Agony of Chioma Episode 51


“uncle I really suffered in the hands of those people”

“so this is the India he told and convinced everyone that he sent you to after discovering that you were innocent”

“India? Oh God… Yes lucky told me that chief knew I was innocent but still wanted me dead, he sent me to the den of death”

“dear am sorry I should have always stay in contact with you…but how did you get here because what the doctor told us was late Mr Stanley brought you here” chioma’s sister said

“hmm from what I heard because I wasn’t myself then, he saved me from the federal government road where I was kept for a vehicle to crush me”

“oh Chief madu, this is your plans…. I will deal with you with the last blood of mine” her uncle said in grief

“uncle that’s OK, God will help us do that” chioma said adjusting herself to the hospital bed

“but how come he is now late or did Chief madu kill him” her sister asked

“no no I was told that he died for me, his wife wasn’t happy with the way he helped me, he even called off his wedding because of me in order to raise about six hundred and twenty thousand for my treatment. Some night ago the wife came here to inject me to death but I don’t know how he showed up trying to stop his wife, but unfortunately the substance pierced through him. He died the next morning, may his gentle, kind, and humble soul rest in peace” chioma said sorrowfully

“he is a good man Rip to him”

“what about the wife, won’t she come back here for a sweeter revenge”

“(smiles) no she was arrested for murder the next morning”

“Hmmmm.. God really saved you”

“yes he did”

“people can be very wicked, but we still have to pay a condolences to his family”

“of course, as soon as she gets out of here” her uncle said

“so sister how is school”

“hmm fine oo… Final year is not easy ooo.. But I thank God it will soon be over”

“Yea that’s true….” chioma said smiling

“my dear have you eaten?” her sister asked

“Yea, the hospital do feed me…but if you want to cook for me please do, I really miss your food a lot”

“(smiling) don’t worry I will go home to prepare you something amazing”

“oh that’s my sister”

Jake had to find away to call another of his friend to help him to the hospital. Ikenna was Jakes course mate, and he could drive so he used Jakes vehicle to take him to the hospital.

They arrived at the hospital, purchased a card and Jake insisted to see the head doctor.

Doctors office ===

“good afternoon doctor, my friend is seriously in pain” Ikenna said helping Jake to sit down

“what’s the problem young man??” the doctor asked jake

“I have great burning sensation in my penis, I can’t even urinate”

The doctor looked at him and wrote down somethings in his file.

“when last did you have s3x??”

“(swallows hard) about four days ago” Jake said in pain

” was it protected??”

“no sir”

“is that the only partner you have?? ”

“let me say the truth sir, I did it with a regular lady in the hotel”

“hmm I see…” the doctor said relaxing on his swivel chair “I need to examine You lie on the bed”

Jake did as instructed, and laid on the bed. The doctor examined Jake private region before going back to write something in the file..

“give this to the nurses on duty, they will attend to you. Young man you have a minor staphylococcus and an irritated urethra, try to stay away from unprotected s3x”

“thank you doctor. So the nurses will give him drugs and he will be fine” Ikenna asked

“perfectly OK, the drugs will be given to him as soon as he pays his bill”

“OK thank you doctor” Jake muttered as he stood up to leave.

He and Ikenna got to the nurses counter and presented the file, after a light skinned nurse look at it she told them to make their payment first before coming to collect the drugs. Jake sat on a chair in the hospital passage while Ikenna went to make payment.

He was still groaning in pain and cursing Emeka in his mind when his phone started ringing. It was Paulo calling so he managed to pick

“dude Howfar na where you dey since na.. I just came to your hostel and still you are not around”

“guy am dying, presently in the hospital”

“how?? What happened”

“(shaking his head) I have infection, STI ”

“Haa Jake how come..where are you now”

“am at eastern care hospital”

“OK I know there, its my family hospital. Chim and I will be there soon just hold on”

“Chioma!!!” jake exclaimed with surprise…

[dramatic music]

The beauty queen who was passing by turned to see Jake as Jake phone fell to the ground

“hello” “hello” could be heard coming out of the phone on the floor.

Chioma was over surprised to see Jake, Jake’s mouth was opened starring at her

“Jake!!! You monster” she said slowly in shock

” chioma!! ” Jake exclaimed slowly trying to stand up while she took to her heels.

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Jake couldn’t run as he shouted in pain…

“Jake Jake Whatsup, what’s the problem??” Ikenna asked immediately he returned

“chioma” “chioma…” he spoke out like someone who had a mental breakdown.

“is like you are stupid oooo, you see what you have gotten yourself into and you are still calling a girls name.. By the way who is chioma”

Jake didn’t reply him as he sat down and started thinking. He wants to understand what’s happening but he couldn’t

“what the hell is chioma doing here in Nigeria, I thought my dad said she was in india, how come how come!!!!!!” he shouted drawing the attention of everyone.

Chim and Paulo entered the hospital at that time and saw Jake crying profusely…..

“what’s happening here??” Paulo asked

“chioma what’s the problem, why are you running??”

“(panting) I saw Jake in this hospital”

“Jake?? That son of a b—h” her sister asked

“you mean Chief madu’s son??”

“yes uncle, he is outside the passage” she said trying to calm herself down

“oh he has heard that you are alive and now he is here so he could device another means for his father to kill you, I must confront that boy” her uncle said leaving the room

“no Noo uncle”

Her uncle got out of the room and headed for the passage while chioma and her sister followed slowly.


“I just saw chioma, she entered one of this rooms” Jake said

“that can’t be possible, I thought your dad took her to India” Paulo said

“young man, why are you still after chioma . Oh you want to confirm if she is dead????”

“chioma!!!!” chim shouted running towards chioma who was few metres away. Everyone looked at them as they hugged each other tightly like best friends who met again after 20 years of staying apart

“chioma, I really miss you… You have really passed through alot of things” chim said to chioma with a teary eyes hugging her over and over again..

Paulo was totally speechless and confused but at the same time happy to see chioma.

“let’s go inside the room” chioma said to chim leading the way..

Paulo tried to run after them but was stopped by her uncle…

“where the hell do you think you are going to” her uncle said angrily

“sorry sir”

“uncle let him alone in” chioma said while her uncle looked at Paulo before giving him a go ahead..

Jake and his friend Ikenna were left alone with the nurses at the scene…

“Nawa oooo” a nurse said before leaving the place.. After about thirty minutes Jake got up and left with his friend…

Throughout that day Jake didn’t eat, he locked himself up crying all day, he cried until no fluid was left in his body. The staph pain wasn’t even having effect on him again because the pain at hand is much more.

He woke up by 9pm from the sleep he drifted into few hours ago due to so much crying..

“my family hates me, how will my dad be lying to me and the society all this while, chioma was actually in Nigeria probably he wanted her dead. My brother hates me, if Emeka really love me he wouldn’t advise me to double date that was were all this started Anita and Jane, sleep with sluts Now I have staphylococcus and the rest I can’t remember.

My friends now hate me for being so wicked cruel and heartless. My love chioma has nothing to do with me again, tell me why am I living??. Let me just drink insecticide and die because my life is ruined, I will never forgive my dad” Jake said letting out another round of tears..

He got up from his bed with a blurry vision, staggering like a drunk till he got to a box and started searching for insecticide. After ten minutes of searching he finally found a bottle of sniper (insecticide)

“God forgive me, I don’t deserve life again, am a waste” he muttered opening the bottle of sniper


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