Good Sin Season2 – Episode 7 – “Blood is thicker than water”


Patrick heard her fell and quickly run to her rescue but unfortunately, he came to meet Dzifa lying down motionless below the staircase with blood gashing though her nostrils.
With the help of the hotel attendants, she was then rushed to the nearby hospital to receive emergency care. Patrick was so worried that he began to blame himself for what had happened to his wife, Dzifa. He thought perhaps, he shouldn’t have confronted her that way.
He kept moving to and fro right in front of Dzifa’s ward where she was being attended to by the medical doctors. All this while, Ben knew he had just worsened his situation by physically abusing Dzifa. He knew that if not now, sooner the police will be after him and the only thing he could think of right at this moment was to just make peace with Eva before anything happens.
He however didn’t know where to find Eva after he rushed to her house but she was no where to be found. He then went into hiding but somewhere very close until he finally meets Eva.
Back at the hospital where Eva’s mother was, She was getting healthier by every passing second. Eva didn’t find it right to question her about her mysterious sister at that moment but when she least expected, her mother brought it up herself.
“My daughter, get closer, I have something to tell you.” She said.
Eva by then was getting ready to feed her mother with some soup when she called her to get closer. “But mother, you need to eat something. The soup is almost ready” She said.
“That can wait, I have something to tell you” She said. Eva had no option than to get closer to her as her mother had said. That was when she began revealing everything to Eva.
“Before I got married to your father, I had a two year old daughter from a different man. Though I gave birth out of wedlock, your father decided to marry me anyway. It was just after six months after our marriage that the father of my first child began making claims for his child. Initially I didn’t want to do it, but your father convinced me and i eventually gave her away to her father. That was the last time I set my eyes on her. I never saw both of them ever again even after I searched for them everywhere until about 5 months ago, I heard he had passed away. Yet, I have not being able to see my daughter, your sister till now and neither do I know her whereabouts. I kept all this away from you because I didn’t want you to grow up thinking that I am irresponsible woman. But you have a sister, her name is Dzifa” She revealed.
That was enough for Eva to know that Dzifa was truly her step sister. Eva was just astonished; now all that happened between her and Dzifa started coming back to her.
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She began feeling bad for having such hatred for her sister. She felt that no matter what Dzifa may have done to her, at the end of the day, she was still her blood and her own sister. There was no way she could repay her back with such hatred even to the extent of sleeping with her husband. Eva was completely selfless about this.
She wanted to let go of everything and start her whole life afresh. Tears then started coming down from her eyes and she began to think all this through. Eva then took her mother by hand and began to also open up to her.
“Mum, you could have just told me earlier, now I have done some terrible things that I don’t even know how to make amendment” she said.“I know this Dzifa you are talking about, I have met her and she had been my friend all this while” She continued.
Her mother couldn’t believe her; she thought it was impossible until Eva showed the picture of the portrait she saw back at Patrick’s house. As smart as she was, she had taken a picture of that portrait knowing very well that she may need it when confronting her mother about it.
“How did you get this picture, that’s my daughter with her father and myself” She said.
“She has grown into a beautiful woman now, mother and she is even married. I saw this picture at her house” Eva said with tears in her eyes. Right then she dialed Patrick’s number so that she could talk to Dzifa and tell her about the news.
To her surprise, Patrick didn’t even delay picking up the phone.
“Eva, is good you called, what’s your blood type” He desperately asked. Eva was just surprised about what Patrick was asking her. He sounded very desperate and sacred on the phone.
“Is everything alright? what’s going on? why that question” Eva feeling very uncomfortable, asked.
“Please, it’s a matter of life and death, answer me, what’s your blood type” Patrick asked again.
“O positive. Patrick what’s going, tell me, please” Eva asked.
“Dzifa is in a critical condition and she needs your blood immediately. Your blood type is just perfect, Please come over quickly” Patrick said.
Eva was just stunned by what she heard. She then wondered what could have happened to Dzifa for her to be in such critical condition.
To Be Continued.
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