Agony Of Love ~Episode 10


Classes began smoothly a week after reopening. I went back to being the once vibrant and perfect school girl. The friendship between Lydia and I grew stronger than ever. We did virtually everything together though we were not in the same class. I was still not in talking terms with Sister Abby. This surprised everyone because everyone knew how close we were.
When i became her school daughter, she never allowed the seniors to send me around, or even punish me. I was virtually treated as a princess unlike the other form ones. So when people got to know that we were not in talking terms, some were very happy especially the seniors because they would now get the chance to do all those silly things to me.
One fateful Saturday evening, after entertainment, I was lying on my bed when a girl in my house told me Sister Debby was calling me. I was quite scared because of the person that lady was. She was the female “Adolf Hitler” of our school. Everyone feared that sister even her own mates because of the way she treated others. She could make you do the most silly and stupid things without regarding your feelings. The worst part was that she wasn’t a prefect just a common floor member, but she had authority more than everyone. I obediently went to see Sister Debby in her house. I met her at the door.
“Sister Debby you called for me, I said 
“You must be Naa, I supposed, she said.
Was that a question or a statement, as if she didn’t know me already? She handed me a bucket of dirty plates to go and wash for me. I took them and went straight to the tap. I didn’t want to have any problem with her. Since she didn’t give me any soap or sponge to wash the bowls, I just rinsed the bowls with tap water and took it back to her room; she was chatting busily with her friends and thus didn’t care to check. I quickly run to my dormitory, changed into my night wear and slept.
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I had a dream that night, in the dream it was raining heavily and there was nowhere for me to take shelter. A few meters away, I saw my school mom standing under a shed calling me to come and stand there for the storm was getting strong. I didn’t want to go there, but I was getting too wet and cold. Immediately I ran there, I felt a hard slap on my face, I got up from my sleep and there stood Sister Debby with an empty bucket, she had just poured water on me. I opened my mouth in shock at her. I didn’t even know what to say.
“Stupid girl! She shouted at me. Who do you think you are to disrespect me in such a way? Follow me. Everyone in the dormitory was shocked at what she had just done. It was despicable, my house prefect confronted her and she shouted at her to stay out of it. She went from house to house and when she got there, she asked the girls in the room if they had any dirty plate. She would collect them and give it to me. When the exercise was over, it was almost time for lights out, she stood by me and instructed i wash the plates.  I felt like crying but I didn’t want to make her see that she had won.
“So you didn’t know who you were dealing with.’ Huh.
She kept on ruining insults on me and what hurt me most was when she said I was raised by animals in a thick forest no wonder I had no respect for human beings like her. Did she expect me to show her respect for her rude and incorrigible behavior at all? I could not stand her words and I gave it to her. 
“You think you are the boss of the jungle huh? You are the most stupid person ever on this campus. I don’t fear you okay, how dare you refer to my parents as animals. And no one is your slave over here, I spoke shoving my finger in her face.
I threw the dirty water on her and left. Our argument had drawn the attention of everyone, and they stood on the veranda watching us. The form ones were giving me fans and the seniors were amazed at how I had insulted her. Sister Debby stood there shaking her head in shock at how a mere form one can do that to her. I was the hero for that night.
Find out what Sister Debby will do to me in the next episode.
To be continued………