Agony of Chioma Episode 30


‘’jake are you thinking what am thinking???’’ emeka asked looking at me while I froze in disbelief

‘’Jesus Christ, am finished father of two’’ jake said dropping his books and putting his hand on his head

‘’never finish ooo you know no if na twins them they carry like this’’ emeka said approaching her

‘’jane whats wrong with you, are you alright’’

‘’pls take me to the sick bay, am not feeling too fine’’ she said after another round of puke[vomit]

‘’erm jake help me with my books, let me take her to the sick bay’’ said emeka

I collected emeka’s books and watched him held jane to the sick bay, I wanted to follow but I was too scared and full of quilt. I later turned back and headed to the class where I sat on my chair and started thinking of my life as many thought ran through my head.

‘’so I will become a father soon not just a father but that of two, chai emeka has implicated me in the name of sweet revenge how will my parent feel when they hear this news, my mum especially’’ I thought shaking my head suddenly an idea popped into my brain ‘’what if I plead with each of the to abort the baby?? Oh no that’s a stupid idea, I know in few hours they will be tested pregnant and they will both tell themselves the truth including their mom and I will be expelled and take responsibilities oh what have I gotten myself into’’ I cried inwardly…

The rest of the day wasn’t funny at all as some of anita’s friends threw suspicious glances at me while my blood pressure increased. I didn’t even listened to what most of the teachers were teaching. That same night I knelt down and prayed to God to forgive all my sin and make anita and her sister not to be pregnant and promised to turn away from my sins and be a righteous boy before sleeping.

The next day,anita and jane didn’t come to school and it was announced that their sickness became worst, I wasn’t myself that day and some of my friends noticed it and questioned me but I gave them no reasonable answer. Chioma wasn’t even feeling concerned for anita nor cared to know why I was dull and moody , its not her fault anyway I blame myself for everything.

Emeka later consoled me by giving me words of encouragement telling me not to fear that it may not be really pregnancy but glory be to the lord my joy was restored the next day during general class for English…..


Our English teacher was writing a note on the board when she turned back and asked a question…..

‘’when are you guys going to see your friend anita’’

‘’where?? Ma in the hospital’’ some abnormal people said

‘’of course, she and her sister was diagnose with food poison’’

‘’ahh ma we would visit her tomorrow but where is the hospital’’

‘’I think its emerald the one down the road’’ Julian said

‘’that’s it’’ the English teacher said

Emeka quickly looked at me and smile while I was agog and felt like exploding in happiness

‘’chai God is so good so it wasn’t pregnancy but food poisoning’’

As soon as school closed emeka and I went home to celebrate this testimony that just happened

‘’jake God really like you, I told you not to fear that its not pregnancy how are we going to celebrate na’’

‘’bro based on logistics we go celebrate die today, today people will know that son of omeluora is celebrating In his own way but before that, lets sing to God …. Thank you for saving me thank you my lord thank you for saving me thank you my lord’’

‘’thank you for saving me thank you my lord , thank you for saving me thank you my lord’’ emeka also sang dancing around the compound

‘’taarh shut up its me God saved not you’’ jake fired

‘’see you God also saved me oo, you know that my sugar baby,after that prayers that pastor pray, she no call me again, I no see her number for my phone again I even go her house and the gateman talk say she no dey live again’’

‘’jesus so na spirit abi ghost be been dey date chai’’

‘’naso God save me ooo jehova you are so good you are so good’’ emeka said singing

‘’you are so good you are so good jehova you are so good oo’’ the both boys sang as they danced around joyfully.

About fifteen minutes later, they called kimkom while they all went king place bar. Kimkom pulled up at kings place bar at exactly after five while they alighted.

‘’’who dey here????’’ jake shouted hitting the table

‘’hey hey oga no break our tables ooooo’’ a young waitress said

‘’cmon shartapp, do you know who you are talking to??’’ emeka shouted on the waitress

‘’don’t mind her,do she know I can buy this bar’’ jake bragged

‘’he won buy the bar’’ kimkom said arranging a table for them to sit’’

‘’abeg make una order wetin una want’’ the girl said while jake smiled

‘’okk fine just give us one create of big stout, one create of o’mpa , three plates of nkwobi , goat head, cow tail, infact bring all the things you have’’ jake said

‘’jake jake senior man, boss chop knuckle joor’’ kimkom and emeka hailed

‘’hey waitress, give every living soul in this place three three bottles’’ jake instructed

‘heyyyyyyy heyyyyyy heyyyyyy boss boss you too much’’

‘’thank you sir oooo’’

‘’shun sir shun sir shun sir , I dey feel you’’ a drunked man said

‘’na you be the only boss for this place, anything for you’’ almost everyone in the bar hailed jake as his orders were carried out with immediate effect.

All jakes ordered had been brought as he quickly opened a bottle of stout and poured it away, opened another one and sipped a little before emeka tapped him

‘’jake I think say you be jew man, hope say when you drink finish you go reach house today???’’

‘’emeka are you underestimating me, guy you never know who I be oooo’’

Immediately jake sighted Michael and chioma sitting at the other end of the bar laughing and gisting that was the drummer boy who started dating her earlier. Jake quickly called a waiter to his table

‘’bosses what would you like to have???’’

‘’that guy with that girl at that end, serve the guy with a create of what is he even drinking’’

‘’goldberg sir’’

‘’ok a create of Goldberg and pepper soup then for the girl give her a create of malt tell them its an order from emperor jakes’’

‘’no problem sir’’ the waiter said and left

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‘’sir I was asked to deliver to you one create of Goldberg and a create of malt for her’’

‘’[looking confused] how?? By who??’’ Michael asked

‘’by the guy over there’’ the waiter said pointing at jake

‘’what, jake whats the meaning of this??’’ Michael shouted and stood to meet jake

‘’mic its ok, I don’t want quarrels, you know jake is just looking for trouble’’

‘’chioma leave me, today I will put a stop to this’’ Michael said in anger walking to jakes table

‘’hey jake or whatever they call you, whats the meaning of that nonsense you just did, do you think we are beggers’’ Michael fired

‘’chai emeka na person they talk so??’’ jake asked drinking from his bottle

‘’oh you are insulting me, jake this your intimidation is enough and I must put a stop to this’’ Michael said removing his shirt and dashed towards jake

‘’michael pls be responsible, pls just leave him, jake is a fool;’’

In less than three minutes, Michael had started punching jake severally as everyone in the bar quickly came to the scene. On seeing that Michael was beating a guy who made them happy with lots of drinks some men quickly dragged Michael away and beat him mercilessly till he was bleeding they even broke bottle on his head.

‘’beat the hell out of him’’ jake instructed

‘’you are a beast and very heartless, God will punish you’’ chioma barked at jake holding his shirt

‘’did you know that God is already punishing you, you are dating this wretched ,hopeless, stupid church drummer as poor as you are’’ jake spoke out pushing chioma to the floor

‘’guys make we comot for here joor’’

‘’jake we never settle bills oo’’

‘’waitress take this 100 thousand, extract your money and keep the change’’ jake said throwing the money to the waitress as he and his guys bounced into their vehicle and drove away……

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