Agony of Chioma Episode 52


Jake opened the bottle of sniper and was about to pour it into his mouth when a knock landed on the door.. He looked at the door for some seconds before looking at the bottle of sniper.

The knock landed again with more magnitude

“Jake open up, we have something to discuss” a voice said from outside.

He dropped the bottle of sniper and headed for the door weakly. He opened the door to see Paulo..

“hmm you smell of insecticide” Paulo said immediately he entered the room

“(sobbing) I want to commit suicide, that’s the last option for me”

“hahaha, oh you wanted to drink sniper… Funny you, doing That Won’t help at all because it will just end the whole matter successfully and you will end up in hell”

“yes that’s the best option, I want everything to end”

“OK Jake sit down we have to talk”

Jake sat on the bed while Paulo sat on a chair, sitting antagonistically to each other

“how is chioma” Jake asked

“(smiles) she is doing very fine, chim is sleeping over… You know I came back for us to discuss, am your friend and I think I need to help you…”

“Paulo, Pls how can you help me”

“I will try helping you, only if you listen.. I think by now it should be clear to you that your dad wants chioma dead. He decieved us all that he sent her to India meanwhile he told some groups of gangs to dispose chioma in the federal government road where a vehicle would crush her into pieces but thank God she was saved”

“my dad did all this??? He must pay for all this, how could he be so cruel”

“here you come again, to your dad chioma is dead because he didn’t know that she was saved. So going to confront him or dealing with him is a bad option because this time he will definitely kill her. Now let’s keep it as a secret, don’t even ask your dad of her way about in India again, if he ask just tell him you have moved on with another person”

“(sighing) sharp brain… Paulo I like you.. You are like a brother”

“Now you will have to try to make chioma forgive you and probably you guys should be back together. But even at that there is still a big problem”

“what problem is that..she won’t accept??”

“hmm chioma still loves you, she may accept but the problem is her uncle and sister. Her uncle is too mean I fear that man”

“Hmmm.. I really need to see chioma and touch her beautiful face” Jake said looking heartbroken

“(smiles) you will get to see her but promise me one thing”

“what’s that??”

“You will behave yourself and stop misbehaving”

“Paulo I can never misuse this opportunity, I will show her the optimum love I have for her”

“OK.. Now you have to meet chim, beg her because she is the only pass way to chioma and her sister.. They are very close friends but for her uncle hmm”

“chim?? You know she kinda hates me, she could even slap me”

“it’s your burden face it… So now you see there is a way out so don’t commit suicide”

“thanks Paul”

“welcome man… I need to have some rest, see you tomorrow” Paulo said making space for himself on the bed.


Jake had planed on going to see chim for them to discuss the matter at hand. He was heading to the faculty when he saw chim talking with some girl, he called for her attention but was answered about few minutes later…

“Jake what’s the problem”

“chim am really sorry for offending you all these while, Pls forgive me”

“(raising eyebrow) to what do I own this apology??”

“OK.. Are you free today, we really need to talk”

“well today I don’t have a class, am just preparing for my exams”

“wow nice.. Can we go somewhere recreative to discuss something pls”

“hmm what’s this thing we want to discuss???”

“chim I want to get back together with Chioma”

“(busted in laughter) Hahahaha.. You don’t mean it”

“chim am not joking here, Pls let’s just go somewhere nice and discuss”

“hmm.. Well if you say so, how do we get to this nice place you want to take me to??”

“my vehicle is outside the school premises so let’s go”

“how am I sure you don’t want to kidnap me??” chim asked

“chim am that bad, am not a kidnapper..”

Chim agreed while they walked to were the vehicle was

Jake arrived at a mini bar along enugu road where they entered and made themselves comfortable. They were both on uniform so the scenario was like a doctor and a nurse that came for a date from work.. Jake ordered for soft drinks for the first time in his life, he ordered a soft drink in a bar, chim also ordered for same

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“Jake I would like to ask why you think your relationship with chioma will still work??”

“chim, we are soul mates and meant for each other, I believe she still loves me”

“Hmmm.. OK so you brought me here for me to help you in what way??”

“make chioma have my time, convince her that am still 100% in love with her and I have repented from my foolish ways”

“are you serious?? This is a big task, and I can’t assure you if she will agree”

“OK am ready to pay any amount Pls just help me”

“well I can’t collect your money, but I can help you in my own way. My advise for you is stay very far from chioma for now, she will be discharged today and would be going to her house to have good rest, then when she is fully recovered they will pay a condolences visit to the family of the good Samaritan who helped her after which she have to come to school to clarify somethings because she missed some exams and test and the probability of her continuing with us is very low” chim said sipping from her soft drink and at the same time glancing at her wrist watch.

“I don’t get you?? Condolences to her helper and probability of her continuing with us…is she leaving the school”

“Hmmm… For the condolences it’s none of your business, for your second question she may have an extra year because of what you caused”

“Hmmm… I wish I could turn the hand of clock, to wipe all this mistakes. Well I have heard you but Pls Incase everything is settled just let me know”

“just keep in touch with me.. I have to go now” chim said standing up and packing her bag..

“OK let me drop you off in school, I have somewhere to run to”


Jake dropped chim off at the school before going to itolu to see his grand ma and do some other things.


Days passed, weeks passed. It was now one month since chioma was discharged, her family had gone to pay a condolences to Stanley’s family and his burial was in few days.
Luckily for chioma she was given an extra year, rather she was given sometime to prepare and write the exams she had missed before proceeding to her clinical practice In the next year.

It’s really good to be back to school, I missed a lot of my friends and lecturers but I was filled with work load. Lots of books to read and notes to copy but thank God for chim, Esther and Ada. They volunteered to help me with my notes while I just read for my exams.

It’s been a stressful day for me, as I have been reading since 9am. I took a glance at my Michael kors wrist watch and it was quarter past five. I got to the entrance of my room and was about opening it when someone tapped me from behind. I turned back to see Jake the great monster I have ever known though am not surprised because chim had been telling me all his motives towards me.

“Jake what’s your problem, can’t you see am just returning”

“(going on his kneels) please chioma am very sorry for the pain I had caused you, sorry for what my dad had done to you….(sobbing) i know it’s hard to forgive but Pls find a place in your heart to forgive me and lets make things work out”

“(shaking head) Jake do I have anything against you!?? No, I don’t. I have forgiven you a long time ago so you can go now, I had a stressful day and needs to rest” she opening her door and was about to enter when Jake held her hand

“Pls, you are my first love and my soul mate, I can’t do without you. If you leave me now, I could die soon. My family doesn’t love me nor any of my friends but I know you could stand by me” Jake said shedding tears

“you don’t mean it?? You can’t do without me?? Lies . Pls Jake don’t come here to convince me because our relationship can’t work again Incase I didn’t tell you, I have this bad spirit once you start dating me you will die mysteriously hope you have heard of chinedu’s death” she said and her statement kind of stunned jake

“(looking surprised) I want that death to kill me Infact me being alive without you is very useless. So let that spirit kill me”

“seems you are not afraid??? You know what get out! get out!! Of here idiot” chioma said pushing him away while she entered her room and locked it up…

“d–n, what do I do now??, I think I need to see Paulo, a very good friend and a brother” Jake said walking away sadly…….

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To be continued…