Agony of Chioma Episode 75


Linda was rushed to landmark hospital which was jake’s hospital. After series of test and medications it was finally confirmed by jake that she lost the child. Linda cried all through the day without allowing anyone to console her even when her mother inlaw came to the hospital to be beside her. Linda later narrated how chioma’s sister fought with her the previous day before she had a miscarriage.

Jake was so angry and mad at chioma and her sister that he had to hire some policemen to go and arrests chioma and also provide her sister. But to their greatest surprise jake got home with the policemen but chioma was no where to be found including her properties.

‘’lucky!!! Lucky!!!’’ jake called out angrily

‘’small oga good evening sir’’ the gateman greeted

‘’where the hell is chioma??’’

‘’ermmm oga e never too tey she pack her things comot’’

‘’what??? And you let her leave this compound…. Lucky you are fired’’ jake barked angrily

‘’oga abeg, na small madam talk say make I dey allow aunty chioma go anywhere she wan go’’ he said almost lying down on the ground.

‘’officers take this idiot away’’ jake commanded looking at the time which was already late


After linda was rushed to the hospital, amaka had this feelings that chioma should leave the house immediately because if anything happens to linda she would be held responsible and jake could harm or kill her sister so she quickly made few calls and a house already furnished was made available for chioma and in no time they all boarded a taxi to the residence.


Cindy came home to meet the greatest disappointment of her life, she angrily dialed chioma’s number.

‘’so chioma this is how you behave, you left with your sister without letting me know after all I did for you’’

‘’cindy it didn’t happen that way, I couldn’t help the situation’’

‘’no problem its alright’’ cindy said and hanged up

She dropped her phone on the table in the sitting room before going to freshen up. Few minutes later jake entered the house, removed cindy’s sim card from her iphone and left the house…
Linda was discharged the next day from the hospital while she was asked to have a week bed rest. Her mind wasn’t at rest as she was filled with grief while planning on what to do to chioma’s sister for making her to lose her child as soon as she recovers but on the long thought she decided to make chioma suffer for her sister.


Chioma was seen alighting from a cab in front of her new house, she was now looking good and refreshed. No one needed to be told that she has been showered with money and of course her sister just send for her a sum of five hundred thousand, she now lives in her own house, no more beating or management of life. She brought down her food stuffs from the taxi before settling the taxi driver while he drove off. Not quite long when she was about opening the gate when two hefty men came out from no where and dragged Derek away from her.

‘’help!!! My child my child’’ she cried out while the men drove away. before people could gather they had gone far.

She cried uncontrollably while some of her neighbors consoled her, they also advised her to report the case to the police. She called her sister to inform her on what was going on and she also told her to report to the police which she did in no time..

Weeks passed and the police couldn’t do anything about the missing boy, chioma told cindy about Derek who was missing, she was shocked but that was a pure pretense because she knew about derek’s where about… chioma couldn’t sleep or stopped crying as she kept on remembering Derek, nuel never left her as he was always beside her and consoling her and also promised to get to the root of the matter….


‘’good evening baba’’

‘’ahh good evening my daughter how are you’’

‘’baba am not fine at all’’

‘’what is the problem my daughter???”’

‘’I lost my pregnancy because of the sister of that girl who used her witchcraft to blindfold my husband then’’

‘’ahhhh… hmmm so what do you want igunugu to do with her’’

‘’baba I don’t want her sister to suffer it, I want chioma to suffer for it.. I want chioma dead’’

‘’hmm igunugu you have heard her she want chioma dead’’ baba said playing his gong and chanting some incantations ‘’hmmm my daughter its not possible to kill her through metaphysical powers. You have to look for another means’’

‘’oooo what will I do to this girl now that will affect her…. Ok baba can I torment her like causing her pains and suffering’’

‘’hehehehehehe I know what will torment her’’ baba said bringing out a doll baby from a bag and a box of pin ‘’you see this?? You will use it to represent chioma. Immediately you get home call her full name seven times then use this pin to pierce any part of this baby and it will instantly affect her wherever she is’’

‘’[feeling excited] baba is that all??’’

‘’that’s all and see what will happen to her’’

‘’hahaha thank you so much baba, as soon as this works am coming back to thank you with a ram’’

‘’hehehehehe you have no problem my daughter’’

Linda went home immediately after inquiring for chioma’s full name. she entered her room and locked it up before bringing out the doll baby from her bag

‘’obi dora chioma, obi dora chioma, obi dora chioma, obi dora chioma, obi dora chioma, obi dora chioma , obi dora chioma’’ she called seven times facing the doll with a pin in her hand.

‘’with this pin in my hand I will cause you serious pain and agony’’ linda said piercing the right leg of the doll
‘’ahhhhhh my leg’’ chioma shouted while she was in her kitchen cooking

Linda smile as she knew that chioma was in pain wherever she was, she took another pin from the pin box and pierced the left leg of the doll

‘’jesus….my leg, help help’’ chioma cried out and fell as she couldn’t stand on her feet

‘’hahahahahahaha, you haven’t seen anything yet. You will remain in this great pain for life and I will keep tormenting you day by day’’ linda said and kept the doll under the bed.

Chioma was on the floor trying to stand up but she couldn’t stand up, her legs were giving a serious burning sensation while she cried in pain. She managed to crawl out of the kitchen to the sitting room to get her phone, she quickly called her sister and told her what was happening to her. Amaka ended the call after few seconds chioma talked to her, giving an excuse that she was in a very important meeting.

Chioma was left all alone, struggling with her legs coupled with the hot sensation she was feeling. She wanted to call nuel but later refused, it got to an extent where the pain was unbearable she gave nuel a call. Nuel showed up in less that 15 minutes, after she stated how it happened and the pain she was passing through nuel carried her to his vehicle and drove straight to his hospital.

Alpha hospital wasn’t that too big, nuel provided a wheelchair for chioma to use. He pushed her to the emergency ward before administering some drugs to her with the intensions of carrying out some test the next day since it was already getting late. After the administration of the drugs it was as if her problem worsened, she cried and shouted more saying that the burning sensation was increasing getting nuel confused.

‘’dear how do you mean the injection increased your pains, It was suppose to stop the pains’’

‘’ahhhhh am dying, my legs oooo, my legs ooooooo call my sister, call my sister’’

‘’ok ok where is your phone???’’

‘’I think I left it at home, I need to call my sister am dying….. its as if am in hell’’

Nuel rushed to her house immediately to get her phone, after searching for it all over the house he couldn’t find it despite the fact that he was calling the phone and it was ringing. He later saw the phone under the chair when he was about giving up. He hurried back to the hospital while chioma called her sister and she promised to be at the hospital first thing tomorrow morning.


Jake laid on the bed after going to say good night to Derek who was under the care of a nanny. He suddenly developed this little love for Derek and kind of realized that he was his son even from mere looking at the boy. Meanwhile he was behind the boy’s kidnap from chioma, after linda’s miscarriage when he ran a particular test on her he noticed that linda may not be able to born an alive child ever again and his senses sort of came back reminding him that he had a son even though he doesn’t like the mother of his son. Jake was still facing the ceiling when linda caressed his chest bringing him back to reality

‘’honey, lets make another baby so I can forget the past event’’

‘’[smiles] how fit are you dear, you know I wont like to hurt you’’

‘’my husband am hundred percent fit, I really need you inside me’’ she said mounting on jake while they started kissing with a romantic foreplay

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Chioma couldn’t sleep as she was seriously crying and shouting in pains till there was no tears left in her. Nuel was really sad and wished he could collect her pains so she could smile because her smile makes him alright. Things wasn’t getting better, nuel stayed beside her throughout the night but she still kept crying.


Chioma was transferred to lasuth where different test and medication will be giving to her. As her sister promised she arrived nuel’s hospital that morning before she was directed to lasuth the present place chioma was. At exactly 1;30pm an orthopedic specialist came to see her since the hot burning sensation was happening inside her bone. He sent them on some test and xray before he would commence treatment on her, before 6pm they had gone to do all the test an xrays with pending result.

Eight days later all results were out, and the doctor who sent them on the tests showed up two days later. After going through the results he was more confused, all the result were ok proving that nothing was wrong with chioma medically, even the drugs giving to her in the past few days worsened her situation totally. Nuel wore a sad face and entered the ward were chioma was…..

‘’what did the doctor say is wrong with my sister???’’ amaka asked

‘’[sigh]hmm nothing is medically wrong with chioma’’

‘’what??? Arrant nonsense, I don’t even trust this hospital for over one week now nothing reasonable has be administered to her…. I think I need to fly my sister abroad what do you think’’

‘’hmmm that’s a good idea but I think this is beyond medical issues’’

‘’I don’t think so, we don’t have high tech medical experience here, I believe if I take her to India or Russia my sister will get a solution’’

‘’if you say so I have no problem with that, I will help in any way I can. I really want my chioma to get well so I can marry her I love her so much’’

‘’good of you, your role here is for you to write a doctors report that I can take to the embassy’’

‘’ok no problem with that I will write it today’’ he said touching chioma on her cheek
Cindy got to know what chioma was facing, and wished to tell her about her kidnapped son and probably bring Derek back to her but later declined to tell her since she wasn’t fit to take care of Derek so he is save with them. She and linda visited chioma in the hospital and even bought her gifts and prayed for her. They were about leaving so nuel decided to see them off since amaka wasn’t interested in their visit…

‘’doctor emmanuel, what are the new plans since she is not responding to treatment’’ cindy asked as soon as they were outside the hospital

‘’well we are praying and believing God secondly she would be going to India in three days time’’

‘’wow..thats a good idea they must have something to say about this illness’’ cindy said

‘’that is what we are praying for, I really wish she gets well soon I really love chioma’’

‘’even in that her shameful condition’’ linda chipped in

‘’yea, nothing on this earth can make me stop loving her’’

‘’[scoff] we wish her the best in any way you guys will be needing help just let me know, we will be on our way now have a nice day’’ cindy said

‘’yea,… thankss’’ nuel replied and headed back into the hospital
Cindy and linda entered into the SUV they came with and drove off..

‘’so despite that condition she is, there is still someone loving her??? A doctor for that matter. Hmmm mr nuel nothing on this earth can make you stop loving her right??? I will make chioma disgust you, she will be alive and be decaying. Hahahahaha India cant stop me’’ linda thought while on their way home……….


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to be continued…..