Agony of Chioma Episode 10


‘’why will everything be alright when your last call with Hannah was three weeks ago’’ said cindy

‘’hahahaha’’ jake laughed ‘’is that why you are angry ok cindy I have been busy with school so I just don’t have time to call her ,extend my greetings to her and I will try call her’’
‘’don’t tell me that ,jake even if you were as busy as a bee you still use to call her but ever since you came down to this place you have changed totally,’’

‘’chioma that was then now I see education aint that easy and in my school once you fail any course you are doomed it’s a science school so I really need to work hard’’

‘’save that jake I know you are sound academically ,so don’t use that as an excuse tell me who is chioma’’

‘’what does chioma have to do with this’’

‘’you see you Are guilty did I say chioma has anything to do with our talk’’ I sighed ,yea I was busted by my sister, she caught me

‘’jake tell me she is your new girl right ‘’

‘’(stammering) not really its just that we are friends’’

‘’jake after everything Hannah shared with you, after our family relation with hers , I bet you she must curse you’’ cindy said and left

I was left with my own taught ,cindy was somehow right but I don’t care because am following my heart….

That same day I called chioma ten good times but she wasn’t picking my calls, I still wanted to visit but I just decided not to.. Mama also changed in attitude as she never allowed me or emeka to go out .

The next day was a Monday but I didn’t go to school because I was still recovering ,at school close my house was crowded with almond school of science {A-S} student mostly from my class ss2 as they came to visit me after emeka told them what happened . I noticed chioma wasn’t with them maybe probably she didn’t want to see me but after my school mates left I asked emeka about chioma and he told me she didn’t even come to school. At this point I made up my mind to go see her but how is that possible when grand ma is at home, I need to device a way of leaving this compound without being noticed .i guess I need my partner in crimes help emeka.

‘’emeka’’ I called out gently while I went to ,meet him at the backyard


‘’jake how far’’

‘’guy pls I need your help’’

‘’how ??’’

‘’guy abeg I wan go chioma house but mama is around and she wont allow me to go out’’

‘’so wetin you want make I do’’

‘’how will I leave without mama noticing?’’

‘’I can help you oo but you will pay’’

‘’haba!! Ok how much’’

‘’just your michael kors wrist watch’’

That was my best wrist watch he asked for, I had no choice than to agree

‘’okk no problem’’

‘’come and give me the watch while I play my role’’

We went inside while I gave him the watch my mum gave me as birthday gift when she went to Dubai ..
Jake went to met mama in her room==

‘’mma jakes attention is needed in school’’

‘’how? Kwanu’’ mama asked

‘’mama shey you know that our exams is in three weeks time and all student needs to fill their exam data so they can send it to our head quarter for standard verification and vividism in order not to allow prior error and today is the dead line and jake …..’’

‘’ozugo ozugo[its enough]’’ mama shouted

‘’mama its not enough oo jake needs to be in school now so he wont fail’’

‘’asim ozugo jake bia jewe mana nata kwa osiso, asho m inu akuko’[you can go now but come back on time ,I don’t want to hear stories]’’

‘’no problem mama’’ I said and dashed out of the house as emeka followed me
‘’guy you sabi ooo,guy you be lion’’

‘’ forget that one,na my work I do’’

‘’bad guy thanks anyway you are a brother’’

‘’no p just have fun but don’t stay long and pls be very careful’’

‘’I will’’ I said and left the compound

About fifteen minutes later I arrived chiomas compound but I was outside the compound. I looked into the compound but it was deserted ,I wanted to knock but something stopped me as I pushed the gate and entered.

I got to the entrance of their building and knocked but no one responded, my heart beat became furious .i knocked again still there wasn’t any answer I was about turning back to leave when I heard

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‘’what are you doing here’’

I turned back to see Amaka Chiomas sister

‘’(stammering) good afternoon, I came to see chioma’’

‘’to cause another trouble right, jake or what ever they call you get out of this compound before the count of 2’’

‘’aunty amaka’’ I said with a pity face

‘’who is your aunty , never not to a heartless man’s son’’

‘’I know what my dad did wasn’t right but pls forgive him, I really need to see chioma thank God I survived’’

She looked at me in an evil manner and hissed before going inside the house . I turned back and was using my leg to arrange sand particles hoping to see my beautiful chioma when suddenly
‘’jesus’’ I shouted as detergent water poured on me

‘’useless boy so you still came here to cause us more pain’’ a voice said in tears as I recognised it to be chioma’s own

‘’my eye, my eyes’’ I cried out in pain………

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To be continued…….