All In A Circle Episode 13


The girls at the end of the day succeeded in touring around the school with Stephanie behind the wheel, Chioma sat beside her in the front while Dolapo and Darasimi occupied the backseat. They took pictures everywhere they go to on Stephanie’s android tablet and Darasimi’s blackberry.

“Seriously babes, I need to go home now.” Dolapo informed referring to late Dayo’s house.

“Don’t you think its late? Moreso, you are not with any of your clothes.” Darasimi asked.

“Its just an hour journey and if Steph can do me a favour by driving me down to the school gate.” Dolapo replied.

“What about your clothes?” Chioma asked.

“Don’t forget, that’s where I live. My clothes are there as well and moreso, I won’t spend up to a week before.” Dolapo explained.

“Okay, school gate things.” Stephanie said as they all moved towards her black volkwagen golf 3 and they drove towards the school gate where she’ll take a public bus conveying her down to her destination.

“Our regards to Dayo’s dad.” Chioma said.

“Okay guys.” Dolapo said alighting from the car.

“Give us a call once you get home.

Okay?” Stephanie said.

“Definitely I will.” She replied as she hurriedly crossed to the other side of the road. Stephanie waited until she entered the bus conveying her until she ignited the car and turned back into the school. The time was 6:45pm.

“I think we should all find time to visit, Hadiza’s parents and Dayo’s dad.” Stephanie said as she drove on.

“Yes. Most especially, Dayo’s dad. You know he lost his only daughter and his wife within weeks. It must really be hard for him. Infact, I doubt if Dolapo will be able to console the man. You know, how emotional Dolapo can be.” Darasimi replied.

“We’ll go on friday, then on Sunday, Hadiza’s house is the next.” Chioma said with a tone of finality and the two other girls agreed knowing fully well that Tola will have no choice than to agree with the majority. Stephanie drove past the school Libary building, she dropped the bombshell.


A black coloured Nissan van raced along the street in what could be described as a fast and furious racing photocopy. Dusts gathered everywhere, dogs, sheeps, hens and goats that loiter around the street ran for their dear lives. The car drove on and came to an abrupt halt in front of Chief Omatsone mansion. In a blink of and eye, the car backed out from the front of the gate and drove away in the direction which it had come.

No one knew what the car came to do but all they saw from their shops was the opening of the back door and in a second, the door was shut before the car drove away. The occupants of the car were invisible as everywhere was dark coupled with the fact that the car in which they came was black too.

Chief Omatsone was a very rich cocoa farmer who made his money after Nigeria gained her independence when Agriculture was still the main source of National income in Nigeria before crude oil was discovered. He had three mansions in three states in Nigeria, the first was built in Ondo state where his cocoa farm was, the other one in Enugu, his hometown and the last in Lagos, where he currently resides with his family. The house which was built many years ago had a big mansion in which Chief Omatsone lived with his family. Another building at the back of his mansion where his tennants lived and a typical BQ just beside the building at the back.

Chief Omatsone was a man who has never for one day failed to switch on his generator once it is seven o’clock in the evening. Today was not an exception, light flickered on and the bulb which stood at the gate illuminated the street, a man could be seen lying down before the gate. Curiousity got the better of the shop owners and passersby and those who were seated in front of their houses. They walked towards Chief Omatsone’s house to check who the drunkard was.

“I don’t know why our people will get drunk then will go about sleeping on the street and house front.” A man said to his friend. They moved closer to the man lying down to confirm their predictions.

“This is Okoro, the policeman who went missing since last week. He lived inside Chief’s house na. But he doesn’t drink.” Another passerby whose curiousity got the better of him said.

“Drink kwa? This man don die.” Another person said, this time a female.

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Clement opened the front door and walked in to see his heavily pregnant wife watching a live tv broadcast.

“Welcome sweety.” Rachel said.

“Hello darling. How are you doing?” He asked bending down to give her a peck.

“How was work today?” she asked.

“Stressful. Really stressful. What are you watching?” Clement asked.

“This governor’s announcement for a second term in office.” she replied.

“Really? I pray he gets elected.”

“But the most suprising thing is that, he is making his intentions known from Abuja. Why can’s he do it here?”

“The most suprsing thing is that his deputy is still in town.”

“Where is this country heading to? Flaging off your candidature in the evening in the absence of your deputy.”

“That’s politics for you.” Clement replied removing his shirt.

“What’s in to eat?” He asked.

“Go and shower while I set the table.” She informed. Clement picked his bag and walked in to take his shower before having his breakfast-lunch- dinner in one meal.

Five minutes into his meal.

“Sweetheart. You are not eating?” He asked.

“I already ate. I thought you’ll be coming back late today so I had to eat.” She replied.

“Okay. But have this.” He said picking up a piece of meat with his fork and putting it in her mouth.

“Darling. I want to go and visit daddy tomorrow.” Rachel informed.

“Daddy? Your dad?” He asked to be sure.

“No, your dad.” She replied.

“Chief Obi Patrick?” He asked.

“Stop being naughty. Its over a month that I set my eyes on him last. I need to see my father-in-law. I’ll be back on friday.” She said.

“No. You will go on friday and come back on sunday morning. I will be seeing him on friday so I’ll drive you down there and on Sunday, on my way to church, I’ll come and fetch you. Okay?”

“Yes sir.” She replied saluting. The two couples bursted into laughter.

“When will we go and visit mummy?” She asked.

“Maybe after your delivery.” Clement replied knowing she was referring to his mother who divorced his father over twenty years ago.

“But why? Dad didn’t allow her to come to our wedding. Clement, she is your mother.”

“I know and am not disputing that fact but the thing is that….” He was saying when his phone rang.

“Hello.” He said on picking up.

“This is Sergeant Mike sir. Okoro’s body was found lying in front of his house some twenty minutes ago.” Mike said.

“Where are you now?” He asked.

“A police team led by me is at the scene with the medical team.”

“Am on my way.” Clement replied standing up. He faced his wife who was already fuming in anger.

“Sweetheart, I have to go. You know Okoro, don’t you? He was kidnapped and now his dead body has been found.” Clement informed as he picked up his car keys. Before she could protest, her husband was already out of the house racing towards his car.

“Will he at least finish his food before leaving?” She asked no one in particular as she began packing the plates.

Stephanie matched on the break just when she was about to climb one of the road bumps.

“Seriously girls, I don’t think I will be able to drive you down to your hostel o.” She dropped the bombshell.

“But why na?” Chioma asked.

“You know its late already and I won’t be able to drive back home alone. And thank God, you girls are two so you can keep each other’s company.” Stephanie explained.

“But you already promised to drive us home. Moreso, you can sleep over in our room till tomorrow.” Chioma persuaded.

“Am sorry, I won’t feel comfortable sleeping outside my comfort zone.” Stephanie replied as she swerved the car off the road and parked just infront of the school library.

“Okay, if you insist we’ll find our way.” Darasimi said opening the door and getting out of the car and Chioma followed suit.

“Thanks for your understanding.” Stephanie said smiling.

“Its nothing.” Darsimi replied as they waved her goodbye and walked away.

Three minutes into their journey a message flew into Darasimi’s phone which reads; 8pm is the time. 4rm Deoye

Darasimi knew the time is now to execute the business given to her by Deoye.

“Chioma.” She called.

“Yes?” Chioma replied.

“I want you to meet someone.” Darasimi informed.


“When you see him you’ll know.”

“But it’s late already.” Chioma complained.

“There is no cause for alarm.” Darasimi said assuringly as she brought out her phone.

“Hello. Where are you?” Darasimi asked whoever she wanted Chioma to meet.

“Don’t ask me.” Just then a quick shot was released.

“Jesus!” Darasimi screamed as she took to her heels. She stopped few seconds later when she saw bloodstains on her body. She was sure the gun didn’t hit her but what about Chioma? She thought as she ran back to where she heard the gunshot. She saw Chioma lying on the floor gasping and fighting for her life. She breathe her last breathe.

“Oh my God. Chioma! Noooooo.” She screamed, but the deed has already been done. She stood up with tears in her eyes and walked dejectedly away from the scene knowing there is nothing she could do other than leave the scene to avoid her being hit too.

“First thing tomorrow morning I must leave the school area.” She thought as she ran away. —

Clement opened the car door and rushed to the scene without bothering to shut the door.

“Make way please.” He said as he pushed his way through the crowd.

“Who is this ?” An elderly man asked. Clement ignored the man and walked towards the police team that stood beside Okoro’s corpse.

“Welcome sir.” Mike saluted his boss.

“Tell me, how did this happen?” Clement asked, knowing fully well that the first thing Mike and his team ought to do was to question the witnesses for firsthand report.

“From the reports we gathered. A car drove into this place twenty minutes before this place got illuminated and left immediately it came. All they said was that, there was a quick opening and shutting of the door. But the people around couldn’t figure out whats going on because everywhere was dark.” Mike explained.

“Around what time is that?” Clement asked.

“Seven.” Mike replied glancing through the report in writing he had in his notepad. Clement walked away from Mike and walked to the enclosed area marked with yellow tapes where the medical team was attending to Okoro’s corpse.

“Who is in charge here?” Clement asked.

“I sir.” A lady replied.

“I am Inspector Clement and you are?”

“Miss Andy.” She replied. Clement conversed with the female medical doctor for a few minutes before turning to face the crowd.

“Please, I need to speak with the chairman of the landlord association and the owner of this house.” Clement said. An ederly man dressed in a typical Eastern attire walked to him.

“Good evening sir.” Clement greeted bowing.

“Good evening son. I am Chief Omatsone, the owner of this house. Also the late Okoro’s landlord.” He introduced formerly.

“I am inspector Clement. Mr Okoro’s colleague at work.” Clement introduced himself.

“Its good to see you.” The man probably in his late or early seventies said.

“Can we talk privately sir?” Clement asked.

“Definitely. Let’s go in.” he replied as he led the way towards the main gate. Clement dished out the last set of information to the medical team before walking in with Chief Omatsone. The medical team conveyed Okoro’s dead body to the state hospital while the police team maintained decorum outside the compound.

++++Inside Chief Omatsone’s palour+++

Chief Omatsone was seated on his favourite armchair which was directly facing the television and Clement was seated on a two seater couch just beside him.

“Nene, bring out the wine for my guest.” Chief said. A young girl of about seventeen years came out with a bottle of palmwine and a plate of kolanut. She served the wine inside two big cups. Even though Clement was not a fan of Palmwine, he still had to take it to please his host but he didn’t touch the Kolanut.

“Sir, tell me about your late tennant.” Clement began.

“Thank you son. You see, Okoro was a very wonderful son to me. My personal security here. He performs so many functions within the four walls of this compound up to the fact that he sometimes engage my smallest daughter, Nene in conversations. They are pretty close.” Chief Omatsone said.

“Are you saying Okoro is close to your daughter?”

“Not only my daughter but my other sons. They all reside in UK.” Chief said.

“Do you by chance know that Okoro was kidnapped?” He asked.

“Yes, we all heard. But there was little to what we could do. Since he is a policeman. We believed he’ll be freed.” Clement continued questioning Chief Omatsone for the next ten minutes before he announced his departure. It was then he realised that he had consumed a cup of palmwine. He walked out of the gate and up next is to visit, the chairman of the community.

to be continued–