All In A Circle Episode 30


A black range rover pulled up beside a gas station and the back door opened. Kelvin alighted after giving some instructions to the driver, he walked into the gas station.

“Is Kennedy in?” Kelvin asked one of the attendants.

“Yes sir.” She replied. Kelvin made to walk into the office when the attendant called his attention.

“Excuse me sir.” The lady called. Kelvin turned back and gave an askance look. “I just want to thank you for the other day.” The lady said.

“The other day?….. Oh! Its nothing.”

“I pray God will continue to bless you.” She prayed.

“Amen, and you’ll be blessed too. So you can leave this job and start something beffiting.” He replied.

“Amen, thank you sir.” She said.

“Is Kennedy in?” He asked for the second time. The lady nodded in the affirmative, this time smiling. Kelvin walked away, so many thoughts running through his dangerous mind.

“Danger-kelv.” A man seated in an averagely furnished office said immediately Kelvin walked in.

“Ken Ken.” Kelvin said as he walked towards him and shook his hand.

“How was it?” Ken asked.

“Successful.” Kelvin replied.

“I trust you.” Ken said as he bent his head and opened the drawer attached to his desk. He rose up a few seconds later and handed a parcel to Kelvin and a bunch of keys.

“What’s in the parcel?” Kelvin asked.

“The boy who brought it didn’t give me a clue. Your car is parked at the backyard.” Kennedy replied.

“Who did he say sent it?” Kelvin asked.

“Who else if not Maleek himself. Abeg open it and lets see what they’ve got in stock for you.” Kelvin contemplated for a few seconds before he tore the parcel and saw a box. He opened the box and saw an envelope. He hurriedly tore the envelope and fetched a paper which hass words scribbled on it. It was written in French, Arabic, Swahili, Chinese and English. It reads; FIND REPLACEMENT. RETURN AFTER ONE MONTH. He has been expecting this for almost two months now. Even though, the time he received the letter is wrong. He smiled as he folded the paper and kept in in his pocket. He raised his head and smiled at Kennedy.

“What’s in there?” an anxious Ken asked. Kelvin knew the dangers involved if he open up to Kennedy. So he decided to lie.

“I have been uped.”

“Its a lie.” Kennedy exclaimed smiling as he rose up from his seat. The two men shook hands as they were laughing happily. Deep inside Kelvin, he knew it was only a matter of time when his game would be over. While his foolish friend believed he has been promoted to a higher rank within the corp.

Kelvin rose up to leave after five minutes and his host made no attempt to see him off as it was the ethics of the corp. It was stated that, when you are visited by a member in the corp, you shouldn’t bother to see him off because it may be a ploy by the corp to get you off their record book.

Kelvin picked his car where it was parked and drove out of the gas station but not after giving some amount of money to the female attendant who showered blessings on him.


Now rest assured that his life is no longer or in little danger. Instead of driving down home, he opted to pay a surprise visit to the hospital where his brother was admitted. He drove into the Lagos state University and proceeded to the University’s teaching hospital.

“Good morning bro.” He greeted Clement immediately he walked in. Clement was seated on the bed and Ngozi on the only available chair.

“Hey Kelv. How do you do?” Clement asked.

“Am good and I don’t think I need to ask you how you are doing, cos I can see you are good.” Kelvin said and Clement bursted into laughter, as well as Ngozi.

“What brings you here?” Clement asked.

“You, you you and you.” Kelvin replied. Ngozi cleared her throat to gain a little attention. Kelvin ignored her still.

“Are you saying I am invinsible or what?” Ngozi asked facing Kelvin.

“Its like you are wearing an invisible cloak.” He replied.

“Invisible cloak ko, sorcerers stone ni.” She replied laughing.

“Anyways, how is Tobiloba?” Kelvin asked.

“He is good, he promised to be here today.” She replied.

“I need where to sit.” Kelvin announced.

“As you can see, there is no way you are sitting down today. You can sit on my laps instead.” She replied. Kelvin smiled knowingly as he walked out of the ward. He returned a few minutes later with a chair.

“Bad boy where did you see this?” Clement asked.

“I picked one of the visitor’s chairs at the recepetion.” He replied.

All the while Ngozi was laughing because she seemed to be enjoying the two brother’s company. One a clown and the other a serious fellow. The door into the ward opened and a nurse walked in angrily.

“Uncle someone needs to sit downstairs.” She said. Kelvin looked at his brother who had a blank expression then Ngozi who nodded at him to do his job.

“Tell that person to remain on his feet while am here. You can come and take your chair when I leave.” He replied. Ngozi bursted into laughter, even the nurse couldn’t help. She smiled too.

“Is the person a patient or a visitor like me?” He asked.

“A patient.” She replied.

“Get him a stretcher and lay him on it. So when you are ready to work on him, you can wheel him into his ward.” He replied.

“Uncle, I am not here to joke or something. I am on duty, please give me the chair.” The nurse said, this time raising her voice.

“Can I ask you a question?” He waited for no reply before he proceeded with his question.

“If the president of this nation comes visiting a sick governor of this state. Will you let his entourage stand or sit. And we all know the visiting team will include the vice president and even the president of the senate?” He asked. The nurse looked at Kelvin for a while before she hissed and walked out of the ward.

“Mad boy.” Clement said in a long time.

“Sick brother.” Kelvin replied.

“Your father’s house is calling you. Its high time you left before you do another thing that will make them send you out.” Clement said with a straight face.

“Like this is your father’s house?” The door into the ward opened for the third time in three minutes and a doctor walked in.

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Victoria was seated in her room doing only God knows what on her tablet when her phone rag. She picked up the phone and checked the caller, the name was unlisted.

“Hello.” She said.

“Vicky. Its me Prof.” The caller said.

“Hey prof, the big prof, the killer prof. How body?” She asked.

“Body dey under cloth my sister. What is it that I am hearing about you?” Prof asked.

“What did you hear about me?”

“Your friend said you wanted out of the group for reasons best known to you alone. Why is that? Do you realise that you are a founding member of this group?” Prof asked.

“Prof, you know what? I’ll be at the house tomorrow, we’ll sort it out.”

“Better.” He said and hung up.

Victoria shook her head. Friends are not to be trusted. Imagine her best friend and confidant within the group whom she explained things to with the promise of keeping her mouth shut went on to open to a member of the group. Not just any member, but the boss himself. How she intend playing this is an impossible mission. Prof would hear none of what she has to say even though it is not like she wanted to leave the group but all she intend doing was lay low for a while, then swing into action when she secure her own apartment. But right now, she is at crossroads.

Sandra cleaned her lips with the napkin and drank a full cup of water.

“How was it?” Janet who was packing up the plates asked.

“Delicious and yummy.” Sandra complimented.

“Thank you ma.” Janet replied. Sandra sat for a few seconds looking at Janet as she expertly packed the plates and took them into the kitchen for washing.

“Jane!” She called.

“Maaa.” Janet replied rushing into the dining.

“I’ll be going out now. Like I said earlier, keep a watchful eye on Sabur.” She instructed referring to the gatekeeper.

“Ok ma. I will.” Janet replied.

“Bye.” She said as she picked up her handbag from the centre table in the living room and grabbed a pack of fruit juice.

“Bye ma.” Janet replied and walked back into the kitchen. Sandra walked towards her white Chrysler300 and hopped behind the wheel. She backed the car and made a U-turn facing the gate. The car moved slowly towards the opened gate.

“Sabur, keep a watchful eye on Janet. Understood?” She asked.

“Yes ma.” Sabur replied.

Sandra wound up the glasses and drove out of the compound. She planned seeing Nkechi today at her private residence and they hoped to get something out of the meeting where Nkechi had promised to invite her husband’s political defenders. She opened the juice and gulped almost half of the content. She got to the junction of the estate and waited for cars to move before she joined the main road like every lawful road user.


Back in the house, Janet walked out of the house heading towards the gate post where Sabur, the gateman lived.

“Baby, wassup?” Sabur asked.

“Its not by force if you want to belong. You didn’t go to school and you are here forming literacy. Abeg park well.” She said as she sat down on the bench and rested her back on the security house.

“Your food sweet my belly today gan.” Sabur said.

“Thank you.” She replied. Even though, Sabur may be a pain in the as5 sometimes, she still enjoyed his company. She loved teasing him and joking with him all day long but the major turn off has always been Sabur’s desire to sleep with her.

“I have always said you should come and live with me. I will treat you well, I have money plenty.” He said.

“How much do you have? How much is your salary?” Janet asked laughing at his foolishness.

“You don’t know anything. I do underground deals here and you won’t know.” Sabur said.

“Tell me about it.”

“I used to steal petrol from madam’s car and I sell it at cheaper rates to my customers.” He said.

“Sabur the sharp-minded boy.” Janet hailed.

“That is why I want to marry you. I don’t spend my salary at all.” He bragged.

“But do you know I make more money than you do?” She asked.



Thousands of students can be seen loitering around the student’s affairs department in a bid to get registered for the final year exam seminar. Dolapo walked out of the department building and walked towards her friends who stood beside stephani’s car.

“Who else are we waiting for?” Dolapo asked.

“Tola.” Stephanie replied.

“But I thought she was the first to get registered. Where did she go?” Dolapo asked.

“Her boyfriend requested to see her.” Tokunbo replied.

“Her broke boyfriend.” Stephanie replied and just then Tolani joined them.

“Stephanie, I didn’t expect this from you.” Tola said angrily.

“I was only joking.” Stephanie replied.

“But I have told you times without numbers that you should stop joking with my boyfriend. He is broke, poor and he has no swags, which is why I love him. Moreso, he has a bright future and so do I.” Tola ranted.

This time Stephanie has entered her car and sat behind the wheels. Tokunbo sat on the passenger’s seat while another friend of theirs sat at the back, paying little or no attention to the fight.

“Tola, let it go. Everyone was just joking.” Dolapo said dragging her towards the car.

“you can all be joking for all I care, but why does it have to be my boyfriend?” Tola asked bitterly.

“Sorry about that. It won’t happen again.” Dolapo pleaded.

“You guys shouldn’t keep me waiting, we have so many places to go.” Stephanie said igniting the car engine. Dolapo hopped into the car and Tola began to walk away.

“Tolani, lets go now.” Tokunbo called but she ignored her.

“Lets go jor. Will I be begging her to enter my car? Who does she think she is?” Stephanie said as she sped out of the department premises.

“What you did was very bad.” The other girl said to Stephanie.

“I did nothing wrong. I was only joking. It is glaring that Tola doesn’t like me, she likes picking quarrels against me.”

“Its not like that, you know Tola respects the guy and she just want us to respect him. That’s all.” Dolapo chipped in.

Back in the student affairs department, the number of students waiting to be registered has reduced drastically from what it was before. About one hundred and fifty students were waiting to be registered, and since it is not an online registration or computer based, it was a very tediuos task for the registrars. Repeating the same proceedure on every student that came forward for registration. The school’s administration didn’t pay attention to this at first, but after series of meeting, they concluded that the only way they could arrest the major suspects of the killings in the university is to call everyone of them at once. And with the emphasis laid on the registration and seminar in relation to the exams, they knew every student will want to get registered. And the reason why they resolved to using paper format registration and not computer based.

Their conclusion is that, since the main suspect of the killing is a final year student, he is currently on the runaway and with this latest development, he will want to participate, but the fear of being spotted and nabbed will definitely prevent him. Therefore, he may send one of his friends to register for him since you could register your friends.

Scorpion stepped into the large hall downstairs of the student affairs alongside five other students. They all parted and walked towards the six registration stands available. This is the second time, he’ll be coming. The first time being in respect of himself and now he is here to register his friend, Deoye.

“Have your sit.” The lady in charge of the registration said.

“Thank you.” He smiled and sat down opposite the lady.

“Your name and course of study.”

“I am here in respect of my friend.” Scorpion replied.

“What’s your friend’s name?” She asked. “Alade Adeoye, Engineering department.” Scorpion replied.

“What course?” She asked.

“Civil engineering.” Scorpion replied.

“His matric number?” Scorpion dipped his hand into the small brown paper bag he held and removed a paper where, Deoye’s information was scribbled. He unfolded the paper just when he felt a cold arm on his shoulder.

“Your time is up. You are under arrest.” Mike said from behind.

“What for?” He asked confidently.

“Deoye Alade’s case.” Mike replied sitting on the table and facing him directly.

“How does that concern me….” He was ranting.

“Shhhhhhh! Don’t talk here.” Habeeb said from behind. Scorpion gave up as he was being led out of the department by Habeeb and one other policeman in uniform.

“Thank you very much my sister.” Mike said shaking hands with the registrar who gave up Scorpion.

“You are welcome.” She replied.

Mike walked out of the department amidst cheers from students who witnessed the scene. They’ve been praying fervently to God to bring an end to Deoye and Scorpion’s dominance in the school.


Stephanie pulled up in front of the State police command headquarters. She alighted along with her three friends and they proceed towards the main building.

“Good morning sir.” Tokunbo greeted a corporal who was sitting on a bench outside.

“Yes? How may I help you?” He asked.

“Please we want to see our friend.” Tokunbo replied.

“Your friend? A worker or a…?”

“She is in your custody.” The fourth girl said.

“Go in.” The corporal said.

“Thanks.” Tokunbo said as the four girls all walked in. Inside the reception, three policemen stood behind a huge counter. Darasimi was seated on one of the chairs arranged opposite the conter.

“Darasimi.” Dolapo called as she ran towards her. Darasimi couldn’t hide her excitement, sadness and fear on sighting the girls.

“What are you guys doing here?” She asked as she hugged them one after the other.

“As you can see, we came to say hello to you.” Stephanie replied.

“That’s very nice of you.” Darasimi said hugging Stephanie once again. The four girls sat down and started gisting with Darasimi.

“Someone is missing.” Darasimi said.

“Yes, Tolani.” Dolapo replied.

“What’s wrong with her?” she asked.

“Guess.” Stephanie said smiling.

“One of your numerous fights?” Darasimi asked as Stephanie bursted into laughter.

“Tell me about it.” Just then Dolapo’s phone rang.

“Hello babes.” Dolapo said on picking the call.

“You guys didn’t bother to help Dara with her registration. Am sure she has no idea about it.” Tolani said.

“I knew about it already. Sergeant Mike already helped me with mine.” Darasimi replied. Her reply threw all the girls into deep thoughts. After a series of question and answers they were convinced of her innocence but its up to the police to decide.

to be continued—-