Agony Of Love ~Episode 8


How wicked the world could be, the people whom you trust so much can betray you.
sister Abigail! I shouted, how could this happen.
erm, erm, i can explain this. Please she pleaded.
Actually you need not to explain, i heard everything you guys were saying. George hanged his head in shame without saying a word and stared at me.
I just shook my head and tears begun to flow down my cheeks.
So you had feelings for him and you never told me i asked.
It’s not that simple ok, how were you going to understand.
But yea, i now understand that you have been sleeping with my boyfriend without shame.
You just left church and you headed straight here to have sex with him. You are so unbelievable. I told her and left the hall.
George met me at the gate pleading with me to please listen to him. He went on explaining how he and Abigail used to date and broke up but she kept pestering him to come back. I slapped him and left for home.
Before i left for church, i told my mom i would pay a visit to George afterwards. She asked how he was doing and i said he was fine. My mom wasn’t ok with my answer and knew everything was not alright but ignored me. I am a jovial and funny person but this particular day, i went about doing my duties quietly. Supper was fufu and light soup but i just dip my hands in the fufu and made ugly holes in them.
My little brother looked at me and said to me, if you are not going to eat the fufu at least give to those who will chop now. I forced a smile and gave the food to him and left for my room, the room that i share with my two siblings, i locked the door, sat behind the door on the floor and cried my eyes out. If anyone could betray me, i never expected that my own school mom would hurt me so much. And the fact that they have been sleeping together for years. I even guess it wasn’t at home only but at school. No wonder she begun discouraging me from being friends with George in the first place.
After crying my eyes out, i left the room to go for a stroll on the beach. I left my phone to avoid any unwanted calls from those two bastards. When i came back i had 90 missed calls from Sister Abigail and 160 from George. My mom asked me who were those who had called me when i was out. I lied to my mom that it was my friends.
My life wasn’t normal anymore. I couldn’t eat nor sleep. Even at the shop, i was rude to customers who reported my attitude to my mom. She called me one evening after returning from the store and inquired about my behavior of late. I told her i was fine and got up to leave her presence.
will you sit over there, she said harshly.
My mom had never used that tone on me before.
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I sat down quietly.  you can lie to me that you are fine but you are not, am your mother and you are my daughter. Please let me know what is wrong with you. She said using her mummy’s  voice. I looked into my mum’s eyes showing concern. How was i going to tell my mom about this whole issue. I was silent and in deep thoughts.
please my dear, she pleaded once more.
Mummy am really sorry for hurting you so much this week. For making you worry about me. I said in tears.
Are you pregnant? my mom asked
 ” No mom, no. I replied.
Then tell what is wrong with you. My phone began ringing and it was George. I cut the line and put the phone away. My mom picked and saw that it was a missed call from George.
Is he the reason for your state like this. I nodded my head and told my mom the whole story in tears. She was shocked and told me that it happens but that i should be careful next time. She gave me a mothers hug. A problem shared is half solved indeed. I felt a relief and joy within me. I was glad my mom didn’t insult me. I begun coping with life as usual and became the one vibrant girl.
School reopened two weeks after and i prepared for school. Mother advised me to take my books more seriously and forget about relationships. She ended her words with” everything you deserve will come to you my dear. I boarded a bus back to school with the words of my mother ringing in my head.
Find out what happens in the next episode 9 as we get back to school.
To be continued……