All In A Circle Episode 29


Kelvin walked out of the building dressed in an all black attire, that covered every part of his body, even his head was covered with the hood and he had a pair of sunglass resting on the bridge of his nose.

The backdoor into a Hummer Jeep was opened and he walked into the vehicle which zoomed off and a white Black Range rover spot drove behind the Hummer as they sped into the city. This is surely going to be one of his most dangerous and daunting task as he was ordered to implant a bomb in the vice president’s car. This was the order he received from the board at the Khal corporation and an assignment which on a normal day ought to be carried out by at least five armed men was given to him alone. How he wants to do this without being caught is something he couldn’t figure out. The best thing he could have done is run away to a faraway land but he knew he is being tracked he’ll be gotten even before he entered the plane.

The nature or the danger of the job was not his problem, but the fact that he was unprepared for this particular assignment was enough to put fear in him. A part of him assured him of success while another part assured him of success but with tribulation and challenges. But whichever ways, he will scape through.

“Drive in through the front gate. The range rover will go in through the west gate.” He said to his driver who just nodded and minded his business. The car pulled up beside the security post and two soldiers walked towards the driver.

“Why tinted glasses?” One of the soldiers asked.

“My boss doesn’t want to be seen until he picks up the nomination form.” The driver replied as planned.

“Who be your boss?” The second soldier asked.

“Barrister Nkem.” The driver replied expertly.

“Running for the senate right?” The soldier asked.

“He arrived a few minutes ago in the hummer jeep over there.” The second soldier said pointing to a car parked a few metres away.

“That’s his ADC and not him.” The driver replied.

“Give us something then.” The driver opened the drawer and removed a bunch of naira notes and handed it over to the soldiers who hailed him as he was given a pass to drive in. The driver got down immediately he brought the car to a halt and walked towards the first hummer jeep which the soldiers thought belonged to Senator Nkem’s ADC.

“Guy.” Kelvin’s driver said knocking the tinted glass. The driver wound down the glass and turned to face his colleague.

“Is everything set?” The driver asked.

“Yeah.” The second driver replied.

“Where is the Vice president’s convoy?” Kelvin’s driver asked.

“The vip’s car park. Somewhere down there. The turning on the left.” The first driver replied.

“Which is his own car?” Kelvin’s driver asked.

“Its a black SUV with the plate VP.” The other driver replied. Since the vip car park is closer to the west gate, Kelvin’s driver decided to call the third driver who drove the range rover to get the car and get the security report.

“Guy. The black suv is parked in the vip’s parking lot. It is platted, VP. Get back to me as soon as possible with the security briefing.” Kelvin’s driver said as he walked back toward’s Kelvin who by this time had put on the dressing attributed to Barrister Nkem.

The heat he felt was out of this world. He had his tight crime dress underneath the Nkem attire he was wearing. Kelvin was suprised at the gullibility and stupidity of the soldiers. They ought to know that, Barrister Nkem is from River’s state and ought to pick his nomination form from the party’s secretariat in River’s state or in any state from the south-south. He thought as he stepped out of the car and walked towards the vip’s parking lot.

The level of security up there was certainly outrageous and he knew, no one will allow him spend up to a minute in this part of the stadium. He hid behind a space bus and awaited the next line of action as scripted by Abdul Maleek.


It has been all crying and getting emotional since early in the morning. The two women have decided to put the past behind them and face the future. Victoria promised to stop her bad ways and criminal lifestyle while her mother promised to spend more time with her and advise her occassionally.

“The table is set.” Her mother said as she walked into Victoria’s room. Victoria dropped the novel she was reading and got down from the bed. Sitting down on the table, she was feeling on top of the world because, as far as she is concerned, the last time she ate what she wanted was when she gained admission into the university four years ago. Since she dropped out, her mother has decided to make life measerable for her and when it comes to eating, she has no right whatsoever to enter the kitchen and fix something for herself.

“So, when are you calling your gang members?” Mrs Alice Patrick asked her daughter.

“I am thinking maybe I should go to them personally and talk to them. Calling them on phone is like disregarding them. I don’t want to work against protocol.” Victoria replied.

“So when do you intend going to them?” Alice asked her daughter.

“I would have loved to go today, but I think tomorrow is the right time. Because, they will be spending the whole of their day outside in a guest house. I’ll go to the private residence tomorrow.” Victoria replied.

“That’s my girl.” Alice said smiling. The two women continued their meal in silence with each keeping to her thoughts.

“What about those weapons?” Alice asked.

“I’ll do something about them.” Victoria replied.

“Better do.” Alice said.

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Rachel sat down behind chief Patrick’s desk. She opened the drawer and brought out the photo diary she saw the previous day. She opened, chief Patrick’s laptop and connected in with the scanner. She scanned all of the photographs, most especially, the conference where Khal corp was being launched. She made two copies of the conference. She printed them out and sswitched off the laptop and stood up to walk out of the study. She walked out of the study clutching the printed photos to her chest. She ran into Onome on the staircase.

“Where are you coming from?” Onome asked suspiciously.

“I came to pick something.” Rachel replied.

“But I thought, you said you wanted to take your bath and call Uncle Clement. What are you doing here?” Onome asked suspiciously.

“Yes, I said that, but I needed to pick up these papers.” Rachel replied.

“What’s in it? Do you mind showing me?”

“Its personal.” Rachel said and walked away into her room where she picked up her phone and dialled Clement’s number.

“Hello sunshine.” He said on picking up.

“Hello love.” She replied.

The two lovers conversed for a few mintes before she hung up. Even though, Clement still didn’t tell her he was in the hospital. She dropped the call and made to slip out of her nightie.

“Ouch!” She whinced in pain. She held her tommy and laid on the bed. She was sure, she was not yet due for delivery but you never can tell. “Ouch!” She screamed again, this time louder. The pain she was feeling in her tommy is in conjuction with the headache she was going through and the body pains.

“What’s the matter?” Onome asked as she ran into the room.

“My tommy…. My tommy o.” She screamed.

“Are you due?” Onome asked.


“Okay, let me get the doctor.” Onome said and walked out of the room.

Onome ran into the kitchen where her phone was. She was scared of who to call. She can’t call Clement because he was still in the hospital. She can’t call Kelvin because she is yet to see him today. And calling Chief Patrick is a risk. The old man won’t hesitate to yell at her and rain abuses on her. Then she remembered the family living in the next compound. She remembered, that the house belonged to a doctor couple.

Immediately she ran towards the gate with the aim of getting them to help her.

Viktor and his team of avengers drove into the National stadium in a black Toyota Prado jeep.

“Please we need direction on how we can locate the VIP parking lot.” The driver of the Prado asked one of the soldiers on patrol.

“You’ll have to pay before you are allowed to drive into the VIP lot.” The soldier replied pointing to a gate which was located on the ground floor of the stadium complex.

“What if we decide to go on our legs?” Viktor who was seated beside the driver asked.

“You go down there, your first turning by the left.” The soldier said and walked away towards a group of area boys who were fighting with the soldiers manning the stadium gate.

Victor and two of his men got down leaving the driver in the car. They walked towards the cars parked at the end of the long garrage that connects with the vip lot. Then his plan was successful. He saw Kelvin dressed in his native attire trying to fix up a micro-chip into an explosive.


Kelvin on the other hand was waiting for the next line of action from the driver who drove the Range rover which was parked at the other side of the stadium. He was glancing around when his face caught a scene which made him froze. He saw a bloodshot eye which unmistakably belong to one of his former colleagues, now turned enemy. Viktor was pointing an Ak-47 at him as he was smiling wickedly.

Kelvin was not in for a gun battle, so he made no attempt to come with his weapong. He knew either he allow Viktor shoot him or he play on his intelligence which could make him fail in his mission and the direct punishment for failure is death.

Kelvin awaited his death because he knew, his gun would have been corked so that he won’t call the attention of the drunk soldiers who were backing their side. He knew, he’ll release the shot any moment and he readied himself for escape.

Kelvin picked his explosive and ran out of his hiding place. Half crawling and half running towards the soldiers while Viktor sporadically rained bullets aimlessly. He stopped running immediately he got behind the targetted SUV. The sound of the gun attracted the drunk soldier who swung into action and went after a retreating Viktor.

Kelvin stopped running when he got to the Vice president SUV and he bent down and attached the bomb very close to the fuel tank. He walked away from the VIP parking lot as fast as he could and joined up with the driver inside the Range rover who at once drove out of the stadium.


The neighbouring doctor whom Onome ran to call returned with her a few minutes later with some first aid equipments.

“Where is she?” The man who was about fifty years asked.

“Come with me.” Onome said holding the man’s hand and dragging him towards Rachel’s room. He checked her blood pressure among other things. While he administered some drugs which he took along from his chemist just inside his compound.

“Madam, it looks like you don’t want this baby.” The elderly man said.

“What do you mean sir?” Rachel managed to ask.

“You are stressing yourself too much and this has risen your blood pressure beyond normal. Am afraid, from experience, you won’t be able to deliver this baby yourself. And I will advice you to go to your hospital tomorrow. If you are allowed to carry this baby till the ninth month, there will be complications. So the best thing they can do is to inject you so as to speed up the delivery date and they can perform a ceaserian.” The elderly man said. Rachel sighed in fright.

“But can’t we do anything to avoid a CS?” She asked. If there is anything that scared her, it was the thought of being wheeled into the theater and disected.

“Am afraid not.” The man replied.

“Thank you for coming to my rescue.” Rachel said.

“Its my pleasure.” The elderly man said as he began to pack his equipments.

Despite offering him money for his service, the old man declined and walked out of the room led by Onome. Rachel was thrown into deep thought as she began thinking how she would survive a few hours in the laboratory.

to be continued–