Agony of Chioma Episode 27



The hall was very noisy, student loitering about and making noise, bobby had to take up the responsibilities of controlling the junior students who were chief makers of the noise. About fifteen minutes later the hall went silent as teachers came in one after the other to occupy their seat which was at the front left hand side of the hall.


‘’good day students, we wont waste much of your time. You are welcome to our 18th prefectship coronation and as we all know there are 22 tags to be given out’’ mrs edu said giving the microphone to the vice principal

‘’good afternoon students you are welcome once again. Without wasting much of your time I want to call on mr okafor to assist in the tagging’’ said the vice principal

Everyone was clapping as mr okafor mounted the podium while a glass filled with tags was brought close to him..
‘’immediately you are called, quickly collect your tag which is your staff of office and go back. Our first prefectship is that of the assembly prefect which goes to odia chinazo and her assistant peter nduka followed by the health science prefect bobby okechukwu , technology prefect molokwu emeka , chemistry lab prefect chizzy odum , physics lab prefect hannah chidi, biology lab prefect chuka chiwoke, td workshop prefect jimmy markson, computer lab prefect sussy odum, library prefects include anita johnson, benson cheta,and anthony umeh , sanitary prefect ikenna odumba, environmental prefect chinelo okaluba , labour prefect sanusi lima, musical prefect victor thompson, sport prefect obinna chudi , food prefect oluchi stanley and our final four prefects assistant head girl amarachi nwankwo , and our head girl goes to chioma chinedu’’

‘’where is she ??? chioma chinedu, chioma chinedu’’

‘’she is not here’’ some people chorused

‘’ok assistant head boy malachi odumegwu and finally our head boy JAKE MADU’’

‘’boom boom’’ my head ignited, it was as if I was dreaming. I took my tag with honour and pined it on my blazzer while the whole hall was booming with claps.

After lot of celebration the programme was over while we were called for some discussion with the principal and proprietor. The proprietor told us so much things about being a leader and so many advise before the principal concluded it all. We went to our various classes while everyone was gathered at chioma’s seat but little did I care.

The rest of our stay in school was very uneventful. It was closing time and kimkom wasn’t coming to pick us as my dad sent him to change all the vehicles tyre to avoid stories that touch. Emeka and I legged home as we discussed on our way

‘’today was really great’’ I said

‘’men more than great, I am the head prefect of engineering science’’

‘’oh that’s the meaning of technology prefect , ahh I wan laugh you before’’

‘’mad man, but na you be oga of school head boy…shunn sir’’

‘’abeg no dey whine me joor but that post surprise me ooo after I was disgraced during voting for class prefect’’

‘’you deserve it bro, ehn abeg wetin do chioma’’

‘’chioma ??you know that letter I was writing last night was a break up letter’’

‘’guy why??? Just because of that little stuff you broke up’’

‘’oga that girl behavior and mentality don tire me’’

‘’you don find new blood so you wan use style leave her abi….you be bad guy’’ emeka said smiling

‘’na you sabi’’

We kept on discussing till we came across kizito one of our ogene team mate…..

‘’manchi, how una dey????’’ said kizito

‘’guy long time no see’’ I said

‘’nnna you comot this villa you no tell anybody, you still come back you never come see us’’

‘’padi me no vex I dey come una side today’’

‘’I no get problem on Sunday self we dey go nsukka for festival’’

‘’nice one I go follow una’’

‘’so kizito you never stop this your habit of carrying mouth one side when you dey talk’’ emeka insulted

‘’anu ezi [pig meat] take your time’’

‘’mpa gi …. Abeg we go see later’’ emeka said while we continued our journey……

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Arriving school very early in the morning to take up your post was a very interesting thing and it becomes more interesting when you are the head of all prefect hmmm. I stood dutifully at the extreme end of the assembly hall monitoring the students who were busy clapping and praising God though some of them were chatting, playing and smilling. I don’t want to be wicked that morning so I ignored them.

At the end of the assembly the labour prefect sanusi an hausa guy was smiling as he had many late comers in his custody. He did justice to them with some other prefects who wanted late comers to work for them while I walked majestically to my class.

The days activity was really bulky most especially biology where we started talking of some human organs in homeostasis but trust me I love being busy especially with school works.

At exactly 1:48pm I was copying my week 3 biology note from my teacher’s handout because I was fasting in writing so I want to finish everything about this term and start preparing for my ssce examinations. At a point I became pressed so I stood up to visit the rest room which was situated down stairs.

I entered the male toilet to micturate, as soon as I came out I met chioma standing in my front obstructing me from going away

‘’whats your problem again??’’ I asked

‘’jake may God punish you forever’’

‘’hey hey don’t come here to insult me’’ I said looking around as junior student were passing by . I understood that chioma wanted to implicate me and as a sharp guy I quickly ran downstair to the back of our block while she followed me

‘’chioma what are you up to???’’ I asked cautiously

‘’why are you this heartless after all we shared together , jake if someone had told me you will later do this to me I will never believe for a day’’ she lamented

‘’oooooooooo whats the meaning of this, you don’t have to lament, what did we even share together. Didn’t we enjoyed it together, pls excuse me I don’t have your time’’ I said pushing her away

‘’taaaahhh’’ I received a slap that took me unaware……….

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