All In A Circle Episode 17


Health workers can be seen walking around the airport shopping complex dressed in their usual uniform and another overall made from polythene. Movements within the complex premises has been restricted immediately the dangerous gas which is yet to be discovered was induced into the complex ventilation system. The ventilation control system serves as the powerhouse for all air conditions in the complex.

Dead body were been transferred from within the complex into waiting ambulance vans.

“Sir, the casualty here is beyond normal. We need two ambulance vehicles.” the leader of the medical team said through the communication device attached to one of the ambulances. Even the health workers had their noses covered with a glass mask that is artificial oxygen-attached. They breathe in the oxygen connected with the mask. Even though the name of the chemical induced is yet to be known, they(the health workers) had to take every preventive measures because once the chemical is inhaled, it affects the lungs and trachea, thereby causing the person to bleed from the nose till death.

Few minutes later, the ambulances all drove out from the complex and transferred all victims to the state teaching hospital.


Victoria came out of her room clad in a white polo t-shirt and a black jean trouser. she had her small bag hung on her shoulder. Her mother was seated in the living room.

“Hey mum.” She greeted her mum as she jumped unto the three seater couch.

“Hello darling. Are you going out?” She asked.

“Yes mum. And I will need your car.” Victoria replied.

“My car? For what?” She asked her daughter.

“Mum. Am your daughter mehn. I need the car, just tell me where the key is and am out of here.”

“Its on the drawer in my room.”

“That’s why I love you mum.” She sprang up and ran into her mother’s room happily. She re-emerged few seconds later and walked out of the house into the car park where her mother’s Infinity was parked. She unlocked the doors and hopped in behind the wheel and drove out of the compound with full speed. The car music player was blasting as she drove along the busy Ikeja road. Just then her phone rang prompting her to reduce the volume of the music player before the picked the call.

“Yes?” she asked knowing fully well that this call is about business because its her business phone.

“Am I on with Vicky?”

“Go straight to the point.” She said rudely.

“My name is Tony. I want you to delete my business partner John, so that the profits from our patnership businesses can be mine.”

“How much are you willing to pay?” she asked.

“Five hundred thousand naira.” He said.

“Call me back with your partner’s full information and a better offer.” She said hanging up. She took the turning by the right into a gas station where she refilled the tank and continued her journey.

“Mamba. We’ve got a new business. A five hundred thousand naira deal to kill a certain John. I’ll forward the necessary info to you as soon as I receive them. Then we device a plan to get on with.” She said to the receiver at the other end and hung up without waiting for any reply.

Sandra was seated in her living room deep in thought, she couldn’t figure out who could be bold to the extent of entering my room and taking a picture of I and Benson? She thought. Even though she had one person in mind as the culprit, it doesn’t make sense to her. If Benson was behind this, then how come was he able to take the pictures with his face showing? Maybe the camera was set in auto-capture. She could remember vividly how they entered the bedroom tearing their clothes off, there is no possibility of anyone slipping in with a camera. But since one thing on her mind was the mindblowing sx they are about to have, it is possible she didn’t notice him smuggling something in. But how did he put the camera on and set it in a vantage position? Maybe when she was asleep. But he fell asleep before her immediately they rounded up. Maybe it was all pretense, he pretended to be asleep. She concluded as she remembered something.

“Where is this useless girl?” Janet!” She called.

“Maaaaa.” She replied as she ran into the living room with a plastic tray and a pack of fruit juice and a glass cup.

“What kept you this long?”

“There was only one fruit juice remaining and it was deep down the freezer. So I had to search for it.” She lied.

“Its high time you went to the market. Or what do you think?” She asked.

“Yes ma.” Jane replied.

“Get me my purse. Its inside my bag on the dressing table in my room.” The young lady hurriedly left the living room with only the tray in hand as her employer helped herself with the drink she served. She re-emerged a minute later with the purse.

“Take this. Go to the market and stock the freezer with enough fruit juice. Especially orange flavour. You know its my favourite.” She instructed.

“Okay ma.” She collected the money and made for the door.

“Have you mastered the act of driving so you can go with my car?” Sandra asked.

“Not yet ma.” Janet replied opening the front door. Just then Sandra’s phone rang bringing her back to the present. Then she remembered she had a business to transact when it is eleven o’clock. Thank God its not yet eleven. Checking the caller, she discovered it was her lawyer or her sx mate, Barrister Benson.

“Hello Ben.” She said into the reciever.

“Hello Sandy. Please I need your help and its very important and urgent.”

“Let me hear it.” She urged him to continue.

“Am in a one chance trouble. Someone threatened to release our sex pictures on the internet. I need to pay five million to make him stop the act. And you know how much I love my wife.”

“Five million. Send me your account details I’ll see what I can do.” She replied.

“Okay. Thank you very much.

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Darasimi was seated inside the CSO’s office before a panel of three security officials. Inspector Clement, his partner, Sergeant Habeeb, and the deputy CSO.

“Now tell us all you know about Chioma’s death.” Clement said without mincing word.

“I don’t know anything about Chioma’s death.”

“But you said you’ve not seen Chioma in two days. Why the lie?”

“I lied because I was scared.” she replied.

“And you called yourself friends. When Hadiza died, Dayo called the CSO on phone telling him she was the one who discovered her dead body.

“We have evidences that can stand against you in the court of law. Here.” Habeeb added pointing to a cloth soaked with blood. Darasimi seeing that she had no other option than to come out clean and hopefully, maybe she’ll be released. But something kept disturbing her, Deoye’s warning.

“It is true that I was the only one with Chioma on the night she was killed. After we dropped from Stephanie’s car, I told her someone wants to meet her. And immediately I called the guy, Deoye.”

“Here.” Habeeb called her attention to a picture of herself talking to Deoye.

“Yes. Thats him.” She replied. Habeeb showed another picture of her collecting an envelope from Deoye.

“Tell us what you found in the envelope. And what purpose did it serve?” The deputy cso asked.

“Money. Fifteen thousand naira.” she replied. She knew there is no gain in lying and if she wants to get out of here without being given a jail term, she need to say the truth.

“So you collected fifteen thousand to do what?” Habeeb asked.

“To lead Chioma to his waiting hands like he said.” she replied but got a resounding slap from the deputy cso.

“Look at this Judas of a girl. You sold out your friend for your own selfish interest.” the cso said.

“I never knew she’ll be killed.” she protested.

“Then how come money was involved?” the deputy cso asked. She kept quiet as hot tears trickled down her cheeks.

“Who is that guy that was talking to you when we came in?” Habeeb asked.

“His name is Deoye.” She replied.

“The same Deoye?”

“Yes.” She replied.

“Did you know that the best thing you could have done is to tell us while we were in your room that, the guy we saw the other time is our suspect. we wouldn’t have bothered you at all. I can see you’ve proven your innocence.” Habeeb said cleanig her tears with a handkerchief.

“Thank you sir.”

“But you’ll be arrested because you led your friend to death and you tried running away.” Habeeb added.

“Lets get out of here.” Clement spoke for the first time in a very long time. Habeeb and his boss exited the security complex as they head to the police headquarters for a debriefing on the latest news rocking the state.

A dangerous gas released into the ventilation system of the Airport Shopping Complex. More of it to come, says the terrorists.


Tolani, Stephanie, Tokunbo, Dolapo and some of their friends were discussing inside Tokunbo room amidst tears.

“Seriously, if I had known that Chioma is the next on the list I would have swapped her place with mine.” Dolapo said shocking everyone in the room.

“Dolapo. What’s your problem?” Tokunbo asked.

“I know what am saying. What else am I living for? Dayo has been killed. Let me too die.” Dolapo replied.

“I can see you are not okay. You left your comfort zone where you are safe and came back to school this morning, where your safety is not guaranteed.” Tokunbo replied.

Everyone in the room kept abusing her for coming back to school saying she just wished to endanger her life.

“I even saw Darasimi when I was coming.” Dolapo informed them expertly changing the topic.

“Where?” Stephanie asked.

“Security complex.” Dolapo replied.

“Did you greet her?” Tola asked.

“Yes I did but she snubbed me.” Dolapo replied.

“I still have a feeling that girl is responsible for Chioma’s death.” Stephanie said.

“Me too.” Tokunbo added.

“But lets not forget the fact that she was with Chioma when the incident occured doesn’t mean she had a hand in it.” Tola said. There was knock on the door.

“Yes come in.” Tokunbo said. The door opened and two youngmen walked in.

“Good morning.” The two men greeted.

“Good morning.” The girls replied in unison.

“My name is Robert from the state police department.” One of the men said.

“You are welcome.” Tokunbo, the room owner said.

“We are sent to provide adequate security for you girls during this period. This is Collin.” Robert explained.

Stephanie saw this as a point of duty to introduce everyone in the room to the men, their saviour.

“I am Stephanie.” She said.

“I am Tolani.” Tolani said.

“Tokunbo.” Tokunbo introduced.

“Dolapo.” Dolapo intoduced formally.

The intoduction went on until the last of the girls said her name. They exchanged numbers with the two men.

“We’ll provide twenty four hours cover for you girls. Give us a call when you want to go out we’ll drive you to anywhere you want. But please try and make sure you don’t go out at night.” Robert concluded.

“Okay sir.” Stephanie replied.

“We’ll take our leave now. We live very close to this hostel.” Collins said.

“Thank you sirs.” The two men walked out of the room as Tokunbo saw them off to the gate. She returned a minute later.

“They are five in total. At least we can be rest assured of our safety now.” She said totally convinced.

to be continued–