Agony Of Love ~Episode 12


Time they say fly so quickly and so was school, Sister Abby finally completed and left soon with 6 As and 2 Bs. She gain admission to read Law at the Yale University in America. We kept in touch as often as possible and whenever she came down to Ghana for the holidays she would buy me lots of goodies.
I also visited their home a couple of times. In school i was made the Girls Prefect due to my academic excellence and discipline, though it was not a surprise to any one. I did my possible best to make school lively and enjoyable for everyone.
During my term of office, i fell in love with one of our male teachers. Daniel Baidoo was the name of the teacher. I knew that student teacher relationships were not allowed but i couldn’t help it. Our relationship started when i applied for extra tuition in his class. Amongst all the subjects that we did, core science was my weakest and i needed to get help.
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We were actually five students and  i was the only female and thus he gave me special attention, referring to me as his daughter. And top of all, he was a handsome young man and no sane woman would resist him. It was even rumored that two of our female teachers were fighting over him. But i didn’t care at all, all that mattered to me was that i was in love with him.
Even after the extra classes, i would wait behind and we would chat until dinning time. It became a habit of mine and i always gave the excuse of extra classes. After all i was the girls prefect and no one dare challenge me. Honestly speaking, my parents were just wasting their money, because whenever he was teaching my mind was always on him, how handsome he looked in his shirt and all that.
Though Saturdays were out of the extra classes, Daniel would come to school, cook home chow for us to eat together. And in the evenings since i don’t go for entertainment, we would meet and chat and kiss. As a girls prefect, i was given a phone to use in the dormitory to report any emergencies. I used that to talk Daniel every night. He would call me in the morning to wake me up, he was my rising bell and later at night to wish me good night.
Unknown to me, my assistant had been observing me. One evening after entertainment, my assistant told me i was wanted by our senior house mistress. Eii! I thought what at all is this woman going to tell me that can’t wait.
Find out in the next episode.