Agony of Chioma Episode 29



We heard a very loud knock on the door while we looked at each other with an opened mouth . Anita quickly stood up and dressed properly while I also adjusted myself, arranged the chair and sat responsibly facing the television .

‘’who is that’’ she asked like someone who just woke up from sleep. Chai this girl sabi act film

‘’abeg open this door joor’’ a guy said from outside while anita went to open the door

‘’chidi what happen??? Cant you knock responsibly’’

‘’they speak grammer oo nwa principal till nepa cut una light abeg where your nepa bill’’

‘’mtcheeew’’she hissed before going inside to bring the bill

‘’abeg take’’ anita said giving him a nepa bill before she closed the door

‘’don’t mind that guy, he likes disturbing a lot’’

‘’ its nothing but that guy really scared us’’

‘’haha don’t be scared, my mum is not coming back anytime now’’

‘’what of your sister???’’

‘’oh she went with my mum’’

‘’ok…what about your dad, I have not seen him’’ I asked while her face turned pale

‘’’are you alright’’ I asked touching her smooth face

‘’my my m my dad is late’’ she bursted out as tears rolled down her face

‘’ohhh sorry, am sorry for distorting your feelings’’ I said placing her head on my laps while I noticed she was brightening up. We discussed other things. About an hour later I stood up and told her I was about leaving…..

‘’jake you are already leaving just like that’’

‘’you are not really in a good mood so I advise we meet another day’’

‘’no no my mood doesn’t have anything to do with it, that will even make me happy’’ anita said pushing me to the chair and climbing my body

‘’anita are you really giving me yourself’’

‘’what do you mean by that, are you trying to take me for a cheap girl??’’

‘’noo that’s not what I mean’’

‘’shhhh’’ she said placing her finger on my lips and unbuttoning my shirt while I removed the singlet she was wearing. The rest of the story was a story that happened in Pluto….

One hour thirty minutes later she was still lying down on the chair while I was ready to leave

‘’so you are not even strong, just this little play you are lying down’’ I teased

‘’haha my stomach is aching that’s why, you are no match to me, am a bad girl’’ she said

You are no match to me,am a bad girl, the word re echoed in my ear ‘’wait anita are you a virgin???’’

‘’what sort of question is that,’’

‘’sorry no offenses , I only judged you by your words’’
I could see lot of worries on her face after that question while I smiled ‘’slutt for your mind I be mumu abi see as your sharwama just lose ashawo’’ I cursed in my mind

‘’bae, we will see on Monday’’ I said giving her 5 thousand

‘’oh thanks, but you are above this na’’

‘’that’s what I have, cant you manage’’

‘’ok ooo but by Monday am expecting more, you know as your girlfriend you should take very good care of me’’

‘’[sigh] hmm I have heard you anita’’…….

I got home by 5pm to only meet emeka on a phone call with his sugar aunty gisting and laughing . I sat down in a chair close to him and waited patiently for him to finish with his mumu phone call.

‘’nnam how far na’’ emeka asked as soon he was through with his call

‘’bro I dey oo, I dey feel your chat oo’’

‘’[smiling] so how your parol na ??’’

‘’sharp and sweet, I see the way you leave anita, you be bad guy’’

‘’hahahahahahahahahaha , jake you be fool ooo so for your mind you think say na me be the last person wey enter there’’

‘’hahahaha but na you date her last na’’

‘’oga if you know wetin good for you, go look for cd before you catch one disease’’ emeka said going inside the house while fear gripped me

‘’chai does that mean this girl have a disease??’’ I thought ………………..

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The next day was a Sunday, my grand ma attends st peters Anglican church but kimkom and I didn’t attend same church with granny, we attended one gospel light church that has been the church we have be attending since I came down to the village, our family is an Anglican family but we have reasons for attending the church and granny is not disturbing.

We arrived at gospel light church not too far from our house as we bounced into the church dressed like bosses. Gospel light church is filled with beautiful girls and some handsome boys but we were very recognized and all eyes were always on us anytime we enter the church. As usual all eyes were on us, I entered the church and a motherly usher stopped emeka and i

‘’pls you boys should remove the chain you are wearing, our head pastor is around today’’ she pleaded

I looked at the Gucci chain I was wearing, but respected the fact that I was in the house of God while I removed the chain and inserted it into my pocket…

As soon as we located a seat the pastor mounted the pulpit , a nice looking pastor, fair in completion and huge. Immediately he started singing and praising God, I looked at the choir seat and saw chioma{we attend same church with her} praying seriously with other of her choir member. Suddenly the pastor stopped and looked around the church

‘’hmmm ria maka zuki santrobo lehelehe malaskaba maskaraba’’ he spoke in tongues ‘’be serious in prayers,be serious in prayers, any evil spirit that is here with us I command you to die die die prayers’’

The whole church became noisy as everyone began to pray seriously with all the strength they got. About two minutes of prayers, the pastor came down from the pulpit and walked towards our direct

‘’hmm this boy is possessed singerebo sungaraba singerebo thank you lord, they are using his soul in a particular shrine’’ the pastor said pointing at emeka

‘’any evil shrine that they are using you for sacrifice, I command that shrine to catchfire catch fire catch fire catch fire lehebodo, lehe lehe lehe lehe singerebo sungaraba singerebo santrobo maskaraba hmm you evil woman using him to refresh your wealth, to refresh your power die die die die die by fire by fire by , I liberate you, I liberate from that evil kingdom in jesus name I have pray’’

‘’ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennn’’ the congregation shouted

Immediately the pastor held emeka’s head and started rolling him, till he forcefully fell down

‘’you are free, you are lose, you are liberated in jesus name I pray’’


‘’church give a clap of honor to God’’ the pastor said going back to his pulpit while everyone was clapping and thanking God

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‘’so guy you are possessed’’ I asked emeka on our way home

‘’abeg forget that pastor joor, he wan use me do show for today;’’ emeka said hissing

‘’guy I no sure say that pastor they joke ooo, he mentioned a woman using your soul for sacrifice and renewing her powers you sure say no be your sugar aunty abi mummy’’

‘’jake thunder fire your mouth , you dey mad which kind talk be that’’

‘’no vex I just dey talk na’’

We continued gisting and talking about other things till we came across chioma and one guy talking on the street but we just passed them by

‘’jake isn’t he the drummer in church’’

‘’yea that’s the guy, so he is now chyke chioma after church’’

‘’hahahaha jake what do you mean’’ emeka asked laughing

‘’na you sabi why you dey laugh shey I lie’’



My adventure with Jane and Anita was becoming more interesting day by day as I fvcked the two sisters without mercy and they really loved it but anita don’t still know am dating her sister, jane on the other side was really matured with her games…..

Almond school of science==
Monday morning exactly 10:32pm==

We were having general class mathematics, the teacher was teaching matrix when anita suddenly stood and was about running out of the class when she threw up in a scattered manner

‘’arrrrrrrhgg disgusting’’ some class mate said

‘’anita whats wrong with you???’’ the mathematics teacher asked approach her

‘’am fine, just need to rest am feeling tired’’ she spoke out sitting on a chair closeby

Emeka quickly threw a glance at me shaking his head while my heart skipped in fear. Anita was later taken to the sick bay while we continued our class. At he end of the class emeka joined me while we left together since it was break.

‘’guy I hope its not what am thinking’’ emeka asked

‘’God forbid, I cant be a father’’ I said with fear

‘’who said you are becoming a father, better go and start praying and fasting’’ emeka said while we passed another quiet road leading to our block, suddenly we say jane holding her stomach and throwing up seriously close to a flower……..

‘’wow omeluome[it has happened] jake are you thinking what I am thinking????’’

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