chances of the president attending?” Prince asked.

“He’ll be represented by the secretary to the federal government.”

“So, the vp will equally be absent too?”

“No, he’ll be hosting the BoT members in his office.” Chief Patrick replied.

Deoye has been restless because it over one hour since Scorpion promised to show up and here he is nowhere to be found. He picked his phone and tried calling him, but on a second thought he dropped his phone.

“It is possible this guy has been arrested.” He thought. Right from the time Scorpion told him about the seminar, he has been indifferent about it. Such a thing has never taken place in the history of the school and doing that now, when there is unrest in the school may not just be a coincidence.

“I won’t sit here and await their arrival.” He said aloud as he picked his car keys, packed his few clothes and walked out of his room. He got to the reception and checked out of the hotel even though he still has three days more. He walked downstairs and entered his car, slowly, he backed out of the hotel premises.

“Hello guy, you dey house?” He listened for few seconds before he spoke again.

“I dey come now now. The police are after me.” He said. He hung up and sped out of the hotel with one place in mind, his cousin’s apartment.


A police vehicle pulled up in fron of the hotel and three police officer alighted with a young man who had the look of a hardened criminal.

“Are you sure he lodged here?” Mike asked.

“Am very sure. As a matter of fact, I was here sometimes ago to see him.” Scorpion replied. Habeeb slapped him hard on the face.

“So you knew where he was hiding and you kept it a secret. Do you know how many people he has killed?” Habeeb asked. This time, onlookers had gathered to catch a glimpse of whatever is going on, that could warrant the beating of a grown up.

“Lets go inside. You stay in the car.” Mike commanded the third policeman who nodded in affirmation. The three of them(Mike, Habeeb and Scorpion) all walked into the hotel reception which stood on the ground floor with the drinking bar where Scorpion met with Deoye the other day.

“Good afternoon ma.” Mike greeted.

“Good afternoon sirs. How may I help you?” The receptionist asked.

“Thank you. I am Sergeant Mike and this is Sergeant Habeeb. We are men of the Nigerian police.” Mike said flashing his identification card.

“You are welcome sirs.” The lady said smiling.

“You see, we are here to see one of your customers who lodged in here.” Mike began.

“What’s his name?” The receptionist asked.

“Alabi Adeoye.” Scorpion replied. The receptionist checked the list of those who are lodged in the hotel.

“Am sorry sirs, but he just checked out a few minutes ago.” She replied. Mike gave Scorpion a deadly look which made Scorpion to look away quickly.

“He checked out?” Mike asked.

“Yes, in fact, you probably should have met him downstairs. Maybe you don’t recognise him.” The receptionist explained.

“Its true but this boy here is his partner in crime. They are both cultist and he recognise him. Or don’t you recognise him?” Habeeb asked.

“In case he come back, please try all your possible best to make him stay and give us a call. The Police is your friend.” Mike said.

“Okay sir, I will try my utmost best.” She replied.

“Thank you for your time.” Mike said bowing down a little.

“You are welcome.” She replied bowing down too. Mike and Habeed dragged Scorpion out of the hotel into the parking lot where he was pushed into the car.

“You told him that we are coming right?” Habeeb asked slapping him.

“No I didn’t. But immediately you arrested me, you collected my phone.” Scorpion protested.

“You know what? We are going on a raid. Every member of your fraternity must be arrested today. One of them must have contacted Deoye.” Mike said as he switched on the ignition and drove away.


to be continued–