All In A Circle Episode 27


Kelvin left the hospital late in the night around 9pm in company of Ngozi who was given a compulsory day off just to be with Clement.

“So you stay around where?” Kelvin asked as soon as he drove out of the university’s gate.

“Do you intend to drive me home?” Ngozi asked.

“And what if I do?” Kelvin asked smiling.

“Then, I’ll be happy to disappoint you because you’ll be dropping me in the next bus-stop. My husband works at Access bank.” She replied smiling.

“Are you saying you don’t like wearing your wedding ring?” He asked tactically.

“I love wearing it, but am not yet married. He is only my fiancee.” She replied. Kelvin smiled as he brought the car to a halt. The traffic seems not to be moving.

“What’s funny?” She asked.

“I didn’t laugh. I smiled.” Kelvin replied. Ngozi smiled knowing he is trying to play on her intelligence.

“But something must have amused you.” She said.

“Not at all. Am a regular smiler.” He replied.

“Smiler?” Ngozi asked as she bursted into laughter.

“Is there anything like smiler?” She asked amidst laughter.

“Since there is something like crier, as in ‘town crier’ then I see no reason why we shouldn’t have a word like smiler.” He replied.

“There could even be something like laugher. who knows?” She said laughing.

Kelvin smiled, at least he just achieved his aim. He has been trying to make her laugh since but she just kept a straightface as she gave smiles.

“Abeg drop me as soon as you have the chance.” She said, this time cars have started moving thanks to the traffic policemen.

“Okay. Guess I’ll be seeing you tomorrow.” Kelvin said swerving off the road.

“And why will you think like that?” She asked half smiling and half frowning. Just like she’s been doing since they met.

“Won’t you come and check on your crush?” Kelvin asked.

“My crush? Clement is only a colleague and mind you, he is married and as far as I am concerned, his wife Rachel is a friend. So forget it.” She replied hastily.

“I hear.” She opened the passenger door and made to get out of the car.

“That’s my fiancee over there.” She said pointing to a man who stood resting against a Nissan murano.

“Lemme say hi to him” Kelvin said opening the driver door too. They both walked towards the man who was talking to one of his banker friend.

“Hey baby.” He said hugging Ngozi. A pang of jealousy hit Kelvin in the face but he shrugged it off.

“Baby, meet Kelvin. Clement’s brother.” Ngozi said to her handsome fiancee.

“Good evening sir and how is Clement doing now?”

“He is doing much better now. And I’ll like to correct something. I am her driver for tonight and so you have to thank me.” Kelvin said still holding the youngman’s hand. The three adults bursted into laughter.

“Okay. Sorry sir and thank you for driving my queen down here safely. My name is Tobiloba.” He said.

“Meeting you is the greatest thing that happened today. Lemme take my leave now.” He said shaking hands with Tobiloba(Tobi for short)

“See you some other time dear.” He said winking referring to Ngozi who was smiling. They seemed happy together. He thought as he hopped into his car and sped out of the bank premises.

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Victoria was dancing with her spirit and the whole passion in her as she wriggled and twisted to the rythm of the song being played in great abandon. That she failed to notice when her mother walked into the living room.

“Victoria.” The elderly woman called for the upteenth time. Victoria noticing her mother’s presence reluctantly walked towards the music player and turned it off.

“Yes? What is it mum? I thought you are sleeping already. What are you doing here?” She asked.

“I need you to explain somethings I saw in your room to me.” The woman said wearing a frown.

“What is it that you saw in my room?” Victoria asked.

“Inside your wardrobe, the inner compartment.” Her mother replied giving her a hint as to where she was driving at. Victoria felt a cold shiver run down her spine. Inner closet? That’s where most of her secrets are concealed. There are no two ways about it, she has been bursted.

Chief Patrick retired into his study later in the night to do some every night rituals like he always does. He switched on his computer and opened an internet application which he was working on the previous night before he went to bed. He decided to continue from where he stopped, so he scrolled to the history icon and was suprised when he saw two activities ahead of his last activity on the system. His anger grew further when he saw the target of the activity. It seemed someone has tampered with his computer and some of his personal files.

The person searching for ‘Eagle team’ on google means the person had uncovered his dirtiest secrets. Something he has kept for many years and he is ready to keep then until death. But right now, someone hold him to ransome and he needed to find the person and eliminate him or her. But the problem was that, at the time he left home in the morning, he left Kelvin, his son and Onome, his long serving housemaid at home and on his return in the afternoon, he learnt Kelvin was out but he met Rachel, his daughter-in- law and Onome at home.

He remembered giving his suitcase to Rachel to take into his study but he knew Rachel could not be brave to check around his study. She only tour around his shelves of books. He knew Onome is restricted from entering the study unless he is there in person, but today, he personally asked her to give the suitcase to Rachel.

Chief Patrick is now torn between accusing his maid as the culprit or his daughter-in-law. He knew if it was Onome, he had no problem, all he needed to do was shut her up by eliminating her but if it were to be Rachel, he has no option. Either he leaves her to report to her police husband or he eliminate her, something that is unheard of. But whichever ways, he’ll definitely end this.

He said as he stood up and marched downstairs where Kelvin was watching a live basketball game in the living room.

“Kelvin, did you enter my study today?” He asked as he descended the flight of stairs.

“No sir.” Kelvin replied as he looked at his father waiting for the next question. Chief Patrick on the other hand was looking at his son trying to detect his lies through his looks. “Dad, is anything wrong?” Kelvi asked.

“Nothing is wrong. Where the hell is Onome?”

“In the kitchen sir.” Kelvin replied. Chief Patrick angrily marched into the kitchen but returned after two minutes more angrier than ever.

“Why are you all lying? You claimed you didn’t enter my study. Onome said she is yet to step on the staircase today.” Chief Patrick said angrily.

“She may be saying the truth, you know.” Kelvin said.

“Where is Rachel?”

“She is in the room sleeping. Are you accusing her of entering your study or tampering with whatever is in there?” Kelvin asked.

“She was the one who took my suitcase in there.”

“And does that mean she did something wrong in there? You know she can’t do such.” Kelvin replied.

“All the same, I need to ask her some questions.”

“Fine, but you’ll have to wait till daybreak. Remember she is pregnant and she needs rest.” Kelvin said.

Chief Patrick eyed his son suspiciously before marching out of the living room angrily.


Victoria reluctantly led her mother into her room.

“Open your wardrobe.” The elderly woman said. With shaky hands, Victoria opened the wardrobe and looked at her mother for the next order, praying she doesn’t ask her to do something else.

“Open the inner compartment.” The woman said. That was it, her most feared moment is here. Its either she ignore her mother and be prepared to leave the house or she open it and be ready to face every member of her mother’s extended family. She looked at her mother with pleading eyes.

“Open it my friend.” The woman said raising her voice. She opened the inner compartment which was stocked with three different guns, criminal attires and some dangerous weapons.

“Can you explain?” Her mother asked.

“No….. no.” She stammerred.

“Fine.” Her mother said as she stormed out of her daughter room crying.

“Mummy please, don’t go. Noooooooooo!” She screamed as she slumped unto the bed and cried her eyes out.

Victoria woke up quite early this morning, which is quite unusual of her, considering the fact that she sleeps late and wakes up late. This morning was quite different because she woke up with a headache and a swollen eyes. After her encounter with her mother, she had to cry herself to sleep and waking up to the realities of life, she knew its only in a matter of time when evey member of her maternal family will stigmatize her. Because no one will want to associate or allow their children to associate with a muderer who could end up being influenced negatively by her.

This was the first time in three years that she cried bitterly. The last time she cried was when her boyfriend broke her heart by cheating on her with her best friend. She stood up and walked into the bathroom to wash her face. She opened the door and slipped into the bathroom where she re-emerged a minute later.

“Good morning ma.” She greeted her mother whose eyes were also swollen. Her mother ignored her greeting as she turned to face her daughter.

“Come and sit down here.” Her mother said patting on the bed next to her. Victoria reluctantly walked and sat down beside her mother.

“Victoria, tell me why you want to destroy my happiness?” The elderly woman asked. Victoria was quick to go down on her knees as hot tears trickled down her mother’s face.

“I tried my best to bring you up and make sure you don’t lack anything. Either parental or material. So tell me why you think this is the best way to repay me?”

“Mummy, am sorry.” Victoria said amidst tears.

“I laboured day and night just to make sure you have everything at your disposal. You are not a kid when your father sent us packing and from the best of your knowledge you know he doesn’t want to see you. Your brother Clement is one of the finest policemen we have in this country while Kelvin is probably on course to take over the large business empire from your father. You are the only girl and your father doesn’t want to see you. How will you feel if by next year, you are in a top position and your father saw you giving speeches at important functions. He’ll be wowed and at once claim your paternity which he once denied.”

“Mummy please, forgive me.” victoria wailed, this time louder.

“I had a different dream for you. I dreamt of a wonderful future when I had you but you are on track to turn everything upside down. Tell me how you will feel if your brother Clement arrests you and you are tried and killed? Victoria please, don’t make me regret the day I gave birth to you.” Her mother continued. This time she has started crying too as she knelt down before her daughter and hugged her.

“Victoria please, promise me you will do away with things like this. Promise me you’ll live a live that glorify God, promise me you’ll turn a new leaf and change for the better.”

“Mummy, I promise you that I’ll change, I’ll stop drinking, I’ll stop partying and clubbing, I’ll stop every wrong thing I engage in now and change to that girl you’ve always wanted to see.” Victoria said with full sincerity as she tightened the hug and cried on her mother’s shoulder and vice versa.


Kelvin woke up to his ringing phone. He rubbed his eyes as he sat up and rested his back on the head board of the bed. He checked the caller and discovered it was Abdul Maleek, his boss. The time was 6:47am and its quite unusual to recieve calls from the corporation this early. He picked the call.

“Good morning, my lord.” He said bowing down a little as a sign of respect.

“You have an issue to trash out with the high chiefs. Be here before seven thirty.” The Sudanese terrorist said and hung up. He wasn’t expecting this call or the task involved. Driving to the base before seven thirty is a task he never bargained for. A drive which is almost an hour is to be completed within thirty minutes. The early morning traffic is another thing to beat and right now, he can’t afford to sleep again even though he was dead tired. He stood up and walked into the bathroom. In a matter of minutes, he was out and in five minutes, he was all dressed up as he walked out of the house with no one noticing and drove off to the basecamp.

to be continued–