Agony Of Love ~Episode 9


When I got to the bus terminal, I met Lydia my best friend who kept asking me why I had not called her during the vacation and I gave her an excuse that I had lost my phone. she was ok with the excuse and inquired if sister Abigail would be in school today I nodded yes and knowing sister Abigail and punctuality with school. Lydia whispered in my ear that she had something to tell me. Lydia was a gist giver; she knew all the facts about everyone in school. She was a juicy gossip girl. After the short conversation with Lydia we boarded a bus and left for school.
When we got to Sekondi we alighted at the school junction and chattered a taxi to our campus. On our arrival, I met Sister Abigail unpacking her things from her daddy’s car I had wanted to pass by but since her daddy knew me as her school daughter I couldn’t pass without saying hello. He asked about the welfare of my parents and siblings and also how I spent my vacation. I just ignored Sister Abigail as though I hadn’t seen her. Her things were being carried into the dormitory by some juniors and Lydia.
Mr.Asare, Abby’s father left advising the two of us. I could see he was unaware of what had happened between the two of us . 
“Be a good mother to my granddaughter,” Mr. Asare said giggling. For the first time that sister Abby introduced me to her dad, he said I was his granddaughter. He handed me an envelope full of money and I thanked him for the gift. As soon as Mr. Asare left, Sister Abigail called me, and I ignored her because I now had no regard for her anymore.
The first day on reopening in school, dinning is not served due to the low turnout of students; I prepared banku and fried some fish to go with it. Unknown to me, Lydia had also cooked rice. We decided to eat Lydia’s rice and preserve the banku for the next day. 
After supper, Lydia decided to unpack her things into her locker. As for me, packing was one thing that I hated doing but Sister Abigail also did all my packing for me, and now that we were not friends anymore I was feeling lazy to do it.
I just lay on the bed and watched Lydia packing her things. “You promised to tell me something” I said 
“You and gossip” she replied folding her uniforms 
“But you told me you will tell me something”
“What is going on between you and Sister Abigail, she asked.
“Really? So is that what you said you will tell you, 
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“Ah that doesn’t answer my question, she replied 
“There is nothing actually,I answered. Lydia continued telling me that, she noticed the way we stared at each other and the fact that when I saw Sister Abby I didn’t shout as I always did. And even when I didn’t even help her with her things it was quite obvious. I told Lydia that there was nothing going on just that we argued at home and that we will be ok. She just accepted the explanation and told me that she had her eyes on us and that if I had lied to her she would soon find out.
She finally finished her packing and I begged her to do mine for me.  But I thought sister Abby is the one who does that for you? Lydia said. If you say there is nothing then go and call her to do it for you. 
I was really surprised at how daring Lydia was, no wonder she was a gossip girl. She always wanted to know the truth about everything. I then fully understood why no one dared her because  she always had her fact right.
So you think that I can’t go ask my own school mom to do my packing for me? I replied now fuming with anger. No. all that am telling you is that I wont do your packing for you. She pulled her tongue at me and left the room to go to the other house. She came back stood over my bed and told me to prove her wrong. I was getting angry at the way Lydia was taking the issue.  Okay watch me girl. I walked out and headed straight to Sister Abby’s room.
She was lying on her bed quietly. I tapped her and she looked at me. I saw her eyes were red, I knew she had been crying. How was I going to ask someone in pain to help me pack my things. I decided to forget and walk away but she held me back and said “ do you want me to help you pack “ I nodded and she smiled. She followed me to my room. In a few minutes she was done with folding my clothes neatly in my locker. We never said a word to each other.
“ Naa, am truly sorry for what I did to you ok” she said and left for her room.
All this while Lydia was hiding behind the door watching us unknown to me. She entered laughing and said, ‘ you can fool anybody but not me” she jumped into her bed. How was I going to cope on campus with all this hate in my heart for my dearest school mom, the one who helped me through school, always being there for. She never allowed any one to send me around or even punish me. And I loved her so much like my own mother.
Do you guys think I should forgive my school? Comments please 
To be continued……