All In A Circle Episode 19


Sandra was seated on her bed deep in thoughts. Her friend Nkechi left some few minutes ago and she has been left pondering on the issues discussed.

“My friend think, Banson may not be in any way involved. Keep your eyes open. Your witchy housemaid may be the brain behind this.” Nkechi said.

“But the girl is too gentle to do that. I trust her.”

“Gentility is like the cover of a book. The title is gentility, have you found out why the title is gentility? Read it.” Nkechi replied.

“So what do you advise?”

“Pay attention to her movements within the house. Most especially her phone calls and find time to sneak in on her, maybe when she is in the bathroom. Pick her phone and read her chats.” Nkechi advised.

“You know that’s unlike me. I don’t barge into someone else’s privacy.” Sandra said.

“Privacy you call it. Keep paying exhorbitant amount of money in the name of privacy.” Sandra kept quiet for a few second thinking.

“I’ll contact a girl that works for my husband. Her name is Victoria Vicky, she is an expert at handling this.” Nkechi added.

“Just help me. Any amount.” Sandra pleaded.

“Anything for you my friend.” The conversation she had with her friend came flashing in her memory and she smiled bitterly. She never bargained for this. This is what being single and scandalous brings about. She will make sure she doesn’t loose Kelvin, so they will tie the knot before the end of the year. Just then the door into her room opened and Janet walked in.

“The table is set ma.” She informed.

“I will be there in few minutes.” She replied dismissing the girl. Ten minutes later, Janet came calling.

“Madam, the food will get cold and you won’t like it. Come out and eat.” She said persuasively.

“I don’t have the appetite.” Sandra blurted out.

“I know something is bothering you and you can sure talk to me about it.” Janet added. Sandra raised up her face looking at her maid with scrutiny.

“Thanks for your concern. I’ll be fine.”

“Its okay if you insist.” Janet said and walked out of the room. Sandra was again thrown into another deep thought.

“How could a girl that cares about me this much be behind my problem. Nkechi and her wrong theories sha.” She thought as she fell on the bed and prayed for the powerful hands of sleep to sweep her off feet.


Kelvin drove into the gas station to fuel his car.

“How much sir?” The attendant asked.

“Five thousand.” He replied counting the sum from inside his drawer. He handed it over to the female attendant and ignited the engine.

“Sir, there is a mistake somewhere. You gave me six thousand naira.” She called his attention just before he zoomed off but he only waved at her and drove out of the gas station located by the roadside.

“He brought out his phone and dialled a number.” He waited for a few rings and when the person at the other end refused to pick the call, he hung up and focused his attention on the road. Immediately he got to the dolphin axis, the road that linked up dolphin estate and the main road, he saw his brother’s car drive out of the estate.

“I pray this guy doesn’t overwork himself. You work for the government, even with your car.” He thought as he took the road that leads into the estated. If there was one thing on his dangerous mind, it was a susprise show up at his girlfriend, Sandra Oselu’s residence. His ringing phone brought him back to within his car. He checked the screen and discovered the number was unlisted. He picked the call and switched on to loudspeaker.

“Hey Kelvin. The danger himself.” The caller hailed with difficulty in breathing.

“Who are you?” He asked parking the car beside the road.

“Your aim was to kill me, but God has destined me for great things which I am yet to do. Remember, I will be your unwanted nemesis and I won’t stop until I see the end of you.” The caller said his voice breaking. The line went dead. He thought for a few minutes then discovered the caller was Viktor, the driver he shot on their way back from the Airport Shopping Complex. What a way to end a bright day. He thought and brought the car back to life. He needed to strategise, right now he needs to think of how best to handle the situation. He drove a little bit forward and turned back.


A motorcade sped into the city of Lagos at a very high speed with about five cars in the convoy and the cars on the road were made to stop to allow the motorcade pass. Inside the third car was the FCT minister and minister for defence state, both representing the president of the Nation at a defense summit in the governor’s office after which they’ll visit the recent attacked airport shopping complex.

“Honourable Minister, you are my confidant and I wish to tell you I want to flag off for a senatorial seat in the upcoming election.” The FCT minister said to the minister for defense.

“That means we are like minded. Am going to the house of representatives too, come next year. But the president wants me fixed in another appointed position.” The defense minister said.

“My own support of the party wants me to run for the house of representatives but the senate is on my mind. I have the backing of the National chairman of the party and my state governor.” The FCT minister explained.

“That aside, have you heard about the secret axeing of some party members in office?” The minister for defense asked.

“No.” The FCT minister replied.

“This man who just decamped to our party, Gulak, you know him, Chief Obi Patrick’s candidate. He was with the president last week and they made plans to axe, the vice president ahead of the next election. The deputy governor of Lagos will be dropped, come next election. The Gombe state governor will be dropped, come next election.” The minister for defense explained.

“The party will sure take a new dimension at the next election. But who is behind this plot. I know Gulak’s membership is not too strong within the party considering the fact that he was an opposition before he cross-carpeted.” The FCT minister asked.

“Am not in a position to tell you that. The president will let you know.”

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Inside the power tower located by the roadside, some gunmen seemed to have overtaken the affairs within the tower and were positioned waiting for only God knows who.

“Are you sure they’ll pass this route?” A masked gunman asked his fellow gunman.

“I did my assignment to the last extent. I saw them drive out of Ibadan some few hours ago. Its only in a matter of minutes and they’ll be here.” His partner replied.

A man with the snipper stood very close to the window of the tower. He was looking through the binocular attached to the weapon. Just then, the motorcade came into view.

“Here they are.” he announced.

“Get it done with.” His partners ordered. The man with the snipper released sporadic shots towards the third vehicle in the convoy causing pandemonium on the road. The sucurity attached to the convoy got down and hid themselves, but their main problem was locating the direction where the gunshot was coming from.

“Honourable minister, hope you are not hit?” one of the policemen aked.

“Am not hit but find a way to get us out of here.” The FCT minister replied.

The security man opened the backdoor to enable the two ministers escape into a nearby shop, even though his body shielding the minister was hit as a result and he dropped dead. A policeman shot sporadically upwards towards the tower and the bullet hit the man behind the snipper, thereby causing him to fall down wounded in the process. His colleagues noticing that they had been spotted picked up their equipments and ran towards the stairs, but remembered their colleague who was down.

“We have to kill this man.” one of them said.

“Yeah. If they manage to find him, they’ll find us.” His partner replied and released two quick shots to the man behind the snipper who breath his last breadth. They ran towards the counter of the tower.

“You guys are through?” the man controlling the tower asked.

“Yes. Lets cover our tracks.” They replied and began bounding him up with ropes. They escaped into their waiting vehicles behind the tower.

After a very busy day at work. Clement slipped into the bathroom to take his bath before he will retire to bed. His heavily pregnant wife was sleeping on their kingsize matrimonial bed. He entered the bathroom and came out five minutes later in only his boxers and his towel hung around his neck.

The time was ten o’clock in the night. He went into the kitchen to put something in his mouth. He picked a bottle of fanta and a homemade pie. He went into the living room and sat down on a sofa, switching on the television in the process.

“Now before I go. The president of Nigeria, Dr Mike Obaya has experessed his sadness over the most recent attack on the minister’s convoy. Goodnight.” The newscaster concluded. He switched off the television and sat down to enjoy his meal as he thought about the events of the day. From the time he left the Airport shopping complex to when he visited Mr Ayo’s residence.

“Sweetheart, what are you doing here this late?” Rachel asked from the doorway.

“I couldn’t sleep in there, so I thought relaxing here will do the trick. What about you?”

“The sound of the tv woke me up, I thought we forgot to switch off every appliances before going to bed, only to notice your absence.” She replied sitting down beside him on the two seater couch.

“You know the doctor said you should do more sleeping than any other thing.” He said.

“A few minutes standing here won’t do me or my baby any harm.” She replied.

“Lets go to bed then.” He advised. He stood up and helped her up with his two hands as they made for the room. A figure ran across the kitchen window towards the back of the house.

“Did you see that?” Rachel asked her husband.

“There is no cause for alarm. Go to bed, I’ll join you in few seconds.” He said nudging her towards the doorway. He walked back into the living room where he picked up his phone and his pistol from under one of the cushions and proceeded to the kitchen door.

“Hello Akpan, where you dey?” He asked through the reciever of the phone.

“Oga, I dey toilet.” The security man replied.

“Fine, clean up now. There is an intruder in the compound. Lay an ambush around the gate, I’ll chase him into your waiting hands.” He said and hung up as he carefully opened the kitchen door and got outside in the direction where the intruder went. He walked towards the backyard carefully making sure his feet made no sound as they touch the ground.

“Stop right there.” He said pointing his gun to the young lady in mask who was almost breaking the backdoor. The person in mask turned to face him and took to her heels taking the other side of the house where the gate was located. The same place where Akpan, the security man was laying ambush.

Clement saw this as a point of duty to follow the intruder, the lady ran as fast as she could and suprisingly ran outside through the gate which was opened by another man in mask. Akpan was lying down in his own pool of blood. He has stabbed by the lady’s partner who was waiting for Akpan in his house. Clement knew better not to shoot at the intruder’s retreating figure, so as not to disturb the peace within the estate.

“Akpan, how did this happen?” Clement asked his dying guard.

“Oga, the man stabbed me from the back just when I want to shoot the girl running towards the gate.” Akpan replied.

“How did they gain entrance?” He asked.

“Oga, that’s the mystery o. I don’t know…… Am dying.” Akpan cried.

Clement quickly carried Akpan into his car and ran into the house to meet the shocker of his life.


Victoria was lying down on the floor breathing hard.

“Seriously babe, how did the thing go?” One of the two guys that sat with her asked.

“Me sef no know o. The man be like policeman or army. He just came out with his gun and threatened to shoot me.” Victoria replied.

“There is a mistake somewhere. The information received was that, he is a businessman.” one of the guys replied.

“The address given misled us.” Victoria vicky replied. This was a near death experience for her.

to be continued–