All In A Circle Episode 18


Men of the Nigerian police force were positioned at every nook and crany of the deserted Airport shopping complex taking note of any slightest thing that is unusual. The gentlemen and women of the press were busy taking pictures, giving interviews and smiling broadly because they knew their story will fetch them money from interested news medias.

The state governor and his entourage including the concerned cabinet members, the commisioner for environment and the commissioner for health were expressing their displeasure over the recent attacks in the state. Inspector Clement was giving reports and assuarance to the state governor and his entourage. He was flanked on both sides by the assisting men of the FBI.

“Good people of the state, this is one of the greatest misfortune that has ever happened in a peaceful state such as ours. I can assure you that the government is not keeping quiet on this, the police are working day and night to bring these evil men to book. And I strongly believe this is a challenge call on the part of the federal government. Even if the state government and the federal government are oppositions, this is about our beloved country and not about political parties.

Lastly I call on the families of the victims, this is not the end of the world. They died a hero in our struggle for peace and they will be handsomely compensated. Any question you have for our administration should be directed to the special adviser to the governor on media and publicity. The numbers will be announced soon. Thank you.”

He concluded and slipped into his car and alongside other cars in the convoy, they drove away leaving the police, the pressmen, healthworkers and the members of the public.

“Clement, a man here has something to tell us.” One policeman said to him.

“Bring him on.” Clement said. A man dressed in security uniform was led to Clement.

“Yes. What do you have for us?” Clement asked.

“I was on duty with my colleagues when they drove in their van. It is our duty here to take register of any vehicle driven into this place. So we took a picture of the van, the picture of the driver and the plate number.” The man explained.

“Can I get those informations now?” Clement asked.

“Yes. But its inside the post.” He said and walked towards the small building beside the gate which serves as the security house.


They were driving at a very high speed along the boarder road chatting and celebrating their recent success.

“Park the car there.” Kelvin commanded the driver of the van. He swerved the car off the road and parked by the roadside.

“This is the end of the road for you. As we all know your identity is known and it is very easy for the police to find you. I have been ordered to get you off because you were too gullible to let them take your picture at the complex.” Kelvin said.

“No one will find me. I live inside and not in town. Believe me, I will be on low key.” The driver protested.

“Fine, get down.” Kelvin said. He protested a little but seeing the look on his commander’s face, he opened the door and alighted from the car. Kelvin released two quick shots hitting him randomly in no particular place. Just then a blue van parked beside them. The rest of the team in the black van moved into the blue van and drove off leaving the dead driver and the van by the roadside.


The security man returned with a small camera device and a big attendance book.

“Here is it sir.” He said handing the materials to Clement. Clement in turn looked at the pictures with scrutiny, before he transferred them to his phone and wrote down the number plate.

“Thank you very much sir. Your contribution has really been helpful.” Clement said discharging the man.

After the man left, Clement was forced to smile because in over thirty minute that he came here, this is the most promising development he has seen. He picked up his phone and dialed a number.

“Hello Farouk, this is Clement from the police. Something just came up and I need you to help me check for this plate number on your database if it was registered.” He said to his friend who worked at the vehicle registration commission.

“Okay.” Farouk replied. He then proceeded to call out the plate number to his friend before hanging up. No time for pleasantries.


Janet walked into the supermarket and picked a basket. Then she started scouting for everything her madam sent her, most importantly the fruit juice. She shopped for the next five minutes with no significant success. This being her first time at this particular supermarket, she had problem locating sections where there wares are displayed. Her pride has been forcing her to stay put and search everywhere, maybe she’ll be lucky. But now that she has searched everywhere without any success, she succumbed and decided to ask one of the attendants for help.

“Excuse me.” She said to the lady who had a hijab on her head.

“Salam alekum sister. How can I help you?” The attendant asked. Janet hissed inwardly. “. Because this place belongs to a muslim and all the workers are muslim. Does that mean only muslim must shop here?” She thought.

“Good afternoon. I have a little problem.” Janet replied. The attendant hissed inwardly. silly girl, see how richly dressed she is. She even disguised like she has something to buy. No wonder, she has been parabulating since. Its not yet end of the month and I don’t have money.” She thought.

“Yes. What’s the matter?” The attendant asked.

“I have a problem locating the fruit juice section. I’ve been here for over thirty minutes.”

“Sorry. The food section has been moved upstairs.” The attendant said pointing towards the stairs.

“Thank you.” Janet said.

“You are welcome.” She replied.


“Aisha.” Janet walked towards the flight of stairs and ascended upstairs to get what she want.

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Sandra just dropped the call of her nemesis. The man who claimed to have her pictures and they negotiated a price which was stopped at eight million naira which must be paid into a bank account before the week runs out. The money is not the problem for Sandra, she could in fact pay triple the price but the purpose which the money will serve is the main problem, BLACKMAIL. She swore to find out whoever is behind the curtain making the calls and the person who was bold to take her pictures.

This has prompted her to call her most trusted friend. Nkechi, a wife to a politician to help her out. There was a knock on the front door.

“Come in, the door is not locked.” Sandra said. The door was pushed open and an elegant woman, in her mid or late twenties walked in. Nkechi was her best friend while they were in school but things went sour between them when Nkechi decided to marry the pot bellied politician and become the third wife. Nkechi went on and married her choice and three years now, she is living good and fine. Changing cars like clothes, she has a duplex to her name and has cemented her place with two kids.

Sandra who has been waiting for the Mr Right can now see that, marriage is the best decision Nkechi made. Getting married to her man is the best thing that has happened to her. Sandra took her time explaining to her friend from the begining to the end.

“Don’t be too sure that Benson knew about it. He already called you for assistance on this same matter right?”

“Yes.” She replied.

“About the person that took the pictures. What about your maid, Janet?” The front door opened and Janet walked in with shopping bags.

“Welcome Jane.” Sandra said.

“Yes ma. Good afternoon Madan Nkechi.”

“Janet how are you?” Janet took the bags inside after taking some instructions from her boss. When the two friends had made sure that Janet was nowhere near them to eavesdrop, they continued.

“Babe, lets go outside and talk.” Sandra said as she held her friends hand and they both walked out of the house where they are sure of no disturbances or anybody eavesdropping on them.


The large high definition screens in the debriefing room added colours to the white walls. The giant screen stood against the wall and conference chairs were arranged before it, an instructor’s chair was placed beside the screen for whoever wants to do the briefing. Clement was seated in the room alongside, Segeant Mike, Detective Ngozi and the three visiting FBI men namely, Ahmed, Paul and their boss Sylvester.

The information Clement requested from his vehicle registration commission friend has been sent alongside the picture of the car and the owner who purchased it including his residential address. And at the same time they were analysing how best to approach the terrorists without them knowing.

“Clement and I will go to Mr Ayo’s(the original van owner) residence. Then the rest of you will keep tabs on the boarder road and any movement should be watched closely. “Clement, lets get this done at once.” The halfcaste man of latvian mother and a Nigerian father said rising up.

Clement followed suit and they walked out of the building. Clement hopped behind the wheel and Sylvestre beside him and off he drove off to Dolphin estate where Mr Ayo lived. With Sylvester’s wealth of experience internationally, this may be the easiest nut to crack or so he thought.


Kelvin washed his hands inside the bowl located strategically inside the Khal Corp main hall. He already changed his cloth into something casual and gentleman. He proceeded to the medical centre where injured terrorists and hostages are being treated.

“Excuse us Doc.” Kelvin said to the sixty two year old doctor. The elderly man walked out of the room.

“Hakym, how far? When are you getting out?” Kelvin asked. Hakym who has been admitted for a few weeks since he got shot at the deputy governor’s lodge suffered a dislocated arm and gunhit just on his shoulder.

“In a few days says the doctor.” Hakym replied.

“A good one for everybody. Has Maleek come down to check you here?” Kelvin asked.

“No. He sent his get well message and we had a live video chat.” Hakym replied.


“I heard of your latest hit. Where was that?”

“The Airport shopping complex or what’s it called.”

“Oh boy! You must have mastered your homework very well. This is a remarkable feat to achieve.” Hakym commended.

“Thanks bro. We have the Haky’s spirit behind us.” Kelvin replied.

“Then, Kelv spirit was there to do the main job.” Hakym added and the two friends bursted into laughter.

“Guy, I came here because of Maleek, he intend to step down but wants to take this Sudanese as his successor instead of you, despite your years of service.”

“Lets talk about this later. We are being watched.” Hakym said. Kelvin gave a knowing smile and walked out of the medical centre.

“Kelv, where are you going?” One of the armed men on patrol asked on seeing him heading towards his car.

“My house of course.” Kelvin replied.

“Its dangerous. It won’t take long before the police get to see the van parked on the road and the dead body. Passing that route now means doom for you.”

“Its me Danger-kelv. You can’t beat that.” He said and pressed the remote attached to the car key and the doors gave an unlocking sound. He hopped into his car and drove out of the compound receiving hails from the soldiers outside the camp.

He was driving at a very top speed, the car stereo blasting and his eyes roaming about with his sense of alertness on the high. Just then he noticed something strange. The van parked here a some minutes ago is nowhere to be found, the dead body is also nowhere in sight.

“Could this boy run away? Hell no, I shot him dead. Then who drove the van away?” He thought as he sped away leaving the scene behind him. This is sure a mystery to be unravled by his men and not him or so he thought.

to be continued–