Agony of Chioma Episode 5


Almond school of science{A-S}

I kept following those I met in the line where I was standing till we got to the second floor with two big classes. Tagged on each classes were “health Sciences 02” and “engineering Science 02”.

I used my brain to understand the information they were trying to pass as I stormed into health science because I want to study medicine..

“hey class this is Jake our new student” Anita shouted from a distance

“hi Jake” about more than half of them came to welcome me by shaking hands

“welcome to almond school of Science, feel free to relate with me” a tall dark guy said

“class we are having biology now let’s get down to the lab” someone who looked like their class prefect announced

I followed three boys who were already talking to me as we went down stairs to the other block..

Carolus Linnaeus’s BIOLOGY LAB ===

“good morning sir” they greeted the teacher politely unlike some school that will all shout in accordance in the name of greeting the teacher..

“good morning” he responded and climbed the podium “how was your holiday” he asked

Some responded well the others kind of still need holiday

“who is that handsome boy over there” the biology teacher said pointing at me (I looked back) we were over 45 students, how did this man sight me

“he is our new student Jake” Anita said

Hmm when did Anita become my spokesman I thought

“wow stand up young man”

I stood up feeling pissed off

“what’s your name”

“am Jake”

“wow what a nice name, hope you like our school”

“a sort of, today is just my first day”

“good, what do you want to become??”

“a doctor”

“nice career hope you know biology and chemistry very well”

“yes sir”

“can I test you???”

What sort wizard is this man, so you want to fall my hand… I thought

“ermm yea”

“mention the four stages involved in the light phase reaction of photosynthesis”

I smiled within me, I thought the man was going to ask a very hard question

“the first stage involves the activation of chlorophyll, followed by the photolysis of water, formation of nadph and formation of ATP”

“wow” he said

I could hear the whole class clapping for me, I was feeling on top of the world

We wrote our scheme of work before the period was over. We had other classes till it was break time.

I could see people running to the canteen to purchase different things, I wasn’t really in the mood to eat as I stood in the entrance of my class scanning the school. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder..

“oh Anita what’s up”

“am cool, you are not looking good why are you alone”

“just felt like being alone”

“no no that’s not allowed, see most of the class are talking about you, they liked your charisma and intelligence so try to be friendly”

“(I smiled) I will”

“good so what would you like to eat”

“am not really hungry”

“cmon ok I will buy you yogurt”


“it’s just a friendly gift” Anita said and walked away

This girl is really kind hearted and d–n beautiful, I will make her my girl weather emeka likes it or not but come to think of it I also met an angel this morning. I was still contemplating when I remembered the promise I gave Hannah
”Promise me you won’t leave me for any village girl” Hannah said looking into my eyes

“(Smiling) why would I, am I mad. Hannah you are the only girl I love”

“that’s why I love you Jake”

“hey city boy” I heard some voices at my back

I turned and saw emeka with two other boys

“can talk” one of them asked

“what do you want” I asked firmly

“just kindly follow us to avoid any scene” the other dude said

Emeka was giving me signs with his head to follow

I looked around, after some seconds I followed them. They took me to a building that was still under construction in the school as we climbed the stairs leading up..

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Ever since the first day I met Jake at my mums office, I really felt something for him. He is handsome, good height, pink lips and a rare kind of iris.

I wish I could date him, he is from a rich family according to what my mum told me about his dad but that seems somehow impossible because my present good for nothing boyfriend is his cousin.

I walked to the snacks canteen and ordered for two cups of Supreme vanilla ice cream, after my orders were satisfied I went back to our class to meet Jake. I got to where he was standing but I couldn’t find him there again

“where the hell is this guy”

“excuse me nneka did you see Jake”

“thought I saw him here some minutes ago”

Back to Jake’s view ===

“pls I demand an answer now, why did you guys bring me here”??

“calm down bro, this place is one of guys hang out so no fears you are save we just want to talk”

I glanced at emeka in an evil manner

“so guy what’s with you and Anita” one of the guys asked me as he sat in the window of the uncompleted building

“(stammering) Anita is just a friend and also my classmate ”

“friend and classmate you say”


“good, you may not know us, maybe In a general class you will. We are engineering science students, we have heard from you let Anita only be your class mate and nothing more” he patted me on the back while they left…

“So emeka is this mean about girls, I really need to fear and stay away from this guy because he is capable of anything” I thought to myself before leaving the uncompleted building to my Class.

I went to my class as the break was already over and they were having mathematics at the general class hall

“Jake I have been looking for you” I heard from behind as I was bringing out a book for maths. I turned and saw Anita

“what!!!” I sparked “leave me alone and don’t disturb me ever again nonsense”

She wore a confused and questioning face….


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To be continued….