Agony of Chioma Episode 8



“where is my brother??????”

Everyone was quiet as their heads were down

“OK just tell me he sustain an injury”

“Jake is unconscious” chioma said coldly

“I mistook him for a thief” her uncle said

“I still don’t understand, where is jake”

“emergency ward” chioma said ☝pointing with her finger

Emeka ran straight into the emergency ward and saw some nurses administering drugs to jake

“who the hell did this to my brother???” he said almost in tears as he turned back and held chioma by the neck

“you want to kill my brother”

“hey hey stop that do you want to kill her” the nurses shouted

<coughing coughing>
“(crying) I didn’t kill your brother, my uncle” she said pointing at her Uncle as she struggled for breath

“so you are the man that want to kill my brother right” emeka barked

“I don’t mean to harm him, I mistook him for a thief” chioma’s uncle said with a pity face

<phone ringing>
“emeka’s phone was ringing”

Emeka looked at his iPhone 5 and saw boldly uncle madu which was Jakes father. He looked at everyone in the room before he slid the green icon

” emeka where the hell are you, where is Jake, haven’t I told you guys not to keep late, this is past six pm and you are still outside. Mama told me it’s not been long you left the house”

“ermm uncle, ermm uncle”
Emeka ended the call

“you see what you guys have caused me, I don’t even know what to tell my uncle”

Immediately jakes phone started ringing also it was his father. Emeka collected the phone from chioma and picked the call, after explaining things to his uncle, his uncle was really mad at him.

Fifteen Minutes later ===
minutes later jakes father Chief madu arrived the community hospital with some police men…

<ward door flep open>

“who is the man that did this to my son” chief asked in vexination

Emeka pointed at chioma’s uncle

“officer arrested this man”

“ahh chief pls, I don’t mean to do this pls chief have mercy” chioma’s uncle cried out

“pls sir have mercy on him, it wasn’t intentional” chioma, amaka and some nurses pleaded

“and who are this people”

“chief that’s their uncle” emeka said

“oh same family?? Officer arrest them all”

“pls have mercy pls chief” they all pleaded as the police men took them away

“and what sort of useless hospital is this, who brought my son here” chief said angrily looking at Emeka

“not me sir” Emeka defended himself immediately

“chief calm down, the hospital may not look good to you but our head doctor here is a specialist cardiology UNTH Enugu and he is the one taking care of your son”

“you have the guts to talk to me??”

“Chief you may have more power than me financially but I am a matron well respected so you don’t have any right to rake here, this is a medical center”

“do you know I have the power to close up this filthy hospital”

“same hospital you contributed to the upbringing chief pls comport yourself” the matron said authoritatively and Chief kept calm

Now I know the saying no matter how a man is big and stubborn there must be a woman that have the power to cool him down Emeka thought.

“where is your doctor” chief asked calmly

“nice, follow me” the matron said
Emeka side of the story continues

I was a bit relieved, my blood pressure reduced a bit as I sat close to Jake looking after him. But I was still afraid, I know Chief he may not take care of me again.. “God help me”

I really felt bad for chioma and her family, she and her sister are orphans, their uncle just took responsibilities of taking care of them. Who will bail them now that’s if Chief will grant them bail.

I looked at my brother as he slept like a new born baby, I quickly flashed back to what he told me three days ago
“emeka I really love chioma, I just pray she accepts my request as her boyfriend”

“guy are you sure”

“are you the one asking this question, I really love chioma”

“OK OK what about that Hannah you told me of,”

“see forget Hannah, that love is family love, her family and ours are very close and they do help my dad same as we so am just compensating them by loving their daughter”

“hmmm since you love chioma no problem I can help you both in anyway I can”

“thanks bro.. Real gee”

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Back to present===

If Jake should hear of what his dad did, he will be mad at his dad emeka said
Doctors office
<knock knock>

‘”come in a voice said from inside”

“good evening sir, how may I help you” Dr asked

“am Chief maduekwe omeluora one of Itolu, the father of the boy in the emergency ward”

“ohhh chief omeluora nice meeting you, am doctor uchenna chukwuneche consultant of cardiology UNTH Enugu, I have heard of your good deeds in this community I must commend you for that”

“you are welcome Doctor, it’s a thing that runs in my blood being generous.. How is my son doing??”

“he is doing good, he needs full rest, and some test need to be done to ensure safety” doctor uche said

“no problem doctor just do all you have to do, am ready to pay”

“that’s not a problem chief”

“thank you doctor” chief said as he stood up to shake the doctor


“ermm before I leave let me give you a little token”

Chief madu wrote a cheque of hundred thousand naira and handed it over to the doctor and also a cheque of sixty thousand and gave the matron

“thank you very much Chief” they all appreciated

“don’t mention, omeluora runs in my blood” he laughed in an elderly manner and left the office to check on his son.

His only son was still sleeping, he spoke with emeka for sometimes before giving him twenty thousand naira to take care of their feeding or any other thing they needed money for. He promised to visit in the morning with Cindy who returned with him..
===Jakes part of the story

Gradually I felt strength coming back to me, my muscles were reconnecting. I opened my eyes slightly and the Ray of sunlight penetrated my iris, I looked around and saw nothing only my body suspended on the Air.

My heart skipped. I begun to imagine where I was and why the force of gravity is not acting on me.

“am I dead” I thought
“no it can’t be, I can’t leave chioma, my parents, Cindy even Hannah, emeka Grand ma”

Tears dropped from my eyes, I gently closed my eyes and shouted

“nooooo chioma!!!!”

“Jake jake Jake Doctor!!! Doctor” a voice shouted in confusion

To be continued…..