Agony of Chioma Episode 15



‘’who are this wretched people with you??’’ aunty shania asked

What!! Thunder fire this woman I cursed in my mind

‘’oh that’s jake my cousin, he is a rich kid and the other guy is my very good friend kimkom ‘’

‘’oh, you are welcome’’ she said as she and jake held hands and went upstairs

‘’ see insult this woman just give us’’ kimkom said

‘’ na that stupid emeka I dey blame’’

‘’omo this woman get money oo’’ kimkom said perusing the sitting room ‘’but emeka talk say the woman husband dey malaysia and him get fish no be small’’ kimkom whispered while I looked at him in disgust

‘’what would you like to have young men’’ a lady asked

‘’am ok’’ kimkom replied

‘’what about you sir’’ she said referring to jake

I snubbed her without response while she later walked away….. I brought out my phone to call chioma but she rejected my calls and switched off her phone. I called hannah not that I wanted to but just to clear things

‘’hello my dear’’ I said in a lifted tune

‘’jake, so this is how you are’’

‘’hannah is not like that, its just that……’’

‘’no need ,cut the long story short because I have heard it all chioma right’’
I was dumb founded

‘’who told you those lies’’ I asked

‘’there is no lies here, jake after everything, I freely gave myself to you, I even protected you when my mum caught us on bed but you forgot all of that just because of things you could get under a girls panties but I have one advise for that chioma of a girl, she shouldn’t expect you to eat and still stay, you are a disappointment jake don’t ever call or visit me again’’ hannah said and ended the call.

That statement of hers was really like a bomb to me, I knew I offended her but I couldn’t help matters anymore because I was already emotionally down. I glanced at my wrist watch and it was twenty two minutes to six

‘’kimkom pls can you take me home’’ I begged as head ache engrossed me

‘’but emeka isnt out’’

‘’f–k emeka lets leave here now , I need to go home and rest am not feeling too well’’ I barked

‘’ok no problems lets go, emeka will come back when he is done’’ kimkom said assiting me while we left the house……..

‘’kimkom do you know anything I could take to make me sleep off without any disturbance’’ I asked on our way home

‘’you wan sleep wella?? No worry I go branch somewhere make we buy burukutu mixed with monkey tail’’

‘’whats that??’’ I asked furiously

‘’best sleeping dose, you will sleep and forget all your problems’’

‘’wow I think that’s what I need now’’

After some minutes of driving he parked in a local shop and demanded for some items which was given to him.

‘’jake when you get home just take this and you will see yourself in dream land’’ he said giving me a mixture that was poured in a transparent nylon.

As soon as I got home after series of questioning from grand ma I did as kimkom instructed and in less than twenty minutes I was sweating profusely, my d–k was as hard as rock

‘’jeez whats happening to me’’ I asked no one in particular

I was battling with the reaction going on In my body until everything went blank……

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TIME CHECK===== 11;45AM

I jumped up from my bed feeling much stronger, looking at the time it was quarter to twelve,jesus I over slept and even missed school ‘’kimkom must be a bad guy for administering such mixture for me’’

Nobody was at home including the maid as I enjoyed my stay at home by watching movies, ate enough food slept and also read my books… later in the day was interesting as emeka, kimkom and I deviced a plan to be carried out late in the evening. I was very agog after the plan was deviced as it was going to help me get my chioma back, this plan was actually emeka’s own after telling him what happened between chioma and I , I guess he was paying me back for yesterday.

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