All In A Circle Episode 14


Tolani was lying on bed listening to music. The time was nine o’clock in the evening and her friends Dolapo, Darasimi and Chioma are yet to be back.

“What on earth could be delaying them?” She asked herself, just then the urge to listen to music faded away and she started feeling uneasy. She picked up her phone and called Dolapo.

“Hello Dollyp.” Tolani said immediately Dolapo picked the call.

“Tola, wassup.”

“What are you guys doing outside this late? Won’t you come home?” Tola asked.

“I forgot to tell you. I am already at home. I need to stay with daddy.” Dolapo replied.


“Yeah. What about Chioma and Dara?” Dolapo asked.

“I have not seen them.”

“Why don’t you call them?”

“Chioma is not picking up. Dara’s phone is not going through.” She replied.

“As at when I left them, they are still with Stephanie. Why don’t you call her instead?”

“I don’t have her number.” Tola replied.

“I’ll send it to you and I’ll keep trying Chioma’s number from my end here.” Dolapo later sent the number to Tolani who called Stephanie immediately and got the worst news of the year when Stephanie told her she already dropped them off at the library. And the journey from the library to their hostel is not more than ten minutes by leg and according to Steph, its almost over thirty minutes since she dropped them.

“Maybe they have decided to pass the night reading in the library.” She thought. But hell no, the library has been out of bound from six o’clock in the evening ever since, a year one Chemistry student was raped and killed in the library a year ago. The only time the library is opened was during daytime. Even if they are in the library that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t pick their calls. It was then that her fears began to heighten.

“I pray God is with them anywhere they are now.” She prayed as she picked her phone, her laptop and their chargers. She can’t sleep alone in this room.


Sandra Oselu walked out of a popular night shift restaurant in town. The restaurant doubles as a night club and it was only opened at night for late night workers who will be too tired to cook when they reach home and fun lovers who will go any length to enjoy themselves.

“Thank you very much for honouring me.” Kelvin said to her as they leaned on his car.

“The pleasure is mine.” Sandra replied.

“Hope to do this some other time.” Kelvin said as he held her hand and walked her to her car, a white Chrysler300. Even though, he came in his wine coloured Nissan Murano, he felt inferior when he saw her car but he knew anyone who hears the name Kelvin Patrick, the son of Obi Patrick will know that he is made of money. Driving a small car doesn’t mean he is not financially buoyant.

Kelvin met Sandra on the social network few days ago and as a result of he liking her fan page, he got a friend request from her which he accepted without thinking twice. They got talking and they hit it up immediately, exchanging BBM pins and phone numbers before he asked her out on a date the previous day which she consented.

Sandra drove off in her car leaving Kelvin behind basking on the euphoria of sitting next to an international celebrity. He smiled as he walked towards his own car. Maybe this is the bone of his bone which has been missing for many years now. Or so he thought. He backed out of the parking lot, swung the car to the main road and drove off a fufilled man.

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Clement walked into his house late in the night around 9pm looking tired and sick.

“Welcome sweety.” His wife said. Even though the living room was dark, he could still make out his wife’s heavy figure on the three seater couch. He walked towards her and bent to kiss her. “How was it?” She asked.

Knowing what she meant by the question he sat down and took his time to explain and recount how things went in Okoro’s house. The two couples retired to bed after praying that God continue to guard them from all evil. Maybe their prayers would be answered, they don’t know.


Tolani walked into the room early the next morning in her night gown. The first time she is sleeping with a piece of cloth on her. She passed the night in Tokunbo, a friend of hers who lived on the downfloor. She dropped her laptop, her phone and their chargers on her bed as she prepares for lecture.

She has a lecture scheduled to start by 9 and end by 11. For the first time in two weeks, lecture rooms have been opened at last. She walked into the bathroom to clean her mouth and take her bath. She removed the towel from her body and picked up her sponge and soap when there was a banging sound on the door.

“Who could this be? Early in the morning. Maybe Chioma and Dara.” She said as she washed her hands off the soap and tied the towel firmly on her body. She walked out of the bathroom. Stephanie rushed into the room dressed in her night gown too.

“Here you are Tola?” She said crying as she slumped on the bed. Tola feared the worst but waved off the thought.

“Steph, what’s the matter?” She asked fearfully.

“Chioma…..Chi….Chioma.” She stuttered.

“What happened to her?” Tola asked, her agitation growing.

“She is…. I saw her her dead body somewhere there.”

“Not again!” She screamed falling down in the process. Tola changed her clothes and together with Stephanie and some other occupants of their hostel all ran to where Chioma’s body was. But before they got there, her body has been transferred to the school’s teaching hospital’s mortuary.




“Mr Bankole, tell me something I don’t know about the student’s of this school.” The head of students affairs, Mr Okanlawon said.

“Sir, if I tell you I know what’s going on I’ll be lying.” Bankole replied.

“You can just imagine. You a whole Chief Security Officer of the school and three students have been killed in two weeks by unknown killers. Yet you said you don’t know what’s going on.” Mr Bankole bent his head in shame.

“Every sane human will know that there is more to this killings. Let me ask you. Have you ever tried to find out where these girls live? No. They all live together. Now think about it. Five girls live together and three has already been killed. Don’t you know the other two are in trouble?” Mr Okanlawon asked. The door into the office opened and the secretary walked in.

“What is it Ann?” Okanlawon asked his secretary.

“Sir, some angry students are out there demanding your presence or they’ll turn violent.” Ann said.

“You see. Head of Student’s affairs will always be in trouble whereas, the school security men are far from doing their job.” Okanlawon poured out. “Lets go and talk to them” Okanlawon said as he stood up and walked out of the office.

On getting outside, Mr Okanlawon tried his best in making the group of protesters calm down but they kept asking question. The group was led by a final year law student, an activist in the making.

“Tell us what the school security is doing on the killing of our friends and sisters.” Joe, the leader of the group of protesters requested.

“Thank you Joe. Mr Bankole is here too. Mr Bankole come right here.” Mr Bankole stepped forward to address the students.

“I pray these girls rest in peace. The school’s security is making effort to bring the killers of these girls to book and the police are helping us on this too. But the first thing we noticed was that, the girls being killed are friends and they live together. There is every chance that they are members of the notorious female cult group, Jezebel of what do they call them.” Bankole began.

On hearing this, the protesters stepped forward and attacked Mr Bankole despite the franctic effort made by Joe to stop them from going violent.

“How dare you?” They asked as they kicked, hit and punched him all over his body and he pleaded for mercy. It took the efforts of the security men in the student affairs’s administrative block to stop the attack on the CSO.

Joe was taken to custody as the leader of the group and the others sent away from the premises while the CSO was taken to the health centre for treatment from injuries sustained.


Kelvin opened his eyes as the ray of light hit him directly in the face. He slept late in the night and here he was waking up late. Truly, early to bed is early to rise. The event of the previous night came playing in his head and he smiled. He remembered how he drove into the restaurant’s parking lot, got down from his car, adjusted his cloth and walked into the brightly lit restaurant. He was quick to notice Sandra Oselu seated in the far end of the restaurant. One thing that drew his attention was flashes from journalist camera. They all are taking pictures of the popular model.

Kelvin, feeling on top of the world walked towards her full of himself, took her hand and kissed the back of her hand like a gentleman from Italy will do to his most priceless Jewel.

“Lord, I thank you….” He was saying when his phone vibrated. He stopped praying and picked up the phone, it was a message from Sandra which reads; Good morning dear, hope you had a nice night rest? He smiled as he sat down on the bed and started typing his reply to the message. He ended up chatting with her for several minutes before he realised that he is yet to pray, neither has he brushed his teeth or taken his bath.

He dropped his phone and walked towards the bathroom to do the necessary cleaning. Certainly, today is not the day to pray. He came back into the bedroom dressed in his tommy Hilfiger boxers as he began getting dressed for the day.


Victoria Vicky walked into the living room of her mother’s duplex located in the high brow suburb of Lagos state. Her mother, Mrs Sarah Obi Patrick was Chief Obi Patrick’s first and only wife even though they are divorced now. Their marriage was blessed with three children, two boys, Clement and Kelvin and a girl, Victoria. The twenty five year old girl lived happily with her parents and brothers until the age of fifteen when she just got promoted to the final year in the secondary school, Senior Secondary School three when Chief Patrick got to know about one of his wife’s numerous extra marital affairs with his ex- business friends some fifteen years ago, exactly when Victoria was born. He filed a divorce against his wife over the charges of infidelity and unfaithfulness and irreconcilable differences.

Sarah was stripped of all she is entitled to as Mrs Patrick, she was sent packing with her daughter who Chief Obi patrick denied the paternity. Victoria who was matured enough to know what was going on at that time decided to change her name from being identified as Chief Obi Patrick’s daughter. She stopped being Victoria Patrick and changed her name to Victoria Vicky Adesola, her mother’s maiden name.

After several attempt to make her face her studies, she dropped out of school in her second year in the university after she was admitted to study Petrol-chemical engineering.

“Victoria. Where are you coming from since last week?” Her mother asked.

“Mum. I was with my friends, Tobi and Odunayo.” She replied.

“But those girls are in school studying and you are not. Are they on holidays?” Her mother asked.

“No mum. You know they’ll graduate next month so we are working on their project.” She lied.

“Working on a final year student’s project? With half education. Okay o.” Her mother said but not buying her lies completely. Victoria is a professional assasin and a highway armed robber. She is the joint leader of her gang which has perpetrated so many operations in the city of Lagos and beyond. It seemed that every child born of Chief Obi Patrick must in one way or the other be involved with guns. Clement the first son is a policeman, Kelvin, the second son is a terrorist while Victoria, the last child and the only daughter is an assasin. Only time would tell.

to be continued–