Agony of Chioma Episode 14


‘’stop crying , I don’t like that’’

‘’jake pls leave’’she said wiping her tears

I quickly dashed towards her as if I was controlled by an evil spirit and started kissing her . chioma was being too childish for my liking, I kept on kissing her till she succumbed and was in the mood. In no time we were caressing each other as she morned tearfully.

Ten minutes later the deed was done , she was having blood stains all over her private area as she cried silently while I was brought back to senses. I regretted my actions but it was out of lust and love, I wasn’t comfortable as I watched her cry

‘’am sorry’’ I said going close to her

‘’jake stand up and leave leave!!!’’ she shouted

‘’ I will leave but pls go clean yourself up and stop crying’’ I said , picked my bag and headed for the door

‘’just pray I don’t get pregnant’’ she muttered

Shock ran into my spines, as I started conteplating if I poured inside her or not. I left her house in order not to cause her more trauma as I walked home thinking all the way. The rest of the day was boring and depressing , several calls entered my phone from hannah and even anita but I was too guilty to pick hannah’s call. I was indoor throughout that day praying she doesn’t get pregnant.

The next day I saw chioma In school but we never talked as she avoided me seriously, I was feeling guity and was just thinking when emeka came to where I was sitting alone

‘’bad guy how far na this one you just dey for this corner alone’’

‘’guy abeg just free me’’

‘’anita and her mama abi, forget them am not even interested in her again’’

I looked at him in surprise

‘’so who now??’’

‘’its very useless dating all this cheap girls that will just drain you and still work against you’’

‘’hmm emeka how do you mean’’ I said sarcasm

‘’see there is this girl or will I saw woman about 27 28 she has been tripping for me and I have been ignoring her but now I have made up my mind to date her’’

‘’what?? Emeka’’

‘’ you done start with this your akamu sense, see jake this woman is stinkly rich, I will just date her and drain part of her’’

‘’emeka listen to your self, someone that is way older than you.. ok emeka isnt my dad taking good care of you? ok I will tell him to increase your allowance’’

‘’jake forget that one, you know I cant depend on your dad always even you cant depend on him forever you gat to make your own money’’

‘’then not now, lets wait till we finish school, we would get our own money legally’’

‘’na you sabi.. all I want from you is just to accompany me to her house’’


‘’pls na I have already called kimkom’’

Emeka’s vision and plan is very crazy, how will some one be 18 and dating a woman of 28 as a male….hmmmm

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‘’ok I will follow you just for the fact that you do help me In trouble time but you will also pay so I wont tell anyone’’

‘’guy why na.’’

‘’ok I wont charge you but I have an assignment for you;’’

‘’no problem I like you joor’’ he said smiling while I was thinking if someone in this village is using this guys brain

At exactly 2;00pm kimkom was already waiting for us , we came out the school entered the vehicle and left. The place of our destination is at enugu a two hours drive from our village, we finally got to a destination and emeka told kimkom to park as we alighted and knocked on a compound..

‘’onye(who) the gate keeper asked’’

‘’emeka am here to see AUNTY shania’’

‘’let me inform her’’

Some minutes later the gate keeper opened the gate and asked us to come in, we entered a compound with a mansion immersed inside it, it was a duplex anyway. In no time we were inside the house

‘’good evening’’ we greeted

‘’wow emeka is this you, you came all the way from school’’ the woman shouted and hugged emeka

‘’who are this wretched guys with you’’ she asked arrogantly

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To be continued………