My Misery Episode 4


 I didn’t go to the shop the following day. I was fatigued by the tidying up and the depressed mind of our collapsed buillding. I wondered how many months its going to take dad to raise the building again. 
Davidson’s dad wouldn’t let my dad go rent a house. He said he doesn’t want my dad to be far away from him again. He is so nice. Or atleast so we thought. Lemme give you a picture of Davidson. He is 23. A year older than me. Quite fair in complexion. Fairly tall. What he doesn’t has in facial looks, he got it in his well built body. He took after his dad. 
He’s in his 200 level, studying computer science in the University. His school is on holiday. How did I get to know all these? He actually told me. 
We talked alot on this day that I didn’t go to shop. We talked like we would never meet again. But we kept our feelings to ourselves. 
I went to shop the next morning. Before I left, I did smth quite crazy. I peeped his room cos he went out to buy some stuff. I noticed he was composing a letter! I was eagerly expecting a proposal that day. 
When I returned that evening and went to say hi to him, he grabbed my hand and said, 
“Farida, I am in love with you.” so cool, he didn’t use the letter. I remember Amina telling me I should never say yes to a guy that very day he proposes. 
With that though in my mind, I wanted to withdraw my hand from his. I wanted to just walk away to my room. I wanted to push him away and pretend I don’t love him. But I didn’t. I couldn’t rather. Instead I buried my head in his arms and let him know I have falling for him right from day One, the day I first met him. 
So for the first time in my life I was in a relationship. I wish I could see the future, so I could tell that I was making the worst decision of my life.
To be continued