Agony Of Love ~Episode 11


Gossip they say spread like wildfire so did what happened between sister Debby and I spread all over campus. My classmates kept hailing me for challenging that lady. She was more than a terrorist. I went about my normal life on campus without any fear. That incident was like a blow to Sister Debby’s ego, she stopped her behavior of worrying students, unknown to me she was planing to wage a war against me.
One fine Monday morning, after performing my morning duty, took my bath, I couldn’t find my school uniform,. I was a perfectionist so i hated being late on Mondays. I had ironed my uniform the previous day after church service and hanged it on my Hanger, but it was no where to be found. I asked Lydia if she had seen my uniform but she said no. I checked my locker, but it wasn’t there. I wondered who had come for my uniform.
I kept on asking the girls in my dormitory but they all said they had not seen it. So how was I going to go to class, naked? I was getting late and the sisters on duty were asking us to leave for morning assembly.
In a state of confusion, I sat on my bed almost in tears when I heard the girls screaming and laughing . I quickly run out to see what was going on. To my utmost surprise, there stood sister Debby in our compound with my well ironed uniform in her hand. I quickly run down and asked her to give me my uniform. She stared at me, put it on the floor and walked on it. I Attempted to collect it but she threw it to another sister who stepped on it, I was getting furious and looking helpless because  everyone expected me to do something.
They passed it on and whoever got it did whatever they felt like doing to it. Some poured water on it, some spat on it and some even walked on it. As they were passing it around, it landed on my school mom, who was passing by to class, she and sister Debby were very good friends and thus I  expected her to even throw it into the nearby gutter but she said to them “ as seniors you are to put up good behaviors and not do this stupid things. when you were just like her, no one ever treated you like this, she handed me my uniform and shouted at the spectators to get back to class. She took me to her room and gave me one of her uniforms. “ thank you, I said.
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Don’t mention it at all.
I thought you would give it to her” she said laughing, so what at all happened to you the night you gave it to her
“ I don’t even know mpo, hmm but I was really angry for she had poured water on me and even had the guts to insult my parents.
My school mom and I conversed going back to what had happen to me over the days. It was just like old times, she even didn’t have to apologize because  I had already forgiven her. And also I learnt something that, never let one mistake done by a loved one destroy all the good things you both shared. Sister Debby wasn’t proud as everyone thought she was.
That same morning at assembly she stood in front of the whole school to apologize to me and everyone for how harshly she had spoken to us and also for how badly she had behaved toward us. Some said that, she did that because she was in her final year and was leaving school and didn’t know where she might meet any of us.
To be continued…….