All In A Circle Episode 21


Sandra walked out of the bathroom dripping wet with a small towel tied round her body. She looked beautiful with the only piece of cloth on her body, the towel, but its inappropriate for her to go out dressed like this. She sat before her dressing mirror and picked up her phone ready to make a call.

“Hello baby.” She said immediately the person at the other end answered the call.

“My night was superb and yours? Even though I missed your presence.” She said and bursted into laughter. She listened for a few seconds before she spoke again.

“Lets meet by one o’clock in the afternoon. Lovers and Mix guest house right?” she asked.

“I’ll be there on time and please don’t keep your baby waiting.” She said and hung up. She was humming Celine Dion’s ‘my heart will go on’ as she creamed her body. Now fully dressed, she picked up her small clutch bag and her car keys and walked into the living room.

“Janet.” She called.

“Maaaaaa.” Janet answered as she ran into the living room from the kitchen.

“Am going out.” She announced. Janet was suprised her boss was going out this early. She checked an imaginary wristwatch before checking the giant wall clock.

“Isn’t that too early? Breakfast is almost done.”

“Don’t worry I’ll be back before nine. Just make sure the food is warmed.” She instructed and made to walk out of the living room.

“Janet. Please go to my room. I forgot to pick my blackberry phone.” She said to Janet who changed her destination from the kitchen to the bedroom. Janet who knew her boss makes most of her inportant calls with the line on the blackberry decided to check her last caller since she overheard the issue discussed. She smiled as she locked the phone’s keypad and walked outside where Sandra was waiting in the car. She walked back into the living room few minutes later when she was sure Sandra was out of the compound. She picked her phone and typed a short message.

“She is meeting with Kelvin by 1pm. Lovers and Mix.” read the message. She returned into the kitchen to complete the last phase of her cooking.


Rahman was seated in his living room with his boys, the members of his blackmailing gang when his phone beeped. One new message.

“Boys, a new job for us. Sandra is meeting with Patrick by one at L and M.” Rahman a notrious blackmailer said to his boys who gave victorious laughter.

“Sandra, who is she?” Viktor, a new member of the gang or better still a runaway member of the gang asked.

“The popular Sandra Oselu, she is meeting with her boyfriend Kelvin Patrick.” Rahman replied. Viktor who left Rahman’s set up a year ago in search of greener pastures when he went to team up with Abdul Maleek and his Kahl Abdul corp. He came back after a year when he was betrayed and now its payback time.

“Rah! I told you about this Kelvin and his past deed now.” Viktor said.

“Excuse us boys.” He said to his boys. The boys numbering up to ten walked out of the living room leaving their boss, Rahman and their celebrated returned member, Viktor to their discussion. Rahman whose sole aim was to get as more money as he could from Sandra is in a conversation with Viktor who seemed interested in Kelvin’s life.

“We’ll have our boys watching over them today. But that does not stop us from getting our money off Sandra.” Rahman announced at the end.

“No problem. Just give me Kelvin and I am okay.” Viktor replied.


A police team led by Inspector Clement pulled up in front of the school’s security complex. Clement and two policeman got down from the police vehicle and walked into the complex. Clement went into the CSO’s office and returned after a few minutes with the cso behind him.

“Akin, relaese that girl to the police. They’ll take the case up from here.” Bankole said to the man behind the counter who inturn opened the cell behind his seat and brought out Darasimi.

“Get her in the car.” He ordered his boys while he waited to sign some papers.

“Thank you very much Mr Bankole for your co- operation.” Clement said.

“Its a pleasure. We are in this together and police is our friend.” Bankole replied shaking hand with the police officer before. Clement walked out of the complex to see a familiar lady dragging issues with the policeman leading Darasimi into the waiting car.

“She is innocent, please don’t lock her up in the cell. She can report to your office everyday for questioning.” The lady pleaded crying.

“Madam. What’s the problem?” He asked.

“Darasimi is my sister and I know her very well. Please don’t lock her up.” She pleaded. Alas, he could place the face. This was the same sharp-tongued attendant at the pharmacy.

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After several minutes of hagling and shouting, Clement and his boys succeeded in whisking Darasimi away from the school campus and the only help he could afford to render to her sister(the pharmacy attendant) was to grant her bail but first, her presence is needed in the station. The police vehicle sped into the police headquarters premises at full speed and came to a halt just beside the state commissioner of police car. Darasimi was led into the police station amidst staring eyes of young policemen and women who were sympathysing with her because they felt she might be innocent of whatever offence she was charged with, while experience officers in the force looked at her indifferently with the conclusion that ‘she was one of the numerous cultists’ but every one came to the conclusion that she was really a criminal because Inspector Clement was not known with uncertainty or mistakes.

A commercial motorcycle sped into the compound looking as if there was some sort of Formula 1 racing or a Nigerian version of tour the france. A young lady of about twenty-six jumped down from the bike and ran into the police station shouting at the top of her voice.

“Madam, you never give me money.” The cyclist said angrily.

“Sorry brother.” She said as she threw some naira notes at him. The bikeman bent down to pick his money.

“Madam, keep quiet now or we get you thrown out of here.” Clement ordered as he was writing down a report inside a large paper file. The lady was forced to keep quiet as she was walking up and down like someone who has a relative in labour during childbirth. If keeping quiet will make them release her sister, then she’ll show them she is the most quietest person ever liveth.

“Discuss with him and your sister will be released but, she must report here everyday latest by nine o’clock. Okay?” Clement said to the woman before he walked towards the CP’s office to answer an earlier summon.


Major Aju was seated in the backseat of his rangrover sport discussing with his niece, Victoria as the car drove slowly along the less busy estate road.

“Victoria, now tell me how you intend to do this. You are twenty five already. Do you intend taking Jamb all over again?” Major Aju asked.

“Daddy, I don’t know what to do.” Victoria replied with full sincerity even though she hates to have these type of discussion. But, you dare not say no when Major Aju says yes.

“Think about this but don’t tell your mother about it. I’ll sponsor your going back to school abroad. Just pick any country of your choice.”

“Okay daddy. Thank you daddy.” She replied almost hugging the old man who despise hugging with passion. On instruction, the millitary man behind the wheel made a U-turn and drove in the direction which they had come to drop Victoria. He only took his neice out to talk.



Kelvin was working out in the gym when his phone ran. He cleaned his sweaty body with the small towel he had around his neck.

“Hello bro.” He said on picking up the call.

“I want you to drive down to my office now.” Clement said to his younger brother.

“Your office? The police station? Why any problem?” Kelvin asked.

“I want to send you on an errand. Please don’t say no.” Clement pleaded and hung up. Kelvin decided to do his brother a favour for the first time in ten months. The last time he did his brother a favour was on his(his brother’s) wedding day when he chosed to drive the couple to the airport.

By ten o’clock, Kelvin pulled up in front of St Battaihas hospital. He got down and walked into the hospital. Five minutes later, he walked out with his brother’s wife Rachel. He opened the passenger door for her and the heavily pregnant woman hopped in.

“Kelvin please don’t breathe a word to my husband about what you saw.” Rachel pleaded as Kelvin swung the car unto the road.

“A secret it becomes. You owe me one on that.” He replied without having to look at her.

“Definitely.” She replied. A black Honda Accord drove behind them.

“Who is that woman beside him?” The driver of the car asked.

“I don’t know her but am sure she is not Sandra. He’ll meet with Sandra by 1pm and its not yet 1pm. Lets stick around for a while then we’ll strike.” His partner on the passenger seat replied. The Honda accord has been on his trail right from the time he drove out of his father’s mansion.

The time was 12:33pm when Sandra Oselu walked into Lovers and Mix guest house. All eyes were on her as she walked towards the counter to book a table and await Kelvin’s arrival. She could feel the hundred of eyes boring into her clothes and seeing beyond her exposed body parts.

“Hi.” She greeted one of the attendants behind the counter.

“Good mor….. Good afternoon ma’am. How may I help you?” The young guy who was visibly thrown off balance by her beauty coupled with her celebrity status. Sandra Oselu is someone you don’t see more often at functions or public places. She enjoys her life on social media in the comfort of her room.

“I want to make bookings.” She said.

“And to say you are lucky is an understatement. We have just one executive rooms left.” The guy replied. Sandra frowned trying to figure out what the guy was passing accross. Fine, she is in a guest house but they have a opened restaurant beside the pool which is restricted and is opened on request and bookings.

“I want to book a table and not a room.” She replied slightly raising her voice.

“Am sorry ma’am. Table type please?” The guy asked.

“Table for two.” She replied. The guy punched her request into the computer and in a matter of seconds, her request and bill was printed on a white paper including the table number. Just then a young female attendant walked over to her colleage who was attending to Sandra.

“Excuse me ma. You are Sandra Oselu right?” The lady asked.

“Yes.” Sandra replied.

“Mr Kelvin called to make a booking ahead of you. Executive lounge, second floor.” The lady explained.

“He booked a room?” She asked.

“Yes ma’am.” The lady replied flashing a key.

“When he comes, he’ll get the key from you. Right now, I want to use the table I booked.” She said and turned back to walk out of the booking room where about hundred customers were waiting to be attended to.

As she walked towards the exit door, she could see camera flashes on her face. This was one of the reasons why she hated going out.

“Please, can I take a picture with you?” A young boy of about fourteen asked.

“No problem.” Sandra replied. She was suprised when the boy returned with two elderly people whom she guessed to be the boys parents and a young gir.

“Thank you ma. We’ll talke this back with us to our country.” The boy’s mother spoke.

“Your country?” She asked to be sure.

“We are from South Africa.” The boy’s father replied.

“This is my twin sister, Tana. My name is Zana.” The boy said. Sandra smiled as she walked out of the booking hall after taking several pictures with willing Nigerians and gave over twenty autographs.

Sandra sat down for the next thrity minutes without a sign of Kelvin is sight. Not even a phone call from him, he is not picking his calls.

“What on earth could be wrong with him?” She asked herself. Just then she heard the occupants of the next table making a phone call which is centred on her.

“The lady, Sandra is here already waiting for him. He should be here any moment from now.” One of the guys said and everything went back to normal. Sandra knew something was amis.


Kelvin was walking around his room restlessly and it seemed he was in a kind of distress. Then his phone rang. He ran to pick it.

“Jay, Sandra is in danger. Drive down to Lover and Mix. Get her out of this one for my sake.” Kelvin pleaded.

“Am on it.” The said Jay replied. On dropping the phone, his second phone rang. He picked it up at once.

“Bring your sorry Bottom down here now. You are needed on the newest project. We want to attack the Port.”

“Am sorry. Am not in the right frame of mind to carry out or mastermind any attack for now. Count me out of this.” He replied defiantly and the line went dead at once. For the first time in two years, he said NO to orders from Abdul Maleek’s chamber.

to be continued–