Agony of Chioma Episode 53


Jake got an urgent call from his dad the next morning that his mum was terribly sick in the hospital. She was diagnosed with hepatitis and with the look of things his father will be flying her to USA for better medications.

Jake was touched by the call he received , and he really felt bad for his mum condition but he brightened up when he realized that this was a punishment for what his father did to an innocent girl but it’s so sad and unfortunately that it happened to his mother instead of his father.

“Jake the jerk, Howfar you don’t look bright whatsup”

“men Ikenna you won’t understand,”

“haha is it Chioma??”

“not really, my mum is very sick”

“what happened??… Hope it’s not that serious”

“hepatitis… But I know she will be OK, she would be going to USA tomorrow for proper medical care”

“OK that’s a very good idea… She will not die”

“amen bro..”

“so Howfar you and chioma na”

“guy nothing is working out well, I even went to see her yesterday but she threw me out”

“Hmmm I see, chioma is very easy to convince because she still loves you but that her uncle and sister, they are hard nut to crack”

“that’s the point here”

“you know what I will help you”

“are you serious about this???” Jake asked in excitement

“very serious, I just realised that her sister is Mark girlfriend”

“mark?? Who is Mark?”

“mark my cousin na”

“oh mark… So how do you want to go about it?”

“see first of all we have to go see chioma this evening then we would make a plan arrangement with Mark. Just don’t worry I know how to go about it”

“Haaa sharp idea… Nice one Ikenna, if this works out I will reward you heavily”

“it will surely work out.. By the way how is your staph infection”

“hmm it’s healing drastically at least I can urinate Now and the pain is very minimal”

“nice. So what time are we meeting so we could go to chioma hostel”

“6pm is very OK, by then she would be back”

“OK till then, make I go read small” Ikenna said standing up to leave

Six pm that same day Ikenna and Jake were waiting for chioma to return at her door post, and as they planned she showed up about ten minutes later looking very tired and exhausted.

On sighting her Jake quickly ran like a fool and grab her hand bag..

“are you mad!!!!” chioma said frightened and gave Jake a very hot slap “do not try to scare me again idiot. After having a stressful day you still want to increase my blood pressure”

Ikenna saw the scenario of things and stayed back watching them. It was obvious that forms of tears were seen on Jake’s eye and it was getting much that it had to roll down his cheek.

Ikenna on seeing that Jake was crying lost his morale that he didn’t even know what to tell chioma..

“and you what are you doing here??” chioma asked Ikenna

“(scratching head) Ermm I just accompanied him here”

“OK I see, you guys are not welcomed can you leave now.. And you Jake give me my bag I need to open my door” she said turning back to see the Jake who use to be a hard guy dropping water from his eyes…

“(teary voice) here Is your bag, ik let’s go” he said turning back to leave.

Chioma watched them walk away but had a pierced mind instantly. “I shouldn’t have gone that far” she said feeling bad for her actions. It was obvious that her love for Jake was still 100% pure but she was still trying to act hard. She brought out her key, unlocked her door and entered inside

“Jake you don’t need to feel sad, that slap was a slap of love and I even like the way you didn’t form hard. I saw the love in the slap let’s just keep trying, we would surely succeed”

” sure…no p thanks ik you are a good friend”

“it’s my pleasure”


Chioma wrote her examinations which almost lasted for two weeks. She also had a general final examination in a week time before the semester rounds off.

Jake and Ikenna had been trying their best but chioma was still on the hard way, chim on the other hand tried the little she could do but chioma was trying to show her pride as a woman.
Their final exams came and went successful and it was few day to vacation..

Jake was having a conversation with Ikenna and Paulo somewhere in the school residence when chioma approached them. Jake very excited seeing her

“hi guys”

“chioma what’s up…. You are looking good” Paulo complimented

“thanks sweetheart” chioma replied Paulo stunning Jake

“Ikenna how you dey”

“chiommy baby… I just dey ooo, see as you just fine, na designers be this??” Ikenna said touching her clothes

“silly boy…anyway thanks dear”

At this point Jake felt like stabbing Paul and Ikenna

“Mr Jake how are you doing?”

“am fine” he said in a cold manner

“anyway I don’t know how this books entered into my bag but am really sorry if you have been looking for it” she said giving Jake about two textbooks

“oh thanks, I have been looking for it but how did it get into your bag and you kept it for over two weeks because I know you hate me so much if possible you would have thrown it away or burn it”

“(looking surprised) I didn’t even know how it entered my bag beside how would I have kept it till two weeks.. What I can remember was that two weeks ago I used this bag throughout but last week I washed it and before that It was only four textbooks that was in there and none of your books were there but surprisingly after packing my books this morning I came to school to find that two of your books were inside my bag making it six and no one touched my back from home.” chioma narrated

“wait wait what mystery is going on here” Ikenna asked

“(clearing throat) I am the one behind all these am so sorry..”

“Paulo you??”.chioma asked

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Paulo was seen at the early hours of the day holding two textbooks in his hand. He sat at a corner monitoring intensively, as soon as chioma came out of her room, she was about locking it her door when it seems as if she forgot something. She quickly kept her bag down and ran inside her room. Paulo sneaked out, since no one was watching he quickly zip down the bag kept the books inside, zip it up and flea. Chioma came out some seconds later locked her door, carried her bag and left for school.

“Am so sorry guys, I just did that to create a scene like this… Chioma Jake is now a repented person, I can assure you of that Pls he hasn’t been normal ever since he knew that you have nothing to do with his kidnap, just give him a last Chance in your life” Paulo said stunning everyone with his trick and words. Meanwhile Ikenna had already given Jake a sign to go on his kneels since no one was around the area…

“(with a pity face) Pls chioma let’s forget about the past and let’s make things work out again, I promise to remain faithful, loving and caring” Jake said

“(feeling confused) Jake it’s ok, stand up, stand up Pls.. (sobbing) I don’t have anything against you, but my uncle won’t take it likely with me if he ever sees me close to you beside your dad hates me, relating with you is like risking my life. I don’t think this relationship can work again but we can be platonic friends am sorry”

“chioma just forget my dad, I am old enough to make my decisions Now. He has no right over me”

“but you are his first child and only son… He would definitely make decisions for you. Aside him, what of my uncle??? He is too mean and he stands by his words”

“(sigh) it’s alright, let’s just hope for things to turn out well” Paulo said

“exactly…. Hmmm”

Three days later the school was getting scanty drastically, everyone was going home since the semester was over. Chioma had Already gone, same as Ikenna who was leaving at anambra. Paulo had already packed some of his belongings because he was going home any moment soon.

“Jake are you not going home??”

“home? To do what. My mum is not around and there is nothing giving me joy in that house”

“so do you want to remain in school alone??”

“I think I should go to my granny’s house. At least I would be seeing chioma almost daily and I pray Emeka should not come there because that’s my only fear

“OK… Would have loved to come to itolu so as to always stay with you so you don’t die of love fever but my dad wants chim and I in enugu but dont worry I will always visit you”

“no problems… I will be leaving today in the evening”


Later in the evening Jake started his journey to itolu with his vehicle meanwhile he had one objective in mind which is to confront chioma’s uncle …. Wow a brave man can only stand and confront chioma’s uncle, people in the village respects and fears him because he is very brave and wise..


find out In the next episode of agony of chioma…..

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to be continued…..