Agony of Chioma Episode 13



‘’ma you sent for me’’ I said as soon as I entered the principals office, I was even surprised to see emeka and anita

‘’jake sit down’’ the principal said calmly

She continued===

‘’I called you here concerning emeka and anita. Its obvious that I know they are dating even before I knew you but what did you say to anita that caused the fight today pls don’t waste my time I have works to do’’

‘’(stammering) ma I didn’t say anything to her that could cause a fight. Anita has been pestering my life since I came to this school and I told her that isnt possible for the fact that she was dating my brother’’

‘’so this statement of yours cant cause a fight?? That reminds me what’s this you and chiomas issue that has been trending’’

‘’trending??, nothing is between us ma she is just my friend’’

‘’from today hence forth I don’t want to hear any love issue in this school again else you are gonna be expelled’’

‘’ma are you referring to me??’’

‘’to everyone’’

‘’hmm cool but pls tell your daughter to stay off me else I will do whats in my mind’’ I said and left her
I saw chioma waiting for me at the door post

‘’you are not looking happy whats wrong’’ chioma asked

‘’it’s the principal, she said I was the cause of their fight and she doesn’t want to hear any love issue in this school again else I will be expelled ’’

‘’that principal is something else’’

‘’she is trying me’.. is it closing’’

‘’yes since fifteen minutes ago’’

‘’ok so lets go to your house’’

We walked to her house as we discussed more things concerning the school. Chioma was really fun to be with , she is intelligent and hardworking. Despite the fact that she is an ophan but she was well trained probably by her uncle….

‘’why is your uncle not married yet’’ I asked as we entered her street

‘’(she smiled) actually marriage isnt my uncle’s problem, he is doing that because of us he want us to finish school before marrying so his wife wont stop him from making sure we are graduates because he promised my late father on his sick bed to see us through school’’

‘’wow that’s very good of him’’

‘’yes, he is a kind and hardworking man’’


‘’yess oh jake stop that’’

I smiled and held her hand. Finally we got to her house and no one was at home, I sat down comfortably in the sitting room as she went inside to change…

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‘’jake am hungry and I want to cook’’

‘’cook? Wont that take time’’

‘’not at all its just indomie and don’t tell me you wont eat’’

‘’hahahaha ok I will eat’’

‘’do you mind joining me in the kitchen’’

‘’ no I don’t, just go prepare the food while I prepare the books’’

Fifteen minutes later she was back with a plate of hot smoking indomie and two forks inserted inside, she later went to bring water

‘’jake pls lets manage this, I don’t have money for egg I know you don’t eat this type’’ chioma said

‘’shh’’ I said touching her lips and kissed her on the fore head ‘’lets eat’’ I said

After eating we went down to business , its not up to an hour we started learning my glance met her bossom . she was putting on cloth that viewed her bossom and I glanced at it for three times

‘’what are you looking at’’ she asked in surprise

‘’nothing’’ I answered quickly

I wasn’t myself again as I was just imagining caressing her boobs, slowly I saw my hand moving till it got to her fresh laps

‘’jake!! Are you alright’’

‘’chioma’’ I said looking into her eyes

‘’pls jake its not yet time, am still a virgin and I don’t just want to give it out easily’’

‘’pls chioma, I can make it up to you, I will disflowered you and I wont leave you I promise’’ am sure I wasn’t in my right senses

‘’pls jake not here, if anyone come In now am dead’’

‘’ it wont waste time, I will be quick I promise’’ I said as tears ran down her cheek

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To be continued……