Agony of Chioma Episode 74


<Knock , knock>

‘’who dey there??’’ someone asked from inside


<door opens>

‘’ahhhh starboy how far na’’

‘’chikwado I dey ooo…. See as you don big’’

‘’hehehe no whine me oo. So who be this chick na your bae??’’

‘’haaa noo she be like aunty to me ooo, na she be the senior sister of chioma’’

‘’wow..sister you are welcome’’ chikwado said stretching his hand for a handshake

‘’chikwado remember say you tell me chioma don go calabar so the sister wan know everything wey you know about her where about’’

‘’shuu me talk say chioma dey calabar?? Which time’’

‘’no be wetin you tell me??’’

‘’see chioma dey this lagos oo for my oga compound, na me be they repair and service all the generator wey dey that house’’

‘’wait you mean you do see my sister??’’

‘’well well sometimes sha I dey see am, she don even give birth’’

‘’starboy you are not serious. Thank you chikwado I will be on my way to jake’s house immediately’’ she said bringing out her pause ‘’star pls manage this and you chikwado also have this thanks to you both see you some other time’’ she said walking away

‘’ahh thank you ooo God bless you. Chai see money starboy how much she give’’

‘’better 5k how much be your own?’’

‘’na same thing 5k’’


Amaka paid the uber as he drove off, she got to the front of the gate and pressed the bell. Few minutes later the gate keeper opened the gate asking her who she was looking for…

‘’am here to see my sister chioma’’

‘’na you be chioma sister?’’

‘’yes where is she’’

‘’chioma comot fa so you go come back’’ the man said

‘’ok can I see jake’’

‘’ small oga e no dey oo ‘’

‘’ok what of cindy’’

‘’small madam dey inside make I call am’’

Some minute passed before the gate keeper showed up with a lady amaka wasn’t that familiar with

‘’good evening’’ cindy greeted

‘’evening am amaka, chioma’s elder sister’’

‘’ohh aunty amaka now I remember you, come inside’’ cindy said leading the way ‘’am sorry if i kept you waiting but sister chioma didn’t tell me you were coming’’

‘’didn’t she tell you that I lost contact with her. Pls where is my sister I want to see her’’’

‘’sister chioma is fine she went to visit a friend.. come inside’’

‘’oh thanks am ok outside. Is this where you live??’’

‘’yes I live here together with chioma ‘’

‘’when is jake coming back because I really need to see him and deal with him. I have been hearing everything he has been doing to my sister’’ amaka shouted in anger

‘’yes who is this mad dog in my compound’’ a woman from no where asked

‘’its your mother that is a mad dog’’ amaka shouted in anger

‘’cindy who is this lady who thinks she can insult me in my husbands house’’

‘’this is amaka chioma’s elder sister’’

‘’oh I see, so you are the sister to that witch of a girl it runs in your blood, am very sure that your mother must be a grand witch’’ linda said while amaka gave her a dirty slap

‘’oh my God you slapped me??’’

In no time linda bounced on amaka ripping off her shirt while they started fighting. Cindy and the gate keeper did their best to separate the both ladies of which they did…

‘’thank your star that I didn’t rip off your throat, cindy who the hell is she’’

‘’[stammering] jake’s wife’’

‘’oh so you are the strange woman that has made jake hate my sister. Am coming back for you, cindy I will be on my way now if chioma comes back tell her that I came but am coming tomorrow to see her’’

‘’hey if I ever see this idiot in this compound again you get fired’’ linda said to the gate man and walked away

‘’if she comes here tomorrow open the gate for her else you get fired’’ cindy chipped in before going back to the boys quarters

‘’chai…which kind problem be this na’’ the gate man lamented
‘’nuel pls get up I don’t like what you are doing’’

‘’pls I wont stand up until you agree to my request’’

‘’nuel!!!!! You are making me sad now and I don’t like it’’

‘’am sorry, I will do anything to make you happy’’ he said standing up immediately while he bowed his head

‘’am sorry, I don’t mean to hurt your feelings pls understand me’’

‘’its alright…. What did you study in school’’ he asked wiping his watery eyes

‘’nursing science.. am a nurse’’

‘’oh… that’s true’’

‘’you also investigated about that too??’’

‘’kind of’’

‘’nuel its late already, I will be on my way now see you some other time’’

‘’oh no you cant go on your own, let me take you home pls’’

‘’no problems’’

Nuel drove chioma and Derek home, there was no communication between them till they got to their destination. Chioma alighted with her baby and thanked him before proceeding to the gate, nuel didn’t alter a word as he drove off. Immediately chioma heard a voice from behind

‘’where are you coming back from by this time’’ she turned back to see jake

‘’erm I went to see a friend’’

‘’ok that boy who just dropped you, so you now keep and make boyfriends in my house’’ he said in a drunken state and staggering

‘’he is not my boy friend ooo’’

‘’shut up you liar and witch coupled together you are a demon’’ he said staggering towards her

‘’am sorry, I wont see him again’’ she pleaded

She quickly dropped Derek and made to run while jake held her and delivered some beatings to her, he saw a bottle close by and smashed it on the ground and was about to stab her with the broken part when she forcefully pulled herself away from jake and ran away. Derek was on the floor crying helplessly while jake pulled him up and later dropped him on the ground before staggering inside…


Chioma was at the back of the boys quarter washing cloth when the gateman came to tell her that her sister was looking for her. At first she was surprised and thought the gateman was joking, she later followed him only to see that he wasn’t joking……

‘’sister Amaka!!!!!!!!!’’

‘’Chioma!!!!!’’ she exclaimed as they both ran and hugged each other passionately with tears in their eyes

‘’sister I miss you so much’’

‘’chioma is this you, has it gotten to this extend?? You are not looking good at all why is your face a bit swollen?’’

‘’it’s a long story, lets go inside’’ chioma said
‘’cindy didn’t tell you I came yesterday’’

‘’yesterday? She didn’t’’

‘’this family are set of useless people you mean she didn’t tell you anything’’

‘’oh it wasn’t her fault, I slept outside last night and when I came in this morning she had gone to work and my phone is off’’’

‘’wait you slept outside in your friends house or???‘’

‘’hmmm I had to sleep outside because jake wanted to kill me last night….lets forget about that, you are really looking good am happy for you’’

‘’and you couldn’t find a way to call me or uncle while you were passing through all these.. I heard you have delivered where is my baby??’’

‘’derek is sleeping inside, lets go inside the room’’
‘’wow handsome….this boy is really handsome how old is he’’

‘’[smiles] he is going to seven months’’

‘’nice, he sort of look like that idiot’’

‘’you mean jake??’’

‘’yea. Lets go to the sitting room so we don’t wake him, we really need to talk’’

‘’how is work going??’’

‘’my work is fine, I thank God’’

‘’hmm thank God for cindy, she stood by me throughout. You know jake stopped me from working so she has been the one taking care of Derek and I’’

‘’really you need to tell me about everything, how jake married another wife and ended up dumping you’’

Chioma narrated to her sister everything that trespassed between she and jake on that day she left her house when she was about going to Abuja..

‘’all this thing happened to you?? My sister you have really suffered a lot’’

‘’yea am a victim of suffering and hatred’’

‘’I cant take this any more, go in there, pack your things and that of Derek we are leaving for abuja’’

‘’hmmm like seriously sister you want us to come and stay with you’’

‘’ok I understand where you are driving at, cmon am a big lady now. I have about three official vehicle, a house, am in money chioma’’

‘’sister amaka you have all these?? I mean how come just in a year??’’

‘’anyways, I went to Abuja to pick up my new job when I met some group of people from a particular part of africa who are chemist. Meeting me as a medical biochemist they said I would be the right person to aid them though their main aim was to work on a particular kind of steroid so they needed a pharmacist and med biochemist who has experience on that since they don’t want to involve the whites because of the cost and remember I did my house training at a company that produce steroids so I had the idea. But on the long run things wasn’t working fine as I thought so I got another connection with a pharmaceutical company belonging to the whites and now am in money’’

‘’haaa sister am very happy for you thank God so any man in your life? Its high time I attended your wedding’’

‘’man?? Marriage?? Oh that’s trash, am not interested in marrying’’

‘’what?? Sister are you for real??’’

‘’of course, I have money, some investment and am living fine what do I need to marry for. See chioma if you are rich you don’t need to marry because doing that will even cause you problems of course you have seen what marriage looks like’’

‘’haa sister what about children and do you mean you are going to stay off se-x throughout your life??’’

‘’children?? Well when am ready for that I will just find a handsome guy to get me pregnant. Concerning the se-x part I would always have a guy servicing me and I pay him off. Ever since ifeanyi raped me because I denial him se-x I lost interest in anything relationship or love’’

‘’sister are you the one saying all these… well I cant do anything like that’’

‘’well you haven’t learnt your lesson but you are still my sister go and pack your things am booking the next flight to Abuja. I will get you a very good job there then you become a big lady and Derek will be given optimum care’’

‘’sister going to Abuja is not really what I need now, am comfortable here despite everything jake is doing. When the time comes I will come to Abuja beside I think I have another lover though am still watching him sha’’

‘’another lover??? Ok so what do you need??’’

‘’I need money to train my child then in few months I will be leaving here and find something doing’’

‘’money?? That’s not a problem but I don’t want to see you suffering look at your face, your body you are not the beautiful girl I use to know chioma whats wrong with you’’

‘’nothing just that I don’t want to go to Abuja with you, I will find my way here…. How is uncle doing??’’

‘’hmmm uncle is fine, i forgot to tell you that uncle is married now’’

‘’wow oh my God finally, he really tried for us God bless him, his children will never lack for a day’’

‘’amen… do you have an active bank account ??’’

‘’uhmmm not really but I want to open another one. Give me your number I will send it to you’’

‘’ok no problem you seriously need to think about what I told you’’ amaka said. Immediately they started hearing a very loud scream in the compound

‘’help!!!!! Help!!!! Help!!!!! ahhhhhh’’

‘’who is that shouting??’’ amaka asked while they both went outside to see what was happening

They went outside to see linda crying in pain at the entrance of the main building as blood was coming out of her private part while some maid surrounded her.

‘’’hahahahaha after bragging you are pregnant… that serves you right’’

‘’isnt that the lady who tore my shirt yesterday, so she is even pregnant ??’’

‘’sister lets go inside abeg let her suffer for her sins idiot’’

‘’happy miscarriage hahaha’’

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to be continued…..