Agony of Chioma Episode 3


We were done with the food, we thanked mama for the meal while kimkom, emeka and I went to the balcony to relax…

“hope you enjoyed the meal” emeka asked

“it was good and tasty” I replied

“nice, native food is always awesome” kimkom added

“yea it is, I pray I get adapted to it”

“sure you will city boy” emeka said while we all laughed.

I was already getting fund of them, thank God I have someone like emeka to keep me company.

“tell us, how is city” kimkom asked

“well City is always a city, it’s fun, but very frustrating at times”

I was interrupted by my father’s call

“good afternoon dad” I greeted

“afternoon son, how are you doing??”

“hmm doing good, just finished eating now”

“you see you are already enjoying the village”

“that’s not true oo, village is not fun at all”

“keep that to yourself. Hope you have seen your cousin brother emeka”

“yea emeka is a funny and lively guy”

“I know you will like him. Emeka is a good boy, he would help you with school, any activities, just make sure you guys don’t keep late at night”

“OK dad, extend my greetings to mum and cindy”

“I will son, hope you have seen your driver”

“yes dad, he is also cool”

“good be obedient to your grand mum and take good care of her”

“no problems dad”

“bye for now”

The line went off and we continued our discussion..

“My dad really trust you emeka”
“chief trust me, I will ever be loyal to him, he really helped me when my mum his sister died”

“wow that’s good”

Hours later it was already evening as I jumped up from the bed..

, “gosh I have been sleeping”

I stood up and went to the sitting room but no one was there. I went to the balcony and saw emeka reading.

“guy how far”

“ahh jake you don wake??”

“yea, I didn’t even know when I felt asleep”

“you have passed through so many journey today, so you need rest”

“that’s true, what are you reading??” I asked


“why reading when school hasn’t started”

“just preparing my self”

“hmm good for you” I said while he looked at me and continued

I brought out my phone, and saw 21 missed calls
10 from my mum
5 from hannah
2 from Cindy
2 from Victor (my best friend)
1 from my biology teacher
1 from Loretta

“Where do I start from” I asked no one in particular

I called my mum immediately, spoke with her and Cindy for about twenty minutes before calling Hannah,@aa Loretta,victor and my biology teacher. They will all miss me so much..

“So you have a girlfriend” emeka asked as soon as I dropped the call

“(Stammering) yes,is anything wrong with that”

“No nothing”

“Don’t you have a girlfriend??”

“(Smiling) I had but she broke up with me”

“Hmmm thats bad what happened”

We continued our gist till it was dark before emeka put on the generator then we went inside. After watching lots of movie, emeka and I took our bath abd later retired to our bed by 11pm….

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I was woken up by the heavy ray of sunlight that entered our room .

“Arrrhhhh” I was yawning and stretching my body

I got up from bed prayed , picked up my phone, it was after 8 so I went to the sitting room where I saw my grand mum reading Bible

“Good morning mama”

“Oo nwam e bo na chi(my son have you waken)

I didn’t understand like that

“Mama am fine” I replied when I heard someone laughing at me from behind

“She said are you awake not how are you” it was emeka

“Oh Mama I have woken how was your night?”

“Fine fine” she replied

“Jake you are really funny oo ,come let’s go clean up the compound” emeka said holding me

“Easy ooo ima na o kahaka ( he is not strong)” mama shouted

Emeka gave me a very long broom in sweeping while he was with his own. He started sweeping while I joined him

“Jake so you don’t understand Igbo”

“Hmmm not really, I do hear some”

“Guy you need to learn ooo”

“Will you teach me”

“Sure when we are free I will”

Emeka noticed I wasn’t doing the sweeping well

“Jake so you also don’t know how to sweep”

“I know how to sweep just that..”

I was trying to sweep very well

“Arrrrr” the broom Pierce my hand.

“Sorry” emeka said collecting the broom from me as blood gushed out of my hand

“Is this what you use to sweep, this isnt a broom but a weapon” I fired

“Hahaha” he laughed “Jake that’s enough go to the tap, wash your hand and rest I will finish the sweeping”

In less than 15 minutes emeka was done with the sweeping as we went to prepare for our outing. One hour after we were ready kimkom showed up

“guy we have been waiting for you”

“no vex, I had something to run through this morning”

“fine can we go now??” I asked


We left the compound as we boarded a taxi to nsukka…

Time check==2::45pm

Finally we were back from nsukka with my brand new Honda pilot, nsukka is really far from our village but at least we came back on time. We alighted from the Honda pilot in front of almond school of Science, the buildings was really big.

Kimkom was still in the vehicle while emeka and I entered the school going to the admin block..


“come in” a voice said from inside

We entered as we were still standing before she left her laptop and faced us..

“good afternoon” we greeted

“afternoon, emeka how may I help the both of you” she said in an offensive manner

“this is Jake, chief Madu omeluora one of itolu”

“ohhh.. Is this Jake?”

“yes” I replied

“have your seat, why have you been standing”

“it’s nothing Ma” I said smiling

“am so sorry, I have spoken with Chief, am the principal of almond school of science”
Immediately she brought out two big nylon bag the school design and label was on it..

“Jake this bag contains your 3 pairs of uniform, 2 sport wears, your practical wears” she said pointing at the first bag
“the second bag contains your exercise books and some relevant textbooks you will be needing”

“thanks” I said pulling the bags towards me when we suddenly heard a knock

“come in” the principal said

I turned back to see two angels entered the office “I gasped”…

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To be continued….