Agony of Chioma Episode 12


‘’hnnm hnmmm’’ someone coughed
I turned back to see Anita looking at the both of us \

‘’ermm I don’t mean to disturb you guys just that I want to collect my clothes from jake;’’ anita said smiling devilishly

Whats wrong with this girl, I looked at chioma and saw the expression on her faceas she drew backward in disbelieve

‘’chioma its not what you are thinking’’

‘’jake be fast give me the cloth I left with you’’
I quickly ran to my bag and brought out her cardigan and threw it to her

‘’take your stupid cardigan’’

‘’jake am not annoyed, am just surprised if you have anything to do with anita’’

‘’I have nothing with anita , it just yesterday I met her on the way in from of your house and she saw me wet and decided to give me her cardigan that’s all’’

‘’that’s ok jake’’ chioma said surprising me as she held my hand and we left the class

‘’d–n, so I didn’t succeed’’ anita said‘’that’s not the end for me , I will still keep trying’’ anita said to her self


I was really happy as things turned out well, I thought the attitude anita potrayed will cause trouble again for me but it didn’t .; the break was really fun with chioma as we bought different things and ate together. Chioma is a hardworking and a saving type as she lectured me on how to spend less and save more, I really enjoyed my stay with her.

Days flew, weeks flew , my relationship with chioma was getting stronger, her family now know we are dating, even our class mates. Anita tried all she could to get me but it was to no avail.

Five days to our exams, every one was reading seriously since it was a promotional exams and in almond school of science if you fail, you are repeating.. the school has three library and I was in one of them MARK IKECHUKWU LIBRARY reading chemistry because that was the first subject I was having.

‘’whatsup jake’’ anita said

‘’what again’’ I said in anger

‘’jake what did I do to you that you hate me this much’’ she said with pity

‘’I don’t hate you am just trying to stay out of problems’’

‘’what problems’’

Ohhh this girl is pissing me off I said inwardly

‘’you know you are dating my brother and I cant interfere so face him while I face chioma’’

‘’mtcheew’’ she hissed and left
About thirty minutes later I was still reading when paul my friend rushed to me and said

‘’jake there is fire on the mountain’’

‘’(furiously)how do you mean’’

‘’emeka and anita are fighting behind the school’’

‘’behind , there are so many behind in this school’’ I said standing up

‘’behind our block pls be fast it seems you are the one causing this fight’’


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We got to the back of our block and found people gathered there as the two victims were busy abusing themselves. With the look of things it seems emeka had received several slaps from her

‘’emeka I hate you, leave my life alone and never you come near me’’ she cried

‘’jake whats happening’’ I heard someone whisper into my ear
I looked back to see chioma

‘’sweet heart I don’t know lets just leave here exams are fast approachin’’ I said

‘’ serious boy If you say so’’ she said hitting me playfully

‘’are you still coming today’’ chioma asked
I do come to her house recently so we could read together since our exams are in few days time

‘’sure so we can finish hydrogen and oxygen’’

‘’ I will be waiting for you’’

‘’senior jake you are needed in the principals office now’’ an ss1 student said

‘’principals office??’’

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To be continued…….