Agyemang 5


“I’m sorry Agyemang, the accident was too fatal, Emy gave up her life” Joe said.  I must be dreaming or something. Emy can’t die, this is just impossible for me to take. 
I couldn’t cry, I couldn’t say a word. I just broke down that very minute and sat down on the floor. I was totally silent and looked distant. Then it all came back to me. Was Joan responsible for all this?  I began to feel guilty. How on earth did I get involve with such a girl?
The more I thought about it, the more I freaked out. I am not a person who is into superstitious beliefs but with the turn out  of events around me, I knew I can’t  take it  lightly.  I had to do something. Maybe I needed to get out of town for a while. 
I couldn’t  hang around knowing that the people I care about may be in danger because of me. After all I am a stranger here in Accra and I don’t think me leaving will be much of a problem. 
It’d been two weeks now since Emy’s death and honestly speaking, I couldn’t come to the point of believing that she was really gone for good. Everything around me reminded me of her. The perfume I use was even based on her recommendation. The rice cooker she bought for me on my birthday… Emy was just a special person to me. If I was going to be in love with anyone, it would have been her but now she is  gone. 
I changed my cell phone number because I didn’t want to get involved with Jacky or her mother. It was a good thing that both of them didn’t know my house. I was so sure that I would have been in jail by now if they really knew my whereabouts. 
I had already made up my mind to leave town and resettle somewhere else. The only thing that kept me here was that, I wanted to pay my last respect to Emy before she is buried. For these two weeks, everything had been quiet, I kept mourning my departed friend that I barely had anything to eat. I practically lost appetite.
I got a surprise visit from Esther, one of the ladies I hooked up with as soon as I came to Accra. To be honest, she was the first lady I got involved with ever since I came here.  I even met her before my friends. Even though we really had nothing serious going on, I really enjoyed her company. 
Esther had her own problems. At first I was just someone she could talk to anytime her boyfriend treated her bad. As matter of fact, she took solace in me anytime her boyfriend abused her. I never got the chance to meet her boyfriend to talk some sense into him just because Esther wouldn’t allow me. 
She was practically not interested in her relationship and with my company; she felt that someone really cared. One thing led to the other and we got intimately involved. It was just until last month that she ended everything with me for the reason that her boyfriend had decided to change. I didn’t hear anything from her again and trust me I was really into her. It wasn’t love but I was just into her and when she ended everything I was really hurt but I had no option than to let everything go. 
She gave me a reason to smile in a long while when she came by my place. I had missed her and was so glad to see her once again. Even though we were both happy to see each other, I could tell that she wasn’t really happy. Just by looking straight into her eyes
“Is everything alright Esther? I asked. 
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“I don’t know how you are going to take this Agyi..” She said.
“Agyi” she was the only one who called me that. It sounded so sweet and romantic and to hear her call me that way again made me realize how much I really missed her. Anytime she calls me by that (Agyi), I could hear resounding echoes in my mind. 
“Don’t tell me that your so called boyfriend hit you again” I said. 
“No, no, no, it’s worse than that Agyi. As a matter of fact, he has been really sweet lately and I’m really loving him for that” She said. 
I don’t know  what went wrong with me, as soon as she said that, I felt jealous for the first time. But hey, I had no option than to hide my feelings. 
“Then what is it? Go ahead, talk to me. You know I am always here for you” I said. 
She then took my hand and looked straight into my eyes. For a moment, I thought she was actually going to kiss me  because when it comes  to Esther, anytime she looked straight into my eyes like that I knew that she wanted a passionate kiss. But I was wrong this time around. 
“I’m pregnant Agyi, I am pregnant for you” She revealed. 
That was the shock of my life, I wasn’t ready to be a father but as she told me that, I was jumping for joy forgetting that I was mourning. 
“This calls for celebration” I said 
“Agyi, stop it, stop it. Don’t you get the picture here? You are the father of my unborn child but you can’t take responsibility for it. I am engaged now and you know what that means to me” She said
That was the very moment I realised  how selfish I could be. “I don’t care about that, that’s my child and you can’t deny my responsibility. Did your so called boyfriend think of this before he treated you that way” I shouted at her. I was really becoming angry. 
“Agyi, you don’t understand me, He already thinks that he is the father, don’t spoil this for me. Please” She said. 
I couldn’t believe my ears, Esther must be going nuts. I almost insulted her  but once  again a knock came from my door. I quickly excused myself and went to open the door. It was Joe, he was really looking happy this time around.  As soon as I opened the door he jumped and hugged me. 
As of that moment, the only good news I wished Joe  had for me was that Emy had resurrected. That was the only news I wished for. 
He came in and to my surprise he freaked out when he saw Esther. It appeared that they both knew each other.  
“What are you doing here Esther? Joe asked. Esther was speechless and looked so confused. 
“Joe, you know Esther too, she is a good friend of mine” I said.
“Are you kidding me, She is my fiancé, as a matter of fact, I came here to tell you that I’m going to be a father soon” Joe revealed. 
To be continue tomorrow. 
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