Afia’s Time Episode 9


One advantage of being a hovering spirit was the fact that I could virtually scan a whole area with one swift pass, and see right through solid objects like buildings.

Luckily enough for me, when I got to the school they had not yet closed, and so I was able to pass overhead and looked into the classrooms, seeking a plump ten-year-old boy! He would be in the lower classes, just like my son Abram, and so I concentrated there. In a flash I noticed Abram, sitting rather sadly in class as a kind-hearted teacher spoke to him, evidently trying to cheer him up.

It warmed my heart to see him surrounded by understanding friends and a teacher, and I would have dallied around him if I had not been on an urgent assignment.

I failed to see the boy, and I blasted lower into the classrooms, from class to class, peering intently at faces, but I could not see him. Suddenly, the bell went for closing, and I became even more desperate.

The excited school children came out of the classrooms, milling around noisily. I zoomed through them, desperately seeking for that face I had seen briefly in the store!

I saw Abram walking toward the Waiting Lounge with some of his friends, obviously going to wait for my mother to pick him up. Desperately getting agitated, I flew almost violently around seeking the boy. Snatches of conversation reached me as I passed, and it was such a moment that suddenly gave me lucidity. As I blasted through a group of boys, I heard one word and it made me slow down immediately.

“Hey, wait for me!” one of the boys said to his friend. “Let me get my bicycle from the Parking Rails!”

And then it dawned on me suddenly!

I had dropped off Abram almost every day, and I had seen the students with bicycles locking them up inside the campus at special rails erected for that purpose!

The little boy had been riding a bicycle, and the odds were that he would have chained it to the rails!

I blasted fast to the Parking Rails…and there he was!

He looked shaky as he inserted a little key into the keyhole of his security chain, his head bent as he concentrated on the task he was doing. With tension and anxiety, I floated slowly up to him and hovered above his head, praying that I had not mistaken his ability to see me.

He became absolutely still suddenly.

He froze, and I noticed his hand shaking horribly then, and sweat appeared on his forehead.

This boy had not even looked up at me, but the moment I hovered above him, he froze.

Yes, he had a special gift! He could discern me!

I saw him taking a deep breath, and then he carefully unlocked the chain and slipped it into his bag. His bag was inside a basket on the back of the bicycle, and he carefully secured it with straps.

I floated down gently and hovered on his bicycle.

Once again, he froze suddenly, and it was as if he did not even breathe, and then he suddenly sat on his bicycle and began to pedal quickly out of the campus. I floated beside him as he pedalled furiously.

“Hello,” I said to him. “You can see me, can’t you?”

He did not even turn his head or react in any way. He just concentrated on pedalling. I continued to float alongside him.

“Listen, my name is Afia,” I continued desperately. “My son is in your school, maybe you know him. His name is Abram. Abram Dogbe. Do you know him?”

He still pedalled furiously, ignoring me completely.

I was not deterred though. It was evident from his actions that he could see me, and that he was very scared.

“Look, I died three days ago, okay, and there are terrible things going on that I want to put right,” I said desperately. “I know you’re scared. Yes, I would be very scared too if I were you, but I don’t mean you any harm, please. Just stop and listen to me for just five minutes!”

He pedalled harder…

Kuchiw, kuchiw, kuchiw, kuchiw…

I saw tears in his eyes, and it confirmed it.

Oh, yes, he could see me, and hear me, and he was so scared shitless!

I felt pity for him, and yet it was a little funny too, the way he was running too fast and pedalling his bicycle furiously with a talkative spirit following him.

Kuchiw, kuchiw, kuchiw, kuchiw…

“Look, if you don’t help me Abram is going to have a horrible future, okay?” I cried desperately. “Please, help me!”

“Leave me alone!” he screamed and crossed the street!

Goodness me!

A huge truck was bearing down on the street when the boy crossed the street a hair’s breadth away! The truck driver honked loudly.


The truck almost knocked this boy flat, and it would have killed him instantly, but suddenly I saw a bright flash of light coming between the heavy truck and the boy in the form of a rectangular wall, and when the truck hit this amazing bright light it slowed down almost in slow motion, and the boy crossed unharmed!

I blasted into the sky as the bright light vanished the moment the boy was safe, and I was shocked to the very foundations of my spirit being!

A divine intervention had just occurred, protecting the boy from death! In his great fear he had crossed the street without looking, and almost died!

I had almost killed that poor boy!

I would have left him then, but I just needed help so badly. And so I followed him far above, not wanting to cause any harm to him.

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He came to a nice neighbourhood eventually and got down from his bicycle. He pushed a small gate open and then he paused suddenly and looked into the sky, straight at me!

Leave me alone, he had screamed.

And now he was looking at me!

This boy, indeed, was an extraordinary young man.

The house was beautiful with a nice garden. As he closed the little gate a huge dog came bounding up to him, but he barely stopped as he climbed the steps to the porch, and then hammered on the main door.

The door was opened for him by an old man. He was stout and short with a shock of grey hair, moustache and sideburns. He was wearing a long white gown and he had a Bible in his hands. Thick glasses were perched on his flat nose, and he looked concerned as the little boy flew into his arms and hugged him tightly.

As they entered the room and the door shut, I drifted down fast and entered.

It was a nice living-room. The brown leather chairs were U-shaped. There was a huge television on its stand facing the chairs, and on the walls were framed pictures of a younger version of the old man, most of them with the same woman at various stages of their lives. There were also framed pictures of the little boy and a beautiful young couple, the woman bearing a striking resemblance to the old man.

Obviously, this man was a pastor, or a retired one, and this young boy was his grandson.

The old man led the little boy to the seat and sat down, drawing the boy to his laps and holding him tightly, whispering gently and rubbing the boys back.

I felt so bad for having done this to the little giant. He was breathing hard, and he was sweating. The room was obviously air-conditioned because the sweat was drying fast from the boy’s body.

“Is it one of them, Nana?” the old man asked gently.

The boy nodded and wiped tears from his eyes.

“One of the bad ones?” the old man persisted.

“Yes,” the boy said.

I gasped with horror and shook my head violently.

Bad one? Me? What on earth had given him the idea that I was a bad spirit? Had I scared him that badly?

“Where is it now?” the old man asked gently. “Outside the house?”

The boy shook his head and pointed at me as I hovered in the chair opposite him.

The old man looked at the direction the boy’s pointed, and his eyes opened wide with absolute shock.

“He’s here, in this room?” he asked.

“Yes, Grandpa,” the boy called Nana said unsteadily. “But she’s a woman. She’s in that chair right there!”

The old man hugged his grandson tightly.

“Oh, my dear, you don’t have to fear her,” he said gently. “This is a house of God, and no evil spirit will be able to come inside. It is protected by the divine order of God! If she’s here, in this room, then she certainly can’t be evil!”

“But I saw her in the morning, in the store, Grandpa,” Nana said, his voice firmer now. “She was snarling and screaming and trying to hurt that nice store owner!”

And then it dawned on me!

Yes, when he saw me I had been really mad at Esi for the way she had treated my mother, and yes, I had been trying to hurt her bad! That was what he had seen, my violent spirit trying to hurt Esi!

That was why he was so terrified!

“Oh, no, Nana, no!” I said gently. “That woman is so bad! She’s my best friend, and she has taken the money I gave her to give my parents for their rent, and now my parents could be thrown out of their house! That was why I was so mad at her. I’m not a bad woman, Nana!”

He turned his head slowly and looked fully into my face then, and I saw his fear slowly ebbing out of his body.

To be continued