All In A Circle Episode 26


Barrister Benson was on the phone making a call with only God knows who. He was visibly angry but he was trying hard to keep his anger in check by keeping his voice low. Even though it seemed herculean.

“Look here girl, I can’t because you have my pictures, then start worshipping you. A man first called me and he requested for five million because of this same pictures. Now you are here calling me and asking for a sum of two million naira. Where on earth do you want me to get that?” Benson asked angrily as he walked into the kitchen. He turned immediately he saw his wife cooking.

“Am not disputing that. But tell me why you want to destroy my home? You know I love my wife and issues such as this will destroy the relationship we have struggled to build over the years. I’ll pay you but not now. I need to sort some things out first.” He succumbed. “Thank you very much.” He said and hung up. He wiped his sweaty face with a hankie and he made to return into the bedroom he met an obstacle. His wife, Amarachi was standing with arms akimbo.

“Oh baby.” He said and made to walk away.

“Who was that?” Amarachi, Amara for short asked.

“Just some business partners.” Benson replied.

“The last time I checked, Ben, you are a lawyer. Tell me, when did you become a business man? And if you’ll be sincere with me, what’s the nature of your business?” Amara asked.

“I don’t mean business in that sense. I mean my client, they have a case with the government and they want me to do it for them”

“So, if they are your clients, who is the one to pay? You or they?” Amara asked.

“They of course and that’s what we were discussing.”

“With pictures? With your marriage? With your wife? Steady realationship? Baby are you hiding something from me?” She asked.

“How do you expect me to answer these questions? They are way too many to be answered by one person.” He replied tactically.

“Tell me the truth. Who are you talking to on phone?”

“Look here woman! You are beginning to dig into something that doesn’t concern you. I am a lawyer and you are not. You know nothing about the job. So please leave me alone and let me do my job.” He said angrily. Amara sighed.

“Fine. Anyways, am sorry.”

“Whatever.” Benson said and made to walk out of the living room.

“Your food is ready.” She announced.

“Take it to the dogs.” He replied and walked out of the living room.


Chief Patrick walked into the hospital just in time when Kelvin drove into the premises. Everywhere became dead silent and no one moved about immediately Chief Patrick walked in. The director of the hospital descended from the top floor to welcome the top politician.

“You are welcome sir.” The DG(director general) said.

“Where is my son?” Chief Patrick asked. Just then the door reopened and Kelvin walked into the reception.

“Dad, what really is the matter?” He asked.

“Hold it son. Don’t ask questions.” Chief Patrick replied.

The DG led father and son out of the reception into the ward where Clement was being treated. The ward is a typical example of what could be described as a royal ward or executive ward. He was sleeping by the time they entered and a young policewoman sat on the chair by his bedside.

“Welcome sirs.” She said greeting the three men.

“Yeah thank you Miss Ngozi.” The doctor replied.

“Was she the one who brought him here?” Kelvin asked.

“No, but she called his line exactly when he was brough in. Some men of the LASTMA brought him in.” The doctor replied.

“For how long will he be here?” Chief Patrick asked.

“He’ll be discharged as soon as possible, maybe tomorrow. All he need to do is come here occassionally for check up. You know to ascertain how his wounds heal.” The DG replied.

“Okay. Kelvin, am off.” Chief Patrick announced.

“Okay daddy.” Kelvin replied.

Chief Obi Patrick walked out of the ward with the Director General, leaving a handsome Kelvin with a pretty Ngozi and a cute sleeping Clement in the ward.

“Kelvin is my name.” He said stretching his hand.

“Ngozi.” She replied taking his hand.

“So, you are a cop?” He asked.

“Yes, any problem with that?”

“No, not at all. You see, am just surprised that there are beautiful ladies in the force.” Kelvin replied smiling. He knew her type. Always playing hard to get. She kept quiet and focused on her phone. “You are beautiful you know?” He said. She raised up her head and smiled. The kind of smile that could make one shiver in fear.

“I’ve known that since I was eight.” She replied shocking him.

Rachel and Onome have been hooled up in their conversation for almost an hour, they discussed on every topic they could lay their hands on. The only topic they had problem was the fashion aspect, because the two women are not fashion or social persons.

“I think I should go back to the kitchen, Chief would be back any moment from now.” Onome said standing up.

“No, please stay behind a little. You said he went to the state house right? He’ll stay out a little late.” Rachel pleaded.

“I have a lot to do. You can never predict Chief, he may decide to cancel the journey and turn back home. I don’t want to face his wrath.” Onome replied fearfully.

“I am here for you, nothing will go wrong.” Rachel assured. Onome returned to her seat and picked up the book she was glancing through. Rachel opened a drawer attached to the big mahogany desk. Shw saw a diary with the name ‘MEMORIES.’ Her curiousity got the better of her and she opened the diary. The sight that greeted her heightened her curiousity. She could see a picture of Chief Patrick in his youthful age with a gun, handling a machine gun. Words were scribbled beneathe the photograph. ‘The eagle team at the porto novo boarder.’

She flipped to the next page, she saw a pictured of Chief Obi patrick in action, an inscription at the base of the photograph, ‘The eagle team’ against the custom officers in PN(Porto Novo) Even though, the name eagle team rang a bell, she couldn’t place the name but she was sure the team was an illegal group. She drew the laptop which layed on the table closer and swiched it on. She connected the system to the internet and decided to search for the name ‘eagle team.’ What she saw surprised her and at the same time, increased her fear.

The ‘eagle team’ was a group of bandits, hoodlums and hooligans. They perform so many illegal things during their ten year action in the country. They killed innocent souls, caused political and social unrest within, the state and above all threatened to take over the governances.

“My father-in-law, a bandit?” She asked herself almost speaking aloud.

“Any problem? What are you doing with the laptop?” Onome asked her with a concerned look.

“I saw something, so I decided to search for it on google.” Rachel replied.

“What is that?” Onome asked curiously.

“Its nothing serious. Its just the name of an organization.” Rachel lied. She flipped to the third page and got to know more about the ‘eagle team’ because, here, the member all took a group photograph and the names of everyone of them was written on each person. Though most of the then ‘eagle team’ members are dead now, but the few who are alive are top political leaders or business tycoon.

This is surely the greatest revelation of the year, but thank God, they’ve all turned a new leaf. She flipped to the second to the last page and saw a picture taken in not more than three years ago, Chief Patrick was seated in a round table meeting with the secretary to the federal government representing the president and some other top government officials, both past and present. But above all was the inclusion of Abdul Maleek in the photograph, this time, he had no mask and she recognised him, thanks to the inscription on his arm and vest.

“So, chief Patrick is one of the sponsors of the terrorist?” She asked herlself. Onome noticed her disturbed look and decided to ask.

“What’s the problem? you look distrurbed.” She asked moving close to her.

“Its nothing.” Rachel asked quickly putting the diary in the drawer and shutting down the computer.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes am sure. Lets get out of here please.” She said standing up and half dragging Onome out of the room but not after she packed the glasses and the bottle of wine. The two women walked out of the study and entered the living room.

“Please, I need to take a shower.” Rachel pleaded. Thinking the shower will put her in a more relaxed state.

“No problem. I’ll be in the kitchen. Take your time and rest. You know.” Onome replied like the elder sister she was. Rachel walked into the room allocated to her and five minutes later, Chief Patrick returned.

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Inside the police headquarters: Sergeant Mike and Sergeant Habeeb were both seated on the two chairs opposite Darasimi’s chair.

“You told us, Deoye paid you fifteen thousand naira to get Chioma out of the hiding which you did. But now we can’t find him. What’s going on? On getting to his hostel, the occupants said, there is nobody with the name Deoye.” Mike asked.

“I know its hard to believe but I have evidences with me.” Darasimi replied.

“For the past one week, you claimed to be having evidences. Every new day comes with at least an evidence. Do you think you can play pranks on us by tricking us day in day out? Or is it because you are allowed the freedom to go home and report here everyday?” Mike asked angrily.

“Its not as if playing pranks on you will guarantee my release. Moreso, it is unheard of to say I killed my friends. We’ve been together for many years, we’ve been through a lot. Why will I want them dead?” She asked rhetorically.

“The only thing that I know can cause quarrel between us is the issue of boyfriends and for two years now, none of them know I have a boyfriend. They all though I am single. I can’t think of hurting them, not to talk of getting them killed.” She said tearfully.

“Am less concerned. Where is the evidence?” Habeeb asked.

“She picked up her phone and scrolled to the message inbox. There, they saw a message she recieved from Deoye the night, Chioma was killed.

“He sent this message just when we alighted from Stephanie’s car. And I told her about the proposed meeting. Just when I dialled his number to ask of his whearabout, I heard the gunshot.” She explained.

“This doesn’t lead us to anywhere. He sent you a message demanding for your presence, you made to call him and you heard the gunshot. It may all be coincidence.” Habeeb replied.

“You are right but in a situation like this, we have to act and forget about coincidence or anything.” Mike said and paused. “We have to device a plan. You can go for now.” Mike said to Darasimi who picked up her phone and left the questionig room.

“What plan do you have?” Habeeb asked.

“You just watch me.” Mike replied standing too.



Deoye was lying down in his hotel room, thinking about the events of the last few weeks. Just then his phone vibrated.

“Hello Scorpy, how far?” Deoye asked on picking the call.

“O boy trouble dey o.” Scorpion replied.

“Wetin happen?” Deoye asked.

“The school authority is organising a seminar for final year students. And registration is on right now.” Scorpion said.

“Which kind of seminar?”

“It is a very compulsory seminar guy. The registration is an automatic registration for the final exams.” Scorpion said.

“You can do it for me can’t you?” Deoye asked.

“I’ll do it.” Scorpion replied, little did he know that he was about acting like a bait. Deoye hung up and walked into the bathroom. His life seems very complicated right now. How he wished he said no to cultisim in his early days in the university. But a man dies just once. He’ll do it till the end and if things get out of hand, he is ready to face the music. He thought as he opened the shower.

to be continued–