My Misery Episode 3


 I was so sure my dad could not solve the puzzle behind his friend’s son starring at me for several seconds. His name is Davidson. His dad, Mr. John was my dad’s primary school mate way back-Very good friends. 
Mr. John’s wife is late. But he’s married again. Did you just ask why I havn’t mentioned my mom so far? Well, she’s late. She passed away when I was two. According to my dad, she only just stopped breast feeding me before the cold hand of death snatched her away. My dad vowed never to get married again.. According to him, he wanna pay mom that last respect. 
Mr. Johnson’s house is a three bedroom flat. But the third room is kind of on its own. It has its own door from outside. One room for his son, Davidson, the master bedroom for him and his wife. Now he’s giving the third one to my dad. It was pretty cool except that we had to share same bathroom and toilet. 
His wife travelled so its’s been him and Davidson all alone in the big house. I got a broom, did a little clean up, laid down on the bed after stressed day, gave out a warm smile and allowed my mind think freely of Davidson. 
For some reason I was happy our house collapsed ‘cos it’s the reason I was able to meet Davidson again. But little did I know that this is where my Misery all Began!
To be continued tomorrow