All In A Circle Episode 20


Clement knocked on the door of an office with the inscription Dr Andrew. “Come in.” A voice said from within. He pushed the door open with the aid of the door knob and walked into the well furnished room which had the pictures of the president of Nigeria, the federal minister for health and the senior doctor in the hospital.

“Good morning doctor Andrew.” Clement said.

“Good morning. You must be, Mr Clement who brought in two patients. One stabbed and the other in shock?” The doctor asked judging from his appearance that he was dressed in his nightie.

“Yes sir. Please how is my wife?” Clement asked.

“Sit down sir.” the doctor said pointing to one of the chairs opposite his desk. Clement sat down after contemplating for a few seconds.

“Your wife is fine. She fainted as a result of shock. Maybe there was gunshot or something” The doctor informed. Clement heaved a sigh of relief, this is the best news he has received this month.

“But doctor, there was no gunshot anywhere.” Clement argued the doctor’s prediction.

“Fine, maybe she was afraid to loose you. You know she is a woman and seeing you face such danger is a things she couldn’t bear. Her fears got the better of her.” The doctor explained intelligently.

“What about the baby?” Clement asked.

“The baby is fine. No complication regarding the pregnancy or the baby. Thank God you got them here as quick as you can.”

“What of the other man? My security guard.” Clement asked.

“He sustained first degree cuts on his ribs but he’ll be fine. He is on medication right now.” The doctor replied. Clement has every reason to smile when he heard that the two closest people to him are okay and responding to treatment.

“Your wife will be discharged in the morning before ten. But first you have to get these drugs for her in the pharmacy upstairs. They’ll stabilize and normalize her blood pressure to avoid complications during delivery.” The doctor advised.

“Okay doctor. Let me go and buy those drugs now.” He said standing up to leave.

“One more thing Mr Clement. We need to keep an eye on your wife blood pressure for the next one week. Maybe you can do that by buying a manual blood pressure checking machine. If it exceeds its range continually for one week. Then am afraid things will go wrong during child birth. CS is the best option.” The doctor explained.

“I’ll be back. Let me get the drugs then you can explain better.” Clement said as he hurriedly walked out of the doctors office. Something stricked his mind on his way to the pharmacy but he waved it off.

“Excuse me sir.” The female attendant in the pharmacy, a large hall which occupied the top floor of the hospital building, asked.


“You are yet to pay for the drugs you bought.” She called his attention to the drugs he was holding.

“I know. As you can see, it was an emergency, and I need to buy the drugs now. I’ll pay everything with my bill.” He replied.

“Its not done like that sir. We run the clinic separately from the pharmacy.” She said trying to collect the drugs from him.

“Excuse me lady. Don’t embarrass me because of these few things I bought. How much is it?” Clement asked trying to contain his anger.

“Two thousand five hundred naira.” The lady replied.

“Fine, I’ll be here to buy them when I have my money. But if anything should happen to my wife.” He said and stormed out of the pharmacy.

“Excuse me sir.” The lady attendant ran after him.

“Yes? What again?”

“Am sorry sir. I don’t mean to be rude. Its just that….”

“Save it. I understand.” Clement said and descended the stairs in a hurry.

The time was one o’clock in the morning and activities was still bursting within the hospital. Its time to go back home and catch some sleep. He thought as he unlocked the front door of his car. The backseat was bloodstained and smelling.

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Victoria walked sneaked into the living room dressed in her black fitted attire she used when on execution missions. She crawled towards her room, praying within her that her mother doesn’t come wandering at that time. A prayer she knew can not be answered. She was only hopeful because, it could turn out to be coincidental.

“Where are you coming from?” A voice asked. It was no other person than her mother as she turned on the fluorescent bulb in the living room.

“Mum, I went to the vigil… No night club.” She replied still hiding behind the couch.

“Then why are you hiding yourself? Come out and let me see you.” Her mother said walking towards the chair where she was hiding. Knowing her cover has been blown, she stood up and fled into her room, the same way she fled when Clement pointed his gun at her.

“God save me on this girl.” Her mother said raising her face onto the ceiling. “Hope you came back with my car?” She asked as she walked towards her daughter’s room. Victoria on the other hand quickly stripped herself of the cloth she was wearing because she knew her inquisitive mother would soon be at her door.

“What is this you are wearing?” Her mother asked just when she succeeded in removing the entire attire from her body.

“Its just a cloth…. Mummy, its late already go and sleep. Remember what the doctor said.” She resolved to her normal way of discouraging her mother from asking too much questions.

“This is not about the doctor. Your tricks won’t work. Tell me the truth, Victoria. Where are you coming from dressed like this.” She knew either she come out clean with her mother or she ignore the question and leave the house for a few days. But its two o’clock in the morning. And going out could be dangerous, her safety is not guaranteed. The fact that she returned few minutes ago doesn’t mean the next few minutes will be safe for her out there.

“You are not ready to talk. I know you won’t talk. Anyways, get ready, tomorrow we are going to your Uncle’s place. Major Aju.” Her mother said.

“Uncle Aju’s house to do what mum?” She asked fearfully. The trick worked. Major Aju or Uncle Aju is the most dreaded member of Mrs Patrick’s family and every child connected to the family has hundred percent respect for the man. Even married children avoid offending their spouses for the fear of being reported to Aju the great.

“If you can’t tell me where you are coming from dressed like this. You will tell Aju.” Her mother replied. This is a matter of life and death. Her mother will only scream and yell at her then advice her in the end but Aju will make sure she has a near death experience, then advice her but the advice can only do little to her. The punishment is something she hated most.

“Mum, you know what? Am tired right now. Please let me rest. We’ll talk about this in the morning.” She lied.

“Okay my dear. Take your time and rest. In morning we’ll talk about it and please don’t try to run away in the early hours o.” Her mother pleaded as they bade themselves goodnight.

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Clement drove into St Battaihas private hospital early in the morning on his way to work.

“Good morning Mr Clement.” A familiar voice greeted him as he alighted from his second car, a brand new Toyota Rav-4. He locked the car door and walked towards the man standing beside his car.

“Oh! Doctor Andrew. Good morning.” Clement greeted taking his hand in his.

“You are here already.”

“Yes sir. Where are you going?” Clement asked.

“My leave starts today.” Andrew replied.

“Really? Which doctor is assigned to my wife now?” Clement asked.

“Doctor Raphael. He is in charge of your wife’s ward and your gateman’s ward. On my insistence.”

“He must be very capable then.”

“A fresh graduate, my apprentice.” Dr Andrew replied.

“Okay. See you some other time.” Clement said.

Dr Andrew hopped into his car and drove out of the hospital while Clement walked into the hospital. Clement first of all went to check on his wife who was already awake by the time he got to her ward, after a brief chat and lovey dovey actions, he stood up and went to check on his security guard, Akpan who was still sleeping before he proceeded to Dr Rapheal’s office.

“Good morning Doctor.” He said immediately he entered the less furnished office.

“Good morning sir. What can I do for you?” the man seated behind the desk asked.

“I am Mr Clement.” He introduced himself.

“Rachel’s husband right?” The doctor asked. Clement was taken aback. Simple courtesy demands him(Raphael) to at least respect his wife. This young doctors can be pompous at times.

“I learnt she will be discharged today. Am here to pick her.”

“We need to keep close eyes on her for a few hours. Come back around twelve, she’ll be ready to go home. Please, if you’ll excuse me, I have some patients to attend to.” Doctor Raphael explained. Clement smiled.

“No problems. I’ll be back by twelve.” He rose up and walk out of the office. Now he has two things left to be done in the hospital premises, one, go to the pharmacy and get the drugs then come back to the counter to pay his bills, two, go into his wife’s ward to relay the latest development to her. He adjusted his shirt and ascended the stairs that leads into the pharmacy.


Victoria woke up quite early this morning, this is unlike her. Maybe because she had something bothering her dangerous mind but what actually woke her up was the chattering voices she was hearing very close to her room. She removed the duvet from her body and walked to the door to peep into the living room to know those responsible for cutting her sleep short. She was shocked when she saw her most dreaded relative, Major Aju discussing seriously with her mother, his younger sister. Instantly her eyes became clear of every sleep in it and she began to tremble.

“Abi this woman do call this man to report me. But the most ideal thing is for mummy to visit him in his residence. But on second thought, considering the level of atrocities she has been involved in, it required every member of the family gathering in her room.

“Is she at home?” That was Major Aju asking after her.

“Its like she is sleeping.” Her mother replied.

“Sweet mother.” she thought as she dived onto her bed to pretend sleeping.

“Go get her for me right away.” Aju commanded in his usual military voice. Once a soldier is always a soldier. Her mother walked into her room and sat on her bed.

“Victoria, Uncle Aju is here to see you.” She will surely kill this woman if she end up getting out of this mess.

“Good morning sir.” She greeted her Uncle immediately she entered the living room.

“What is good about this morning? Victoria.” He asked angrily. She was expecting this. The next thing will be a slap or something worse. But thank God, she is a lady, Uncle Aju is more lenient when handling female child. But the experience is something one must not have.

“I don’t understand sir.” She feigned ignorance.

“What is it that I am hearing about you. Victoria, is this how you were brought up? Fine, you want to be like your father.” Aju said angrily.

“I don’t understand what you are saying. What have you been hearing about me? I don’t have a father, so what are you talking about?” She asked raising her voice. From the five years she spent living with Uncle Aju’s family, there is only one way to save yourself from trouble. Don’t give up, raise your voice when trying to prove your innocence, even if you are lying but make sure he doesn’t find you guilty.

“Good girl. I learnt you stopped going to school. Give me five reasons for that.”

to be continued–