All In A Circle Episode 22


On orders of the state commissioner of police, Clement and Sylvester have been ordered to go back and visit Mr Ayo’s residence for interrogation. But this time, they are allowed to go with a backup team. Clement’s personal car drove in front and the backup team bus drove behind them, about fifty metres apart.

“You guys should park your car at the estate gate. You can come after us if we don’t return after twenty minutes or you see me send you a message.” Clement said through the communication device and sped into the estate.

On getting to the front of Mr Ayo’s residence, five well built guys stood before the gate, look menacing and dangerous. Clement knew, there is no way they are getting past these men but he hoped, they won’t be recognised. Thank God they came in a differnt car. Clement thought as he drove past the house just like every other motorist.

“Sly, how do we go about this?” Clement asked his partner who was still looking at the bodyguards.

“Seriously, I don’t know how we can go past these mean looking guys. Moreso, they know us and we won’t be granted entrance like they did the first time we were here.” Sylvester replied.

“I think I have an idea.” Clement informed.

“Yes? Lets hear it.” Sylvester urged him on.

“I think I have an idea.” Clement informed.

“Yes? Lets hear it.” Sylvester urged him on.

“I think we should keep a watching on these men out here because I have a feeling they are up to something. Its not like they knew we’ll come back. I think their standing out here has a significance which we can’t afford to overlook.” Clement explained.

“So, are you trying to say we should spy on them from a distance?”

“Exactly. Now you get my point.”

“Don’t you think it is risky and time consuming. In few minutes, they’ll come asking why we parked our car here without moving it. Our staying here is quite suspicious.” Sylvester asked.

“I have done this before. I’ll surely get out of this.” Clement said assuring.

“Maybe. But it doesn’t work where I came from.” Sylvester replied. Clement chosed to ignore his last comment because he is not in the mood for debating over Nigeria’s security and the western countries security system. The two men decided to keep a watchful eye on Mr Ayo’s boys but first they had to order the backup team to hold on a little until they are told to do otherwise.


Kelvin was restless in his room, now that the love of his life is in danger and outside is unsafe for him because two different teams are after his life. A few minutes ago, one of his boys told him some guys were laying ambush for him at Lovers and Mix guest house, and knowing the danger that comes with it, he quickly told Sandra to get out of there to avoid stories that touch. He knew its all Viktor(the driver) handwork. Few minutes later he recieved a call from Abdul Maleek(CEO of Khal Abdul corp) second in command requesting his immediate presence at the corporation which he refused to honour. He knew there are two options left for him, get back onto the good books of Maleek or face the music. Just then his phone rang, he quickly picked it up and checking the screen, he knew it was Jay.

“Jay, how far?” He asked impatiently.

“Boss, your girlfriend is now safe in the comfort of her home.” Jay replied.

“Thank you very much Jay. How about those guys spying?”

“I downed them on the run. Even though things got out of hand. I just pray no one saw me, but the police are currently after me.” Jay replied.

“You have no problem. Drive towards my house, I’ll extract you from your car and we’ll write it off. I owe you that one.” Clement said.

Kelvin descended the stairs hurriedly in a bid to reach the garrage within a second.

“Uncle Kelvin, where are you going?” Rachel whom after being discharged from the hospital was brought to her father-in-law’s residence to spend the weekend.

“I want to meet a friend at the end of the street.” Kelvin replied.

“When are you coming back?” She asked.

“I won’t take long. Maybe in thirty minutes. At worst an hour. You have something for me?”

“Yes. We need to talk.” She replied.

“Ok. I’ll keep that in mind. I’ll be back before you know it.” With that he turned the door knob and rushed out of the house. He fetched his phone from his pocket as he walked towards his car.

“Jay, where you dey?” Kelvin asked.

“I am three minutes away from your street.” Jay replied. Kelvin hopped into the car and switched on the ignition.

“The next gas station you come accross. Drive inside and request to use the restroom. I’ll drive in and pick you up.” Kelvin said as he backed his car out of the gate.

“Ok. I’ll do just that.” Jay replied.

Kelvin knew this could be dangerous and life threatening, but he knew he can’t afford to loose Jay at this period. Jay has been his personal bodyguard for years and he has saved him countless times even at the expense of his own life. He has no cause to worry, if Jay was arrested, he won’t be mentioned but, he still need Jay very close to him. At least for the next couple of weeks.

Kelvin drove into the gas station and saw Jay’s car parked in front of the gas station. Its a part of the plan. He brought his car to a halt and got down, he walked towards Jay’s car and tossed an object underneath the car. He walked into the gas station.

“I need to use the restroom please.” He pleaded.

“Go in sir, your first turning by the left. You’ll see them.” One of the pump attendants replied.

“Thanks.” He murmured as he walked towards the mini mart. He brought out his phone and dialled Jay’s number. Just then a police bus drove into the gas station.

“Get down everybody. Who owns this car?” One of the policemen asked pointing to Jay’s car.

“He is inside using the restroom.” The pump attendant who gave Kelvin the description replied since she was the closest to the entrance.

“Lets go in guys.” The same policeman said and ran towards the mini mart.

Kelvin succeeded in getting to Jay and the two of them proceeded into the manager’s office. They forcefully led the manager into one of the restrooms and the two of them proceeded to walk outside.

“Stop right there. You are under arrest.” The police leader said.

“Who are you?” another of the policemen asked.

“I am the manager.” Jay replied.

“We are very sorry sirs.” The leader of the police team said as they all proceeded towards the restroom. Just then there was a blast outside. A car got blown off thereby causing pandemonium. Kelvin and Jay used that golden opportunity to get outside and escape in Kelvin’s car.

“That was close you know.” Jay said heaving a sigh of relief.

“Very close.” Kelvin replied maintaining a straight face, a lot of things running through his dangerous mind.

“You are not going back with this car, are you?” Jay asked.

“Trust me. I am going back with it and I won’t be spotted.” Kelvin replied confidently.

“How do you intend to do that?” Jay asked.

“Very simple. You know I already promised to drive you down to Ore?” Kelvin asked.


“That promise will change right about now. I’ll drop you in the next gas station, the manager there knows what to do. Then I’ll drive to Ibadan from where I will enter Lagos through a different route. And we both know it will take at least three hours before they begin to mount roadblocks and car checks.” Kelvin explained.

“Respect boss.” Jay said saluting Kelvin. Kelvin swung the car off the road into the gas station.

“Take this. The manger knows what to do. And please be on low key while you are in Ore. A car will be sent to you next week friday then you can enter Lagos.” Kelvin advised.

“Alright. And thank you for getting me out of this.” Jay said shaking hands with him as he opened the door and got out of the car.

“Thanks for saving Sandra. My regards to the manager. Alex is his name.” Kelvin said as he ignited the car and sped out of the gas station unto the expressway.

“Ibadan, here I come.” He smiled as he matched the accelerator thereby increasing his intial speed to over 200km/hr.

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Abdul Maleek stood next to his giant chair and was addressing his council of chiefs.

“Did you say Danger-kelv refused to take this job?” The Sudanese terrorist asked.

“Yes sir. He asked to be freed on this one and said we should pass this to another member.” One of the men seated before him replied. Maleek kept quiet for some seconds thinking of how best to handle the situation. The constitution of the corporation says any corp member who says no when a duty is being assigned to him should be eliminated. But Kelvin is too dare and precious to be wasted in that manner.

“Do you think our own Danger-kelv could be so brave to say that to us?” Maleek asked.

“Danger-kelv as far as I am concerned is one of our most bravest and straightforward assets here. He stand by his words and I have never seen him regret any of his actions.” Another of the men replied.

“But I don’t think a Danger-kelv in his right frame of mind could do that.” Maleek said persuasively.

“I am also an advocate of that fact.” One of the men said.

“Me too.” Another person added. About five to six of the ten men supported Maleek’s conclusion.

“Since the majority carried the vote and Kelvin is one of our most priced assets, I think we should give him the next twenty four hours to get back to his normal mindframe. If he give a call, fine and if doesn’t then we’ll be left with no other choice that to do our worst.” The second in command to Maleek said conclusively and everyone accepted the bill. They all waited for the next item to be discussed.

“When was the last time we received police reports from Habeeb?” Maleek asked.

“The last time he was contacted, he claimed he has been demoted and transferred to handle a case concerning the incesant killing among the students of the state’s university.” The second in command spoke.

“And there is no way he can influence this? What a flimsy excuse from Habeeb.” The third in command replied.

“He claimed he tried to influence the people in authority but the officer in charge of the two cases(university killing and terrorists attack) will have non of that.” The second in command advocated for Habeeb.

“Who is the officer in charge?” A young member of the sitting asked.

“Inspector Clement Obi-Patrick.” The second in command replied.

“Clement Obi Patrick!!!” Maleek murmured under his breath three times. He gave a wicked smile.


Clement and his partner Sylvester have both been seated in the car for almost an hour without any major or suspicious movement around Mr Ayo’s residence. The bodyguards manning the front gate remained rooted in the spot and they did nothing except that they recieve calls occassionally and they conversed, even though a distant Clement and Sylvester couldn’t hear them. Just when Clement wanted to fall asleep like Sylvester, one of the bodyguards came and knocked on the car window. Clement was forced to reduce the volume of his music player as he wind down the glass.

“Yes? How may I help you?” Clement asked.

“You’ve been here for almost an hour, if not more. Your being here is suspicious and for the safety of the occupants in this neignourhood, I’ll advise you to leave.” The bodyguard said. Sylvester slowly opened his eyes and turned to see one of the mean looking guys standing at the driver’s side window.

“If our being here is suspicious, then your being there is also suspicious. Moreso, this is a government road and you can stay for as long as you want to stay, so far there is no parking restriction or whatsover.” Clement replied on realising that this particular bodyguard didn’t know him or has seen him before.

“Are you quoting the law for me?” He asked.

“If that’s the best you can interprete then so be it. But am not moving my car from here unless I finish what I came here to do. So please excuse me and get out of here.” Clement replied.

The bodyguard gently walked away suprising both Clement and Sylvester. Just then a big truck entered the street at a very high speed.

“Sly, can you see that?” Clement asked.

“Perfectly well. I think you should contact the backup team.” Clement brought out his communication device and radioed the backup team leader who gave him a shocking news saying they went after a criminal who killed two men at the entrance into Dolphin estate and on getting to the gas station where the criminal took cover, a car reported to have belonged to the criminal was blown off and the criminal escaped when everybody was attending to the car.

“I guess we’ll be doing this alone.” Sylvester said immediately the message was relayed to him. The two men said their last prayers and walked out of the car. Sylvester walked towards the house in front of which their car was parked and knocked on the gate while Clement remained in the car.

to be continued–