Agony of Chioma Episode 9


‘’noooooo chioma!!!’’
‘’jake jake doctor doctor!!!’’ a voice shouted
Two nurses and a doctor ran into the room immediately
‘’doctor he just shouted’’ emeka said fearfully
The doctor quickly used his stethoscope to check jakes heart beat
‘’he is alright,nurse give him ******* 5mg injection’’
‘’doctor are you sure he is alright’’ emeka asked
‘’he is,he will wake soon’’
Three hours later chief was already in the hospital with cindy as jake quickly spranked up from the hospital bed
‘’jake are you alright???’’
‘’dad,am fine..pls am hungry I need food’’
‘’emeka pls go to any close by fast food and get him something to eat pls be fast about that’’
‘’no problem sir’’ emeka said and ran out of the room
‘’jake how are you now??’’ cindy asked
‘’am getting better now,pls where is chioma’’ jake asked
‘’chioma?? Who is chioma’’ cindy asked looking at dad
‘’ermm didn’t you see any girl here’’
‘’girl?? Dad there wasn’t any girl here’’cindy said
‘’by the way who is this chioma’’ chief madu asked
Emeka walked into the room with chicken republic nylon and handed it over to him
‘’guy how far na’’ emeka asked sitting close to jake on the hospital bed
‘’where is chioma?’’jake asked
‘’chioma,chioma,chioma who is chioma’’ chief asked again
The room was silent as emekas head was down
‘’chioma is my friend,and also my class mate’’
‘’uncle those girls you saw yesterday’’
‘’what?? That girl that her useless uncle tried to kill you.dont worry son I got them arrested’’
‘’dad!!!! Why do you have to arrest her,she didn’t do anything she was even the one that saved me from her uncle’’
‘’save that for yourselve son,they must suffer for what they did’’
‘’no no dad,am not eating until you get them out’’
‘’jake whats with you and this girl,dad I hope someone isnt using evil powers on jake’’ cindy said with concern
‘’you are stupid for that question’’ jake fired
‘’shut up your mouth jake your sister is right’’
Jake saw that his dad was serious and mean so he decided to act cool so they wont suspect anything. He looked emeka before talking
‘’dad am only concerned about what my classmates and friends would say when they hear that my dad arrested my classmates family,cmon dad it does make sense at all’’
‘’dad jake is somehow right,just release them at least they tried by bringing him to the hospital instead of running away or dumping him some where’’ cindy pleaded also
Chief thought for some seconds before sighing
‘’well if you say so but jake you have to be careful in this village’’
‘’okk dad I will,how is mum’’
‘’she is fine,she called this morning but I didn’t tell her anything about your state of health because she wont rest her mind’’
‘’that’s true but didn’t she ask of me when she called’’
‘’she asked but I told her you werent around then’’
‘’and she must be calling me because its been five days we talked last but my phone is down’’
‘’okk how are you seeing this village’’ my dad asked looking at me to know my reactions
‘’(smiling) quite ok ,I can now play ogene’’
‘’are you serious , my son is now adapting that’s very good of you; you have impressed me’’
‘’thank you dad,its emekas handiwork’’
‘’emeka that very good of you’’
‘’thank you uncle’’
‘’am going to a meeting in the kings palace, I have spoken with the doctor and he said that you will be discharged this evening’’
‘’dad am already ok,I want to go home’’
‘’are you sure??’’cindy asked
‘’ yea am alright now’’
‘’let me quickly see the doctor because he will soon leave’’ my dad said and left the room
Hours later i was discharged as the doctor said I had to finish my drip before living. My dad had already gone for his meeting,emeka called kimkom to come take us home and in less than an hour I was at home.
My dad later called me to informed that he has released chioma’s family and I was so happy.The rest of the day was uneventful as I was thinking of chioma althrough,a part of me wanted to visit her but I felt like not going because my presence may irritate her.

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No one went to church,mama cooked banger soup by her self as we all ate in the family table. After the food,emeka,cindy and I played cards,ludo before we started gisting. I never knew cindy could talk as she was so free with emeka{its normal anyway}.finally evening came as cindy and my dad were ready for the airport to go back to lagos but before they left cindy called me to a corner to have some words with me
‘’jake I want us to discuss something’’ she said authoritatively
‘’hope all is well?’’ I asked innocently
‘’why will all be well……….’’

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To be continued,……..