Agony of Chioma Episode 4


“good afternoon” they both greeted

“Jake are you alright”

“oh yeah am OK” I came back to my senses

“these are my daughters Anita and Jane, Anita here is your class mate and Jane is in ss1 anything you need to understand or know, you can count on Anita”

“oh no problem” I said stretching out my hand for a handshake

“you are welcome” she said collecting my hand after which I shook her sister too

“I hope you are not like your cousin” the principal said referring to me

“(smile) you can count on me” I said still using my evil microscopic eyes to peruse if I could see their internal anatomy
“ma we will be on our way now,” emeka said tapping me

“no problem”

“see you on monday” Anita said waving at me

We left the office and joined kimkom as we kept the bags in the booth

“car starting”

“guy so you didn’t tell me angels attends this school”

“meaning??” emeka asked pretending as if he didn’t understand what I was saying

“you didn’t see the principals daughter Anita and Jane”

, “see guy better dey ooo, just comot your eyes from those bae oo, them be my girls” emeka fired angrily

, ” wait emeka I thought you don’t do girls stuff”

“for where who says that, see you can face other girls but stay off those one and mind you forget all those things principal dey talk if you do anyhow then wait for my rot ”

Jesus, I was stunned by his words I thought this was my cousin…

“guy why you dey talk like this na so na because of girl you wan fight me” I did not even know when I spoke pidgin English

“oh City boy so you dey speak pidgin, see ehn I can kill and die for a girl”

“guys it’s enough OK stop all this argument. Jake I think you should respect the fact that emeka knew those girls before you, you can find another girl”

“no be because your papa get money ooo you won come do anyhow”

“it’s OK am not interested anymore” I said as things ran through my mind..

We were mute till we arrived at my grandma compound, alighted and went inside after taking my bags while kimkom parked the vehicle.

Mama wasn’t at home, I went inside emeka and I room where I laid on the bed and started thinking. Later that day I spoke with Hannah for over one hour before the line went off. That night I couldn’t sleep as I was just thinking of Anita and Jane, I really need one of them and it would be nice having Anita who was already matured….

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Monday morning
Almond school of Science{A-S}

Kimkom pulled up at the front of the school while emeka and I alighted, we were not still in talking term as I walked majestically with my white shirt, deep blue trousers and tie, my black blazer, my polo power bag and an Italian black shoe.

As I stepped into the school, almost all eyes were on me. I walked passed a garden and I saw Anita with some other Angels as she was telling then something and they all kept gaze at me.

They waved at me and I waved back. I got to a point and it was as if I was wandering around the school, the school was quite big and beautiful. Suddenly I heard the school alarm ringing I guessed it was for Assembly

“hi” I said to a passing angel, she was fair, and had good body chemistry

“hi ” she said and passed me

“ermm ermmm hey I need your help” I stammered

She turned around and looked at me

“how” she asked

“please am a new student of ss2 and I don’t really understand myself, what’s that alarm for??”

“oh Assembly”

“ohhh can you show me the way”

“sure come with me”

I joined her and we started walking, at a point she started walking fast

“why walking fast”

“we would be punished if we get there late”


Finally we arrived at the hall but the entrance was too crowded, before we could get inside some prefect told us to kneel down for not entering on time

“I told you” she muttered as she bent low

Over twenty students were kneeling except me…

“hey handsome why aren’t you kneeling” one foolish female prefect asked, I looked close and saw her barge “a-s labour prefect”

“I never see this boy oo be like say na fresher”

“tell me three good reasons why I should kneel down” I asked lion heatedly

“see this idiot ooo” a guy made to slap me but I dodged.
I felt someone tapping, I looked down and saw the girl whom I came with telling me to kneel down

“like serious you are the a-s head boy” I said pointing to a fair dude ” today is the first day of resumption, and you are already punishing, come to think of it should i grow wings and fly can’t you see that here was crowded”

“obey before complaining” I heard some people shouting

“come who you dey form for, because said you barb style come relax your hair, you dey blow grammar”

They brought cane to flog me thank God for the intervention of the principal

“what’s happening here” she asked removing her glasses

“ma this boy refuse to kneel down, rather he insulted us” the assistant head boy said

“from now henceforth, no body should punish or penalize him for anything. Jake go inside”

“thanks but ma, she was with me” I said pointing at the girl I came with

The principal looked at me for some seconds

“you can all go,”

“thank you ma” they all shouted

I could see the evil look on those silly prefect while I smiled

“thanks, thanks, thanks, thank you, thank you jake, thanks, good guy, savior” this was what I was hearing from many students as we all walked into the hall

“thanks Jake” she said

“you are welcome”

“that’s the boys line, this is for the girls”

“oh thanks” as I went to the boys line

The Assembly was really boring and dry unlike my former school. Finally the Assembly was over, we all matched out. From no where emeka approached me

“nice move bro you can have that one, I think she should be good for you” emeka said smiling as he walked away while I folded my fist in anger..

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To be continued…..