Agony of Chioma Episode 76


As soon as Linda got home, she went to her room under her bed and brought out the doll baby and the box of pin. She brought out a pin from the box and used it to pierce the right hand of the doll, she then used it in pinching all the part of the doll.

‘’haha chioma this is just the beginning of your suffering’’ linda said keeping back the doll under her bed.
‘’what is the problem??? Chioma chioma’’ amaka asked anxiously as chioma was shouting and scratching her body with her left hand since the right one was burning and giving her a hot sensation..

‘’oh my hand, its happening to my hand…..oh God take my life, this suffering is too much’’

‘’God forbid, nuel nuel pls call a doctor’’ amaka shouted.

Nuel was so confused so he just went out to call any doctor. Chioma’s scream was disturbing most of the patient in the room since it was a general hospital but most of them felt pity for her. Nuel returned later with a doctor who wrote some drugs for them to buy.

After all trials, nothing seems to work out rather everything got worst. Chioma was in real pain and everyone who came across her could feel it, for the past two weeks she hasn’t eaten nor slept, it was as if death was the best thing for her. Finally the d-day came for her to go to india, everything she will be needing was ready while nuel drove she and her sister to muritala mohammed international airport and bade them good bye not before handing a bouquet of flower to chioma and hugged her.

Chhatrapati shivaji international airport wasn’t looking bad at all, the airport was beautiful in and out with beautiful faces all over, amaka would have loved to look around the airport but her sister condition couldn’t allow her. An emergency ambulance from kabir umar hospital was already waiting for chioma at the airport, as soon as she landed they came immediately to pick her.

Twenty minutes ride from the airport they got to the hospital which was quite big, chioma was taken to a special ward where she would undergo special scanning and other high tech test. Few days later the doctors didn’t tell amaka anything neither was her sister getting better rather more money was been paid day by day.

A total of four weeks was spent in india and the doctors couldn’t pick point what was actually wrong with her. They later informed amaka that nothing was medically seen or wrong with chioma, but her situation worsened daily. Her two leg was decaying and smelling really bad with maggot surrounding the sore, same as her paralyzed right hand, she couldn’t eat nor sleep. After so many trials and error her sister’s money was really going down gradually and chioma pleaded with amaka that she should be taken back to Nigeria for her to die since nothing was getting better.

A week later they returned back to Nigeria while amaka started making plans for chioma to be with her in Abuja, nuel couldn’t help but kept crying for chioma because the lady he use to know was now another thing entirely. Chioma was left at home when they got to abuja till the day she was going to die but the both sisters kept attending church programs and praying to God and asking for mercy since their faith and believe were against metaphysical powers. Two years passed and chioma was nothing next to a corpse, even her sister lost hope on her, she her self has no hope again. But nuel kept on coming to visit chioma every two weeks and also kept praying for her with the hope that she will get well someday.


Chief madu was terribly sick and has been lying on the sick bed for over six months, he couldn’t stand nor walk as he did most of his excretions on the bed. According to the medical experts, he has a damaged kneel cap, chronic liver disease and a heart problem but they couldn’t fish out what exactly caused the problem.

Linda after several miscarriage later gave birth to a premature baby who later died three months later. The marriage she entered forcefully wasn’t giving her joy anymore but she derived a little joy and happiness from the torture she was giving chioma. Jake on the other hand was now a confused man blinded by magic powers .

Derek the handsome boy is already grown and becoming more handsome that even teachers and students in school now fight to carry him.

‘’derek!! Your food is ready come and eat’’ cindy called while he walked down to the dinning room.

Cindy balanced him on the dinning chair and began feeding him with breakfast. As soon as he was done eating, cindy got him dressed and ready for school.

‘’where is your lunch box?? You are already late for school beside am also late for work’’ cindy said while she helped him with his lunch box and they walked out of the house….

‘’hey Derek’’ came out of jakes mouth while he was reading newspaper outside the building

‘’say good morning to daddy’’ cindy said to Derek

‘’I don’t have a daddy’’ he spoke out gently

‘’oh cmon that’s your dad’’ cindy scolded while he snubbed them and walked to where cindys’s car was parked

‘’look at this little brat, anyway I blame your stupid and useless God forsaken mother’’

‘’hey jake!!!! He doesn’t joke with his mother even though he partially knows her. You are making this kid hate you more’’

‘’who cares’’ jake replied

‘’aunty cindy how is uncle mark??’’ Derek asked of her fiancé

‘’why are you asking of him??’’ she asked concentrating on the steering

‘’I like uncle mark, he buys me chocolate and ice cream’’

‘’hahhahaha, so don’t I also buy those things for you… anyway uncle mark is fine, he asked of you this morning and he will be coming to take us out this evening’’

‘’yes!!! Yes!!’’ he shouted showing his beautiful set of teeth

‘’derek!!!’’ she exclaimed with a sharp smile

Chioma was on her sick bed, praying her last prayers because she could feel life leaving her body. She weakly glance at the television which was viewing a church program, the church was having a program the next day and something inside her said she should attend that program. She managed to get the name of the pastor as she was too weak to keep looking at the screen.

Immediately her sister came back she told her the name of the pastor and she searched the name on the internet and the name of the ministry show ‘’Gods light and power international ministry gwagwalada’’.

The next day chioma was taken to the church just for her to be pleased after all they have been attending different churches for the past years and nothing has happened. While prayers were going on and the man of God was ministering he received a ministration

‘’there is somebody here you have been in a state of sickness for the past two years, all hopes are lost and you don’t even have hope on yourself. I want to tell you that as you have entered this church today your problems has been automatically solved be free from that sickness and let your enemies be put to shame in Jesus name’’

Chioma didn’t know where the strength to say amen came from but she shouted with her last strength to the top of her voice ‘’amen’’ and that was where her problems were settled……

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‘’nkechi!!!! Nkechi!!!”’

‘’yes madam’’

‘’I want you to tidy up my room, its too dirty for my liking’’

‘’ok ma no pronblem’’ nkechi replied and left.

Nkechi brought everything she was going to use to clean the room and started work immediately. She was busy sweeping when her broom entered under the bed bringing out a female doll baby and pin inserted all over it.

‘’shuu wetin be this one?? How person go dey use pin chuk chuk baby. I no say na Derek handwork but wait oo Derek no dey enter this room na. wo make I sweep am comot joor this baby don old sef’’ she said throwing the doll on the floor while she continued her sweeping.

‘’wo make I kuku comot all this pin before e chuk person’’ she said removing all the pins on the doll and continued her sweeping..

Meanwhile at Abuja, chioma pains subsided two days ago and she slept off. This was a great miracle because she hasn’t sleep ever since she became sick. She was in a very deep sleep when her sister saw her right hand moving same as her legs…

‘’chioma are you alright??’’ she asked quickly thinking her sister was dying.

‘’[waking up suddenly]ahh sister something just left me now, am feeling very free and painless’’ she said in amazement

‘’I just saw you moving your legs’’

‘’yes, my legs are moving, I can even stand yes!! Yes!!!’’ she started shouting while she was walking gently but still had little pains in her sores

‘’Jesus this is unbelievable, my sister can now walk and use her legs oh thank you father’’ amaka said as tears of joy overfilled her eyes. Chioma on the other hand went on her kneel and started praising God in tears and their praises and worship lasted for almost an hour…..

‘’so finally I can use my legs again, I can walk and also use my both hands??? Lord you are so good’’

‘’I need to call nuel to inform him immediately, am sure he would die of joy’’
‘’nuel good evening, guess what??’’

‘’uhmm I don’t know, just tell me whats the problem’’

‘’God is so good, chioma can now walk and use her hands’’

‘’what???? This is unbelievable oh glory be to God am so happy, first thing tomorrow morning am coming to Abuja this is good news. Pls let me speak with her’’


‘’hello chioma’’

‘’nuel!!!!! Am the happiest person on earth, I don’t just know how to express my joy’’

‘’I cant wait to see you my love’’

‘’same here, I cant wait to see you I have lot of things to tell you’’

‘’you have no problem, have a very good sleep and eat a drum of food. Eat everything you have’nt eaten in almost three years today’’

‘’haha as if you know am feeling so hungry and am losing strength no saliva again’’ she said giving amaka the phone

‘’amaka pls if you can order a cooked bag of rice for her pls do, make sure she eats more than enough and she should also have a good sleep’’

‘’no problem, I have ordered lots of food for her. See you tomorrow’’

‘’yea..bye’’ ‘’thank God’’ nuel muttered as soon as he ended the call
Linda went to her room searching under the bed for the doll so she could increase chioma’s suffering. After a long search she didn’t see the doll, no one needed to tell her that things has gone amiss..

‘’nkechi!!!’’ she called out running out of the room with full speed

‘’madam any problem???’’

‘’pls tell me the truth, did you see any doll baby in my room??’’ she asked anxiously

‘’doll baby?? Ohhhh you mean plastic baby wey pin dey for the body’’

‘’exactly where is it pls’’

‘’I be think say na Derek go do that kind play so I throw am away’’

‘’what????? You did what???’’ she asked almost giving up ‘’[composing herself] ok where did you throw it??’’

‘’haa inside dust bin bucket for outside and psp people just come carry the dirty go’’

‘’ahhhhh am finished’’ she shouted


‘’you see this baby, no other eyes must see it, no other hand must touch or tamper with it else you will run mad in 14 days’’ baba said

‘’no problem baba’’ she replied


‘’am finished, no no I cant be mad, never!!!’’ she shouted running back to her room


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to be continued…..