Agony of Chioma Episode 28


‘’taaarrrh’’I received a slap unaware

‘’what you slapped me, have you gone bananas’’

‘’and I will slap you over and over again, I gave you my virginity because I trusted you and now you are betraying me’’

‘’I didn’t betray you, but you are being to low for my liking and you have a low mentality’’

‘’jake me, you are talking to me like this??’’ she said as tears rolled down her cheek

‘’hey whats with girls and this virginity stuff infact how much is your virginity I can pay’’ I said in sarcasm

I looked at her as she wept uncontrollably but who cares suddenly she said something

‘’no problem God bless you for what you have done , my sister told me this will surely happen that’s one thing with rich people….’’ Before she could complete her sentence

‘’what s happening here’’ we heard someone asked and it was anita I froze immediately

‘’hey hey chioma what are you doing here, what the hell are you doing with my boyfriend’’

‘’your boyfriend??? See anita you have been getting on my nerves recently and you wont like what am going to do’’

‘’wow interesting I never knew you could cry, you are already a loser. Baby girl stop crying and move forward….head girl’’

‘’anita darling lets leave here, someones sight prevent good ventilation’’

‘’exactly’’ anita said holding my hand while we walked towards our block….

The rest of the day in school was bulky and full of stress. Immediately it was closing , I went to see jane at our regular meeting place where I gave her an address where we can meet instead of going to her house.

‘’is this a hotel or you have another house’’ she asked reading the address

‘’no no that’s my drivers house, when ever we are going to meet I will text you’’

‘’so when are we meeting naaa cant wait for that day’’

‘’tomorrow will be cool by 4pm’’

‘’friday?? Ok that’s good by me , so how is it gonna look like’’ she asked smiling

‘’unimaginable , I have to go now till tomorrow’’ I said turning to leave when she stopped me

‘’without at least giving me a peck’’

I turned back and pecked her while she smiled.

The rest of the day was boring and dry as I was just thinking of my adventure with jane the next day. At a point I was thinking what I was doing was wrong and emeka was deceiving me with his plans and idea, but I wiped it off after all am taking my revenge gradually and at the same time enjoying myself, its not easy to fvck to beautiful sisters at the same time.

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At exactly 4pm I was the only one in kimkom mini flat since I have a parol to run. Few minutes later I heard a soft knock, I quickly peruse the house to make sure everything was in order before I went to open the door……

‘’jane whatsup , how did you locate the apartment’’ I asked

‘’I saw your driver outside, he was about going out when he directed me here’’

‘’oh that’s true, come in’’ I said giving her the way….

‘’wow your driver’s house look good’’

‘’thanks, and you are looking sweet too’’

‘’[blushing] oh thanks, you are good too, I love the smell of your perfume’’

‘’ahh really hope you are not teasing me???’’ I asked

‘’oh why would I, am for real’’

‘’thanks dear, as you can see no chair in this my driver’s house….’’ Before I could complete my sentence

‘’don’t worry, I will manage the bed’’ she quickly said while I smiled

Nawa ooo kimkom must be a bad guy, he doesn’t have even a single chair in his house, he want his female friends to sit on his well designed bed..

‘’so what do I offer you’’ I asked

‘’am ok don’t bother you know I have limited time so lets get down to business’’

‘’ like serious you are giving me your body??’’

‘’I love you that’s why, the first day I saw you in my mums office I have never stopped imagining and thinking of you’’ she opened up while I kept silent for a while. I peaked her on the fore head and in less than two minutes we started kissing passionately. The kissing was going smooth and swiftly, jane was really good at mouth jobs in no time we were into fore play that took me out of earth to Pluto.

Twenty minutes later the pleasure was too much while I used my fingers properly in her internal anatomy till she came about twice. Finally I did the penetration which was swift and mind blowing, after all the skills and style I could remember I poured out everything in me and fell on the bed


‘’jake you are awesome and sweet, I never knew you were this good’’ jane said facing me on the bed while I smiled

‘’I gat all it takes’’ I said touching her

We discussed for a while before she went to use the toilet which I also did immediately she came out… minutes later she was looking smart again and was ready to leave, I quickly dressed up and gave her the sum of 10 thousand…

‘’jake all this for me’’ jane asked as soon as she counted the money

‘’of course and that’s just little, I will give you more as soon as you promise to be a good girl’’ I said playfully

‘’oh I love you, of course you know am a good girl’’ she said jumping on me while I carried her like a baby. Finally I escorted her to the bustop where she got a bike to take her home.

I later left kimkom house to my granny house where I ate a king size food before going to sleep in preparation for tomorrow’s parol …


A Saturday is always a Saturday in this village, lot of cleaning and washing to do. Its still a bit better for emeka and I, we have two maids that will take care of the kitchen and house so we will just clean the compound and wash cloths before flexing for the day.

At exactly 12pm I was free, just doing a little reading before anita called me to remind me of our meeting today which I told her by 1pm she would see me.


‘’ding dong’’ I pressed the bell while the door opened with a sexy looking lady starting in front of me

‘’wow anita you look sweet’’ I said in a low tone

‘’oh you can say that aloud, no one is at home’’ she said turning around

I entered inside the house and grabbed her waist pushing her to the chair

‘’easy jake, but I love it when you hold me tighter’’ she said moving her waist vigorously

IN JAKE’S MIND===nothing is as sweet as bleeping two sisters at the same time, they were hot in their own way…

They had both engaged in a romantic kiss, anita giving out soft mornn when they suddenly heard a heavy knock at the door…. They both looked at each other with an opened mouth……..

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