Agony of Chioma Episode 26



I have been hiding from tree to tree to make the coast clear for me to dive into chioma’s house. I peeped from a mango tree close to her house and saw the road was deserted then I quickly wore a cap and rushed into her compound.

‘’[knock knock] I knock on her door’’

Soon the door opened and she was standing in front of me while I removed my cap

‘’hi chioma’’™

‘’what took you so long ????’’

‘’am sorry, I had somethings to do at home’’

‘’come in’’ she said giving way for me

I sat on the sofa still reharsing how to tell her the reason for my coming when she sat close to me. She was dressed moderately , her body wasn’t that exposed as I looked at her with a rapid heart beat

‘’jake so tell me you have been behaving weird and why did you dismiss me at school in such a manner???’’ she asked bottoning my shirt properly

‘’[swallow hard] erm I just remembered that I was send an errand and the person must have been waiting’’

‘’ok but you should have told me politely’’

‘’sorry’’ I muttered

‘’come here I have forgiven you’’ she said pulling me to hug her which I did. She wanted to advance the game when I saw her shining fair b00bs while she placed my hands on it but I quickly removed my hand to afford further arousal and unwanted things

‘’jake whats wrong with you??/’’ she asked in surprise

‘’can we talk outside, I have something important to tell you’’ I spoke out heading towards the door while she followed

‘’see I don’t like the way you are behaving, I have noticed you are running away from me right’’ she voiced out as soon as we were outside

‘’chioma am not running away from you I just want to let you know something’’ I said in a low tone

‘’ok what is that thing you want to tell me???’’

‘’you know that anita has been pestering my life, she even sent some evil boys to give me serious warning and I was forced to date her. Now the current problem on ground is her telling me to stay away from you that if she ever finds us together again she treaten to terminate your life and the tigers are going to carry that out’’

‘’holy mary !!! what???’’

‘’and you know I love you and I cant stay away from you so I came to beg or plan with you so that we can be dating secretly and when ever we are in the public we wont talk or associate with each other’’ I said while face quickly paled up

‘’jake why are you being foolish and stupid, so its anita that is you finally say, I said it that you are not a man enough, what happened to your fathers influence and wealth cant you let him know the problems you are facing and know what to do about it. Why are you behaving like a woman???;’’’

‘’oh chioma pls shut up , I saving your life here and you are talking rubbish. I was warned by those boys not to involve my father that he is not going to help matters here at all’’

‘’so you are trying to tell me to behave fake while you follow anita all about’’

‘’noooo you are not behaving fake here we could still see each other but in a tightly secret place were no one can see us, because she has sent some people to keep an eye on us’’

‘’jake I know if what you are saying is true your fathers influence can set you free , few minutes ago the act you lured me into and you told me you enjoyed it now am giving you another opportunity but you arent interested just tell me you are tired of me and you want anita….. yea all men are the same , you guys eat and run away’’ she bursted out and ran inside her house, locking the door

‘’oh s–t…. This girl is a fool , look at the person am even protecting ….. this girl is annoying, f–k you’’ I said angrily and left her compound

As soon as I left her compound I didn’t even bother to wear my cap as I stopped a bike and mounted on it…..

‘’ogga which side you dey go???’’ the bike man asked

‘’mbanefo street’’

‘’your money na 200 ooo’’

‘’I ask you for price abeg dey ball joor’’

‘’oga I no be ball ooo’’

‘’I no say you no sabi but mind where you dey go’’ I said angrily

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‘’ so this is what that stupid girl said’’ emeka asked sucking from his orange

‘’its today I know that I have been pally around with a big fool, look at the person am trying to help’’

‘’just leave her , she fit realise sha’’

‘’I don’t want her to realise anything, infact I have ended anything I have with chioma today….’’

‘’hmmmm nnam don’t let anger over take you just calm down with time everything will be ok’’

‘’my relationship with chioma ends today, she should fvck the hell out’’ jake said angrily

The next day was a Wednesday the d day for giving out prefectship , almost all ss3 were smiling and expecting their names to be on the list. Jake on the other hand was happy and sad at the same time, he was happy that he had broken up with a low brain girl who wasn’t even up to his standard and was sad because he was now dating the person he do not love but on remembering jane he brightened up, adjusted his tie and muttered ‘’I think am loving her’’ before shining his beautiful set of incisors.

The assembly was almost coming to an end when the vice principal annouced about the prefectship which was going to be immediately after break. So everyone is expected to be on the assembly ground by 12:30pm. Assembly was finally over after some other information that was passed to us before we went to our classes. We were having biology as the first subject as everyone went to the biology lab.

Immediately it was break time I walked to chioma’s desk, she was about eating probably she brought food from home

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‘’good day miss chioma’’ I said in sarcasm

‘’jake what again, biko leave me alone’’

‘’oh you don’t have a problem I think I have a delivery for you before leaving’’ jake said bringing out a white envelop from his blazzer and gave it to chioma ‘’take this is the delivery I have for you’’

‘’whats this??’’ she asked arrogantly

‘’I think you should check it out and see for yourself’’ jake said and left

Immediately jake left chioma quickly brought out the paper inside the envelop which read
’’chioma you have been the woman after my heart, the very first day I saw you I fell in love with you, we shared things together , stayed together and did other things together but its so unfortunate that you have a low mentality. I explained to you what was onground and suggested ways we could put things together but your dumb brain never allowed you to understand rather you insulted me and told me all sort of rubbish things. I was even trying to save you from the riot of the tigers but I never knew I was dealing with a fool. Its so unbecoming and unfortunate that this relationship cant work again, from today hence forth I don’t want to see you again I hate you for life. In conclusion you are too low for my class, I regretted ever knowing you, you can move on with your miserable life have a nice day’’ jake madu

Tears rolled down chioma’s cheek profusely and uncontrollably as she tore the letter and started crying. She never knew jake could do such a thing to her, she felt as if the world should come to an end

‘’jake why jake why?????? Why??????’’ she lamented
‘’jake darling’’ anita said on seeing jake approach her like a young model

‘’dearest as you can see your boy is doing good’’

‘’hmmm I can see it , you are prepared for the prefectship’’

‘’definitely’’ he said arranging her blazzer

‘’oh you are a darling’’ anita said smiling broadly

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